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You never had happy family and you never will have.
Feels sad...

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But Ange-sama is my family.

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i mad

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why are ran's boobies so big?

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Cancer from sex change..;_;

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But my parents have been really wonderful and supportive my whole life.

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Those are her hands, not her boobs.

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No family is perfect. My family are all really neurotic and can get caught up in their own bullshit pretty quickly but for the most part they're pretty accepting and supportive.

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Yea, by giving all they got to you, so you could sit on your fat ass here.

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I smiled really hard and nearly laughed.

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They say laughter lifts the atmosphere.

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You will never be molested by Ran.


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Iku's flight is powered by reading laughter.

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feels fukin' bad ..... ;_;

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Ran was waiting in a neighboring room, tapping her foot impatiently. Her tails twist themselves around each other in annoyance. It had been almost an hour without a fix and she was starting to show signs of withdraw symptoms. She needed it, and fast. However Chen had not yet left to go on the errands that Ran had so carefully prepared beforehand. Come on Chen, leave the room already, Ran willed.

Chen yawned, scratching behind her ear with one outstretched hand. She gazed around for a while, daydreaming before hopping up off the floor and stretching with her arms raised high. She left through the sliding door which had been left open. Ran waited a few moments, careful not to let her lust get the better of her. She had managed to endure this long, a few more moments wouldn't hurt. Ran listened for a few minutes. Nothing could be heard. Carefully, she entered the room and with one wave of her hand, the doors flew closed.

Ran started to drool with anticipation. Her prize was right below her on the floor. Chen always groomed herself and left scattered hairs of various types all over the place. For most owners this would be an annoyance, but Ran savored the sweet smells and textures. Ran crouched down and rubbed her hands over the floor searching for that wonderful feeling, that slightly ticklish sensation that she longed for.

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Ah, her hair shot up on the back of her neck. She sat up on the knees and examined what she had found. It was a series of long back hairs. Ran wore an expression or pure ecstasy.

This was her daily treat, and she intended to enjoy herself. Yady Yukari was 'busy' with her usual activities and Chen should be gone for a good while yet. Ran moved the hairs between her fingers, watching them move for a moment before raising them to her nose. She sniffed the pungent scent which was still as strong and fresh as if it had been Chen herself.

Ran's head started to overheat, beads of sweat started to form on her forehead, her vision blurred. Chen's scent always had this effect on her, it drove her wild. Yes, Ran was a noble and respected figure in the Yakumo household but she still was a powerful animal yokai and as such had needs of her own that all too often went ignored. Her mistress took little heed of her wants while Chen was far too innocent to notice her yearning looks. It was hard to stand it sometimes, having to ware the mask of a elegant lady as she went about her duties while secretly feeling on fire and craving a release. Any release!

Ah, Chen. The thought of her dear sweet Chen pulled her mind back to the collection of hairs held in her hand and the perfume like smell that radiated from it. She licked it, once, twice. Then, unable to hold back any longer she placed the bundle in her mouth and started to chew, rolling the hairs around in her mouth with her tongue.
Ah, thank you for today's meal, she thought blissfully as she rolled around the floor, breathing heavily. Her many tails beating the floor with a mind of their own as their master hit the tip of release. What would people think if they knew Ran Yakumo did such lewd things. They would surely call her names, she might even lose her position in the household.

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I hope this is not like that domestic abuse ran story.

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What? My family?
Yeah, I don't care one or another about them.

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The first to tell the truth.

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My mom's the reason I don't work and still live at home.

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oh god more.

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if the thread is still alive later I will write more, thats all i have at the moment

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...When i read all these yakumo house comics which often are heart-warming. I feel that warmth for a moment.
But then when i realize that such warmth is not here, or for me. I feel frustrated.

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we got a winner!

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Fox coughing furballs soon?

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bumping in hope of more

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No, don't catch me, don't look at me. Ran rolled to her side, searching for any more stray hairs, madly using her keen sense of smell to track down any trace, any snippet of her sweet beloved Chen. Her nostrils flared, sensing a large patch of hairs located by the wooden dresser. She crawled over to it on the floor, not even bothering to act like anything other than an fox in heat. Ran was always the dignified one, always the one to look up to, the one that was so composed at all times. However Ran had another side to her. This side of hers was filled with an animal desire, to seek out her own pleasures, to indulge herself in any way her mind saw fit. Forgotten was her position. Only uncontrolled abandon remained.

