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So moderated~

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>cats talking to you
That's not cute. That's DANGEROUS

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Wise words by a wise man.

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I'd be okay with this, I don't have a cat ;_;

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I dislike cats.

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Cats are adorable
I want one

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You can have one of mine, 5 cats is too many.

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Do you have on you keep in your lap when you're on your computer?
One that rubs up against your leg?
One that paws at your hand when you reach for your mouse?
One that sleeps on your bed behind you?
And one that just sits by your feet and throws you a "nya" whenever your gaze turns to it? Like, all at the same time?

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You can't just have one. You have to have two, so they can be friends with each other.

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Cats are adorable, but their vomit, feces, and urine are not. Cats are very messy.

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Cats don't say nya, Japaneses are retarded.

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>Feces and urine
If you train your cat this shouldn't be a problem.
Vomit on the other hand...

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ZUN and Miyamoto team up to make a game. I wonder how that would turn out.

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Cats don't say "meow" either, they say "mjau".

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They don't say meow either.

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Super Marisa World/Land?

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Thats adorable, you just need the one to paw at your mouse.
Don't worry my idyllic imagery of being surrounded by cats with facts, man, it's just a downer.

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Great...Now Yukari will forever sound like Norio Wakamoto to me.

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Miyamoto outclasses ZUN by 100 to 1. It would basically be a touhou game produced by Miyamoto.

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>It would basically be a touhou game produced by Miyamoto.

I'd pay for that.

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Never said they say "meow".
But, it's far more closer than "nya".

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Super Touhou Galaxy.

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The Legend of Toohoo?

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The Legend of Zelda: Imperishable Night

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>know how to make good shooters
haha oh u

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Do spania Chen!

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That and Mountain of Faith sound like they could be Zelda titles

also Legend of the Golden Witch

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Choose one.

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That is a SICK shield emblem.

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