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Why is Chen so developmentally challenged?

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They put growth inhibitors in her food.

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She also smokes, and drinks a lot of coffee

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Ran and Yukari looking rather chub there. Better lay off the cake.

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She's a child in youkai years (and a hag in cat years).

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Either thin or tits I'm afraid.
Are you sure about your choice?

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Ran is permanently shapeshifted anyway, so...

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She's a cat. Cats don't have big tits.

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She has celiac disease.

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i just wanna sleep on yukari's curvy body

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healthy yakumos is best yakumos

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she looks like she has some fat rolls, they probably smell like sweat. you sure you wanna do that?

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> She's a child in youkai years

suddenly Chen became fappable

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I heard about the problem with your Chen so I made some modifications.

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Hmmm...I wonder what's why Chen has TWO fucking censor boxes?

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You'd fuck a miko's sweaty armpits, but don't want anything to do with some sweaty fat rolls? Weird.

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I want nothing to do with either

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theres a cock hiding behind those boxes

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Oh, no. Really? Thanks for that.

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Why don't you guys like Chen's cock? It's lovely.

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You're welcome

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You will never penetrate Yukari while fingering Ran while being anally penetrated by Chen's dick.

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goddamn yakumos why are you so kinky and fetishy

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Yakumo manor confirmed for superior to Scarlet Mansion

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admit it, you'd love to be their slave

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Maybe Yukari has an inferiority complex. Her best friend is Yuyuko and look at her. Ran is buxom by association of being her shinigami.

Chen is actually the normally-developed one.