She reached the dresser, the fragrance was seeping out of the top drawer. Ran reached up, and opened it, almost ripping it from the unit in her haste. Inside was a number of beauty items. Earrings, powders and perfume decorated the insides. But none of that was of interest to Ran, these items were not the source of strong alluring scent. Her heart skipped a beat when she laid her eyes on Chen's hair brush, fresh from this mornings grooming session.
"Ah, I shouldn't be doing this," Ran thought even as her hand reached for Chen's precious hair brush. Her hand didn't stop, her passion proving stronger than her rational mind. She grasped the brush, holding it in front of her face for a fleeting moment, inhaling her Shikigami's luscious aroma.

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Foxtits are best tits

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She needs them to offset the weight of her tails or else she'd fall over backwards.

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So wrong, yet so good.

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You will never be the loving father of Chen and the great husband of Ran and Yukari

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So mean so right and so good?

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By extension.

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Well, if I didn't have a happy family and will never probably have, then how can I feel bad about it if I never had it in the first place?

I mean, lets take a look at my biological family, my mother was a schizophrenic alcoholic and my father died when I was five. How the fuck am I was supposed to have a happy family when I was scared shitless of my only parent? I mean, she was batshit insane, when I was 13 or so and it was christmas, my mother had a fight with her boyfriend who was a damn tall sailor. She fucking more or less beated him with a steel-pipe and I had to wash the blood from the floor and walls afterwards.

Kinda glad actually that she died before I could have done something that I probably would have regretted later.

So yeah, I'm 19, living in my own apartment, going into military, and trying to enjoy my life as much as I can after all the shit I have been through.

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Cry some more

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That was it, that's all it took to drive her into a uncontrollable frenzy. Her legs, trembling, finally gave out and she fell to the lavishly carpeted floor. Ran hiked her dress up with one hand while turning the brush around in her mouth, tasting Chen's heavenly flavor. Reluctantly, Ran removed it from her mouth and moved it down her body, slowly. Her nipples were standing on edge as she passed her full breasts, raising up and down with Ran's labored breathing, straining in their cloth restraints. Ran cried out in surprise as the bristles tickled her tummy and bellybutton on its relentless journey downwards. She giggled, letting the sensations wash over her. At last, the brush reached her most private place and without any more delaying, Ran started rubbing her soft light blue panties with the hairbrush, working it around in a circle, then increasing the speed as she almost reaching a climax before slowing down again. No, it wouldn't be good to cum straight away.

I must take my time and satisfy myself fully, otherwise I will have to last another whole day before I can come up with an excuse to have Chen to leave on an errand. Ran's pussy was already leaking juices allover the place. Her panties were soaking wet. She removed them, sliding them seductively over her shapely legs and golden tails before flinging them across the room. Her hands were now slick with her musk. Ran sucked her fingers clean, placing them one by one in her mouth, giving them a tongue bath. She imaged they belonged to Chen, that she was licking her slender little digits clean. "Ran-sama, that tickles", she would say, looking up at you with those innocent eyes, making your heart melt.
"Oh Chen, you're such a sweet child. Now, just hold still and let Ran-mother take care of her little girl."

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That's horrible, I wish there were something I could say or do to help make things better. It seems like life has not been nice to you.


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Pffft, no brah, I ain't crying.


To be honest, this is what I'm still not getting, why do people are getting reactions like this, like, seriously, there are people that are going through a lot tougher shit that I have gone. I mean, no offence to you guys but it just makes me wonder.

Oh yeah, one problem is that I can't get into Rapid Deployment Forces (or probably any "more interesting" job because of my family background and because I refused to go to see a psychiatric due to the fact that I felt like I was bloody fine. I mean, atleast in my opinion I am fine and the psychologist do have more important cases to solve right?

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>"Oh Chen, you're such a sweet child. Now, just hold still and let Ran-mother take care of her little girl."

Getting some weird vibes here, and I don't think it's maternal instincts.

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first kiss

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actually I wanna get that flandre doll, shove a brick of c4 up it's ass and throw it at somthing.



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Wrong, if you have a background you should get checked, trust me.

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I don't think you're fine at all.

I don't think you would have written that post if you were fine.

But that's just what I think and I won't chase it any further.

