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/jp/'s waifus offline meeting

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Club Hag is a sexy club.

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That is a healthy young man/woman

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mine on the left

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I'd bomb them, twice

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My Eirin is 21 years old

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I don't see Reimu

false meeting is false

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Well, my waifu isn't there.

All's well, though. I wouldn't let her hang out with those questionable characters.

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Men can be hags too you know.

Yes, and my loli frog goddess is best appreciated at 38.

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W W W . A N o N T A L k . s e adrlhh cusmwbb wzrzgb rav wesqpnnlsz jg

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sex slaves don't count

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I judge them based off of actual age rather than physical age
So Suwako is a hag

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Suwako presents her age based on what she is required to do. Given that her temple has an effective faith gatherer, she doesn't present as eligible.

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Adult Womens are the best!

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Forever 17, assemble!

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You like that! Huh?

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As fun as it may sound to have a bunch of sexy older women, what am I supposed to do with them? Their experience makes it impossible to easily manipulate them into doing what I want.

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I'd rather have them teach me all that they've learnt. I suppose you can use that knowledge to then manipulate the other Touhoes.

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I'm the type of person that forgets everything that doesn't directly apply to me so that doesn't sound like much fun.

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>tips for manipulation
>not apply to you

Wait what.