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You know it's true.

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The world isn't boring.

People just find me boring.

Tea and classical music just entertain me more then retarded expensive drinks and downtown clubs ;_;

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No, I can definitively say that the world is boring. Well, it's not like I'll be believed, but:
I've walked across two continents in my life. I speak spanish, german, japanese and french at various levels of skill. I've been married and divorced. I've had unprotected sex in the missionary position with the lights out for procreation purposes. (heh) I've been to college twice. I've been a bricklayer, a bartender, an ordained minister, an apprentice electrician, a network administrator and a junior high school history teacher. I've driven through a tornado, built a shopping mall in texas, built a school for disadvantaged kids in mexico, and I currently have a headcold of the highest fucking caliber. I can definitively say two distinct things about my 30 years of life:
The world is boring
Humanity is completely predictable.

Sorry to bother, here's a picture of my favorite Touhou.

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I lead an exciting life.

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I could have told you that humanity is predictable and ultimately boring and tiring, and I am only 22. It's like I am living in a perpetual state of deja-vu. Day in and day out.....

Oh well. At least I can fantasize about Touhou. Have a Mokou.

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Hey hey, life getting boring?

Join the Army.

It'll get exciting. So exciting.

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You're right, I don't believe you.
But yeah, for the most part the world is boring.

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When I want your pot headed opinion Arc, I'll beat it out of you. Fuck the military.

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Whatever, fag, I guess you actually enjoy a boring life.

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the world is boring.

where's all the magic, mythical creatures, supernatural and all? it's not here, because this world is a boring normalfag-related world.

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only sluts use the term "boring person"

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It's only boring if I let it be but then sometimes I think about what you're doing there in your house dressed in black, green and yellow wearing a Rasta hat and then you barrel out your door and fire up your Taxi and cruise the RL district for some STD riddled whores but then cops give chase and you make hast to the nearest ganja factory ready to light one up with none other than Yukari "Let me gap your dick into your ass" Yakumo.

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>black green and yellow

Arcueid is Jamaican?

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I wish my life was like that, I wouldn't be so goddamned bored.

Actually, nothing like that ever goes on, and I usually sit in my room either naked or in my underwear, because fuck clothes.

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>goddamned bored

Hey hey, life getting boring?

Join the Army.

It'll get exciting. So exciting.

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I can't, I have a disability.

It upsets me, because I wanted to be a badass elite UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS operator.

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How's your ABP?

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>badass elite UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS operator.
>Is a lazy African American pothead

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I'm not sure what this is.

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Blood pressure Arc.

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Ah. 120/65. I know this exactly because I went to the doctor today, for a followup.

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132 over 90 at the Dr. on wens. 113 over 68 with a pulse rate of 96 just now.

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I am boring. My objective in life is to be boring. I want everything to happen just like I planned it. If my life could be boring until the end, I'd be so happy.

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The world wasn't interesting. You were an optimistic person.

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WWw._aNon_+_m_-_m_+_TalK_.Se j qpl h w yvvh rakqucb hlyxra cio

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Weight lifting raised my blood pressure, as it tends to do.

It's around that level even when I'm at home. I have an expensive BP reader from Omron. I also have a Polar heart monitor for when I'm working out.

I could check it right now, if we're going there.

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Don't you run?
Doesn't that lower blood pressure?

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May you live in interesting times.

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I run on the treadmill, and use the elliptical. I guess that's why my BP isn't as high as it could be.

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/fit/ in /jp/

Hey guys, my shoulders hurt some after doing the Military Press, is this normal? It does recede over time.

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What about joining the navy? I hear you can find pleasure and search the world from treasure there.

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You know how I know the world itself is boring? When I realize even /jp/ is boring.

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Do I look like a homo to you?

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Follow the way of wise Arnie: It's when it hurts that it starts doing good.

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The world is boring, but that's why I dream, so I can drift off to Gensokyo every night. I love my Gensokyoan adventures, it's always a fine day in Gensokyo! But boy, is it going to hurt when I pass away and have to say good bye to all of them, even if they are just in my dreams.


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He became the governor of California, he MUST know what he's talking about! Thanks!

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Well I have no pain after doing them, so I guess it isn't normal. But of course as long as it eventually recedes then it's fine.

Though you could have asked your doctor this question instead, you silly /jp/er you.

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My basis for weight lifting is that if I'm not in pain at the end, I need to go for another round.

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Pain insinuates something bad though.

Hearing a series of pops and tearing a muscle while lifting? Sounds painful. Lifting until failure? Feels good man.

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worlds not being boring for me I just smoked a gram of dank fuck yeah

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Pain simply insinuates extreme discomfort.
At times, it's risky, tho.
Ruined my left shoulder a few months ago and it still hasn't recovered entirely yet.
I ruined it... doing military presses.

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I haven't heard any pops or cracks. My shoulders and upper arms simply grow sore after the fifth rep. I assume that's supposed to happen, but I've never done millitary presses so I'm not ruling out the possibility that I might have hurt myself.

Heard no pops and cracks, though. And the muscles bounce back after a few days.

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Of course the world is boring.
If it wasn't there wouldn't be a constant flow of entertainment media being created.

All the worlds (fiction) books, movies, plays, operas, tv shows, video games, etc, etc...
And dare I say it... religion too

It's all just a distraction, a way to waste time that you would otherwise spend just looking at a wall while you contemplate committing suicide to end your boring miserable life because you have nothing to do besides eat and sleep and shit.

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It's true

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Stop reminding me. ;_;

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