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The great Inari can't be bothered to perform borderline necromancy due to being busy with foxes and rice and thus having more important things to worry about.
But I don't.

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Ran suckled her fingers like a newborn, making slurping noises while she clumsily tried to remove the rest of her clothing. Her chest was tight, her body hot and sweaty, she couldn't breathe! She extended one nail with which she used to cut the cloth holding her firm breasts to her body. As soon as Ran had cut halfway through, the fabric no longer had the strength to hold her considerable bosom. It snapped, causing her breasts to spill out and jiggle in the air, flinging beads of sweat in the air, almost as if it was raining.
Ah, that's much better, I can breath again. But I'm still so hot. I'd better removed the rest of my garments.
And so Ran lay on the floor, completely naked. Panting like a young puppy yearning for its mothers attention. Her hands fell to her chest, teasing her inflamed nipples, massaging her enormous mounds of flesh in her hands like a baker would knead dough.
This continued for a good amount of time, rubbing herself in indecent places, imagining the things that she would do to Chen if only she had the courage to do so. Ran wasn't thinking about how much time had elapsed, she was enjoying herself far more than she had in ages.

Her hand was working her clit with reckless abandon, giving it everything she had. Her morns and yelps filled the room as she came closer and closer to release. Her hat rolled off her head as her torso jerked and spasmed, before dropping behind her, exposing her long furry ears. All this time she kept the firm image of Chen in her mind, her sweet smile, her cute little outfit, the way she played and hid in her forest of tails. It always excited her when Chen rolled around between her tails. Ran always closed her eyes and enjoyed the tingling feeling as Chen navigated around the inside of her masters expanse of bushy tails. They were especially sensitive to touch, though she made sure that no one else knew of this. It would ruin some of the thrill for her.

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Her head fell back, her tongue rolling out of her mouth and onto her flushed cheek. Then she cried out in joy as a torrent of fluid flew out of her pussy and soaked the plush carpet. Ran came harder than she could remember, calling out Chen's name in her mind as she hit the peak of sexual pleasure. Her tails shot up ramrod straight, like a pin cushion. Ah, that's the feeling I crave. That was what I was waiting for all this time. But a little part of her knew that the real thing would be a whole lot more satisfying and also a lot more dangerous. Wasn't danger meant to be exciting though? No, she couldn't betray her tender little Chen.

Ran lay on her back, gasping for air, her chest elevating up and down as she tried to lose her breathlessness. Her gaze wandered the room, absentmindedly thinking how much work it would be to clean up after herself and get the place smelling normally again when she spotted Chen's hairbrush on its side, laying on the floor. The same item that had sent her into her little uncontrolled outburst. Her mind raced, did she dare? No, that's one step too far, but she still couldn't tear her eyes away.

(That's it for now, I need my sleep. If the thread is still alive, the adventure may continue.)

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21:19. Interesting timing.

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I wonder if Ran still retains her carnal, bestial instincts. Especially when it comes to mating.

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Hard to tell. Judging from folklore, kitsune are just as individual as humans (or maybe even more individual) in that area.

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Yukari just slathers butter on her crotch and spreads for Ran.

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i wonder if ran has nine tongues

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Don't you mean tofu?

Or nevermind, I don't want to picture that.

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That is right, silly boy. You should feel longing when seeing something good you never had. Never knew. That is our one basic rule in our world.
In army.

Look at you. Running away from troubles like the ones in FFL. Serving death on desert. You may not serve death yet, but society trains you and it will reward and praise you for it. For foolishness is the majority.

You are on denial. You got strong wall, but i see crack. You responded back.
But keep on running on tragedy. For that is the most that there is for us.

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no oil?

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Then I suppose it's time to break this rule.

I don't give a damn.

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I think u do ...I think u do

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Doujin where.

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I would quickly bore of a happy family

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Oh, I see, one of those troublemaker types~

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Seriously I don't believe in the institution of marriage because basic psychology suggests any relationship lasting more than a few years is basically fake.

While public acts of commitment can heighten a relationship toward its peak, an oncoming period of decay is inevitable. And what's wrong with loving more than one person in your life anyways?

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the waiting period where youre looking for a new one?

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Oh, you're so hip. Everyone in a relationship after a few years is a liar? Which 'basic psychology' are you using that 'proves' that?

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Go away you manslut. I've loved my waifu for years and I will continue to love her till the day I die.

