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i like sanae, who else likes her?

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A lot of people like Sanae.

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She killed Marisa with her little white snake.
It was awesome.

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There are plenty of faceless men that absolutely love her.

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She's alright.

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I like her

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She's okay I guess.

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I just love it when /jp/ gets all mad about /b/-sourced memes, when this kind of thing is on the same tier.

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Why wouldn't I like the main character of the Touhou series?

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i love her

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Why would you like a slut?

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We're tsundere.

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>A lot of people like to fuck Sanae.

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I like her design. I should not have bothered with the English patch for UFO because I found that I didn't like her personality.

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How could you dislike Sanae B? You monster.

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You just keep on with that champ.
I'll be over here enjoying my Sanae.

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I like Sanae when she is wearing pantyhose.

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What, you don't like the whole batshit I AM A GOD and kill youkai for pleasure?

Just makes her hotter to me.

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She's a cat.

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I interpret Sanae's UFO personality as trying to hard to fulfill the role she's been given. She's not sure how things work, but she's doing the best she can.

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She's not a real person

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Of course I do.

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I'd fuck Sanae.

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We're on the same page, bro.

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Oh, and I don't like Sanae, I love her. So much.

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It wasn't until she appeared in the fighting game that I actually started to like her, since her personality got fleshed out more. In UFO I thought she really was just a Reimu v.2 only without the true cruelty that we love the original shrine maiden for.

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Did you miss the whole I'M A GOD YOU KNOW thing she had going on in UFO? Or the I'M FROM THE OUTSIDE WORLD thing?

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Still fuckable.

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The kappa rigged up a shower solely so she could wash off semen. NOT FILTHY.

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Every time you call Sanae a slut, she dies a little inside. Please don't kill Sanae.

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>still fuckable
what now.

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I read this as:
>The kappa rigged up a shower solely so she could wash with semen

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>Nnnngh...alright, stop holding me up, I've got this...

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>this thread

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We're quite free to find different fanworks that appeal to us.

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>two fingers

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For twice the paper cuts.

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Ya, she's pretty loose.

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pretty loose indeed.

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I love Sanae. Haters just gonna hate.

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hahaha oh man sanae is a slut is so funny guise!!!1!

LOL epic WIN XD XD its almost as funny as SAKUYA PADS ^_^

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What we don't see is Sanae exploding into a blood mess a split second latter.

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Replace "blood" with "come" and you're probably right.

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Whats the name of this doujin?

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In TH10 she was propably the most boring character in the series, but she got some personality in 12 I guess.

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What is?

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It's [Omchicken] Happy Life
Also time to load up that Cirno and Sanae ero voice CD.

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>Cirno and Sanae ero voice CD.

Oh what?

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I lost my link to this...help...

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