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Seriously if you've read materials on marriage counseling, which I have for certain reasons, you find that the best you can hope for after a certain amount of time is the ability to tolerate your partner.

I'm actually a total sucker for romance but I can't for the life of me understand the whole 'lets be together forever' thing.

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Boredom. It's impossible to avoid boredom.

>> No.5391100

The best you can realistically hope for does not equal the best thing possible.

>> No.5391114

It's not impossible. If you have a boring person as your wife/husband, though...you do have a point. But that doesn't make it impossible, no.

You've read materials on marriage counseling, and form that, you're basing all your beliefs about marriage on your knowledge of what happens when they fail.

That's like forming an opinion on nuclear power by only ever reading about Chernobyl and Three Mile Island.

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You are aware that marriage counseling is for people with shit marriages, right?

The people with good ones don't need counseling, so they don't write marriage counseling material for them. You're looking exclusively at the worst case scenarios.

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>That's like forming an opinion on nuclear power by only ever reading about Chernobyl and Three Mile Island.

To be fair, that's what most people do, hence HURRR DURRR NUCLEAR POWER BAD!! WE AM PLAY GODS!

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Hey I like to know what can go wrong.

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Not the guy you reply to, and I don't disagree with you, but you have a horribly biased selection of materials there.

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>That's like forming an opinion on oil drilling by only ever reading about the Gulf Coast.

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ran is maried to chen and their marriage is wondeful

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Chen is so handsome

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the handsome cat

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Ran doesn't have sexual feelings towards Chen, she's just a minicon.

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I can't imagine a family of demons not being dysfunctional

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Yukari's been subtly shifting youkai towards humanity for decades, if not centuries.

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(I'm back, want maor?)

Grasping the hairbrush firmly, Ran limped over to the dresser. Her head was still throbbing, you'd think that this would have been enough, but she wanted more. Oh, I'm such a distasteful Yokai. She opened the top draw which she knew contained some of Chen undergarments. Ran wore a wicked smiled as her hands pulled out a pair of Chen's panties. They were of the purest white, with little green carrots spaced at random. Oh, so cute and innocent, as expected of Chen. Forgive me Chen, Ran thought as she spoke a few incomprehensible words. Suddenly the hairbrush rose into the air. Ran was directing it with her mind and the thing her mind wanted most, the brush was now compelled to carry out. It moved behind her, searching for its masters sweet spot. The bristles rubbed her blond pubic hairs, almost as if it was teasing her, denying her.

>> No.5392327

Ran tensed up, waiting. Come on, please hurry up. At last, the brush found the opening to Ran's wet pussy and without any further ceremony, plunged itself into her at full force. Howling in gratification, Ran caught sight of herself in the large mirror that sat atop of the dresser unit. She was huffing and wheezing, her skin slick with sweat, her crotch wet with her own juices forming a large puddle beneath her. Rather then the shameful thoughts that had gone through her head before, now she just simply smiled. Yes, this was the face of Ran Yakumo. Her true face, the face of a dirty loose woman.

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What sort of brush are we talking about here?

>> No.5394867

As Ran continued to do unspeakably naughty things in front of the mirror, moaning audibly and filling the room with her pervasive creamy scent, someone smelled it.
Chen returned to the Yakumo household, carrying armloads of fresh produce from the Human Village. "Ran-sama!" She yelled, then abruptly stopped. Her sensitive nose caught whiff of a smell so intoxicating, so alluring, that she had to go investigate. She set the bags down and entered the residence. "Mmnn, Ran-sama?" She called, as she made her way through the confusing matrix of hallways that comprised the house. The scent guided her way, taking her by surprise as she came to the source, her bedroom. The door was open a crack, so she peeked in. Chen barely managed to stifle a loud gasp as she beheld the spectacle before her. Ran bent over her dresser, Chen's hairbrush pumping viciously in and out of her dripping pussy. All 9 of her tails were ragged and moist with sweat, twitching every time the brush plunged back into her. She uttered the most sultry and lustful moans Chen had ever heard.
Chen's face flushed deep red, and her mind went wild. The scent was driving her crazy, her little nub already starting to sensitize and her little slit beginning to moisten. "Mmh, Ran-sama..." Chen said ever so quietly.
shameless(maybe a little shame) hijack

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You will never have your mom sexually assaulting you?

>> No.5395850

That's not why nuclear power is considered bad.

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