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While riding on a train home, you fall asleep and begin to have a strange dream. You see a woman in a purple and white dress, and she begins to speak to you.

"Rise and shine, Nanashin, rise and... shine. Not that I wish... to imply that you have been sleeping on... the job. Perhaps it is fate that you have been discovered...or merely it...is coincidence. The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. So wake up, Nanashin...wake up and... smell the sakura."

You immediately wake up, and the once-crowded train is strangely empty. Looking out the window, you see a landscape that resembles feudal Japan. The train comes to a complete stop, and you exit. Immediately after you leave, the train disappears without a trace. With nothing but your cell phone, a bit of cash on hand, and the clothes on your back, you have been left in the middle of Gensokyo.

You look down from the hill that you're on, see several places in the distance. A mountain, a lake shrouded in mist, a small village, and a shrine on another nearby rise.


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Shrine. I'd prefer not to get eaten.

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>a lake shrouded in mist
woah wait mist ? it's already scary
>a small village
i don't like crowd
>shrine on another nearby rise
i'm not religious
ok here i go !

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>Rise and shine, Nanashin

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Fuck that! I'll grabbed my Samurai Edge and find some kind of old grumpy lady with pedophile pet fox and forced her at gunpoint to bring me home.

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Mountain. It was the first option presented.

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Id probably go to the Shrine, and if that place is fail id setup a camp and do some fishing at the lake with my pro survival skills.

I would stay the fuck away from the village on the other hand.
Villagers tend to dislike strangers, and you dont know if they are all crazy bastards who will eat you or sacrifice you to some god.

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go to shrine
donate moniez
rape reimu

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I felt like Yukari would do shit like that just to have fun with an unwitting guy she decided to spirit away.


Misty Lake is on the way to SDM.

You shoulder your empty bag and start heading to the shrine. It doesn't seem too far, only about a half a day away. Seeing as it's midday, you should be able to reach the shrine by dusk and gain more information about your exact location.

As Within a few hours, you begin to notice it's growing dark, much darker than it should be at this time of day. Eventually you are surrounded in pitch black darkness, and have no idea if you're headed toward the shrine anymore. You hear a rustling of leaves as you continue, and notice that you're being followed.

"Hello? Is anyone there? I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm lost..." The rustling stops, and you hear a faint giggle, followed by a childish yet sinister voice.

"Is that so?"

A. Proceed cautiously
B. Stand perfectly still and hope it goes away
C. Lash out at the darkness
D. Run like hell

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E. Clearly the Darkness is trying to superimpose its version of reality upon the world, thereby controlling your life and thoughts.

Place your bag upon your head, recite any given mantra that represents yourself backwards (Words in reversed order) and calmly walk forward.

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Was that a little girl is just heard laughing?
In the middle of the forest.. in the night?..
Yeah fuck THAT.

D: Run like a fucking African.

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I'm not going without a crowbar... or a parasol, at least. But probably go to the shrine for protection and time to get to know what needs knowing

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Now that I think about it, this isnt very far-fetched, considering the way Yukari talks

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D: (with a sad face)

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In a panic, you start sprinting in a random direction. As you move forward, you notice that you can see a bit of daylight, but then are subsequently enveloped by the darkness. Whatever is impeding your progress isn't natural, and seems to make it dark where you decide to go. Suddenly, the darkness recedes. You hear a thump and a small whimper, and see the threat that has been following you; a small girl in a black dress.

"What are you doing wandering alone here? You could have been eaten or worse if I hadn't come along." A girl in a red and white maiden's outfit looks at you sternly, intent on getting an answer.

A. Stare vacantly at your savior
B. Apologize and ask her where you are
C. Thank her and continue in another direction

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A !
it's the only way to get a good route

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Stop picking options that lead AWAY from rape for gods sake.

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D. Clearly I have lost my mind.
I am the queen of France.

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Whatever option leads to delicious food.

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In a panic, you start sprinting in a random direction. As you move forward, you notice that you can see a bit of daylight, but then are subsequently enveloped by the darkness. Whatever is impeding your progress isn't natural, and seems to make it dark where you decide to go. Suddenly, the darkness recedes. You hear a thump and a small whimper, and see the threat that has been following you; a small girl in a black dress.

"What are you doing wandering alone here? You could have been eaten or worse if I hadn't come along." A girl in a red and white maiden's outfit looks at you sternly, intent on getting an answer.

A. Stare vacantly at your savior
B. Apologize and ask her where you are
C. Thank her and continue in another direction

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D. Clearly I have lost my mind.
I am the queen of France.

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A. (admire her beauty)

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I would consider her to be no real threat if she wears that outfit. As shrine maidens tend to not randomly slaughter people, So i suppose i would go for

B. Apologize and ask her where you are

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This reminds of that VN idea we came up with where Yukari randomly puts you in Gensokyo and teaches you how to use spellcards and play danmaku.

You go around fighting everyone and soon you get to Yukari and try to make her send you but you lose and end up dying then in the epilogue you see Yukari and Reimu sitting on the steps of the Hakurei shrine and Yukari says "Remember that guy a year or so ago..." and it ends there.

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(forgot the pic, but responding anyway)

You look at the girl that rescued you, and carefully examine her. She can't be more than 18 years old, but you notice that she's a little cute. You move your eyes from her short brown hair tied neatly with a large red bow to her exposed shoulders and petite body.

"Why are you staring at me like that? Are you some kind of pervert or something? If you don't say anything, I'm just going to leave. I already saved you once, so you can be on your own from here."

She begins to leave, with a slightly angry disposition.

A. Tell her to wait, and apologize for staring.
B. Sneak after her
C. Head in the opposite direction

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>lose and end up dying

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A. Rape her

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B. Like a true socially awkward /jp/-er

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Don't know.

That was just what everyone "agreed" on.

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A. Oh gawd, please no, you're the only one I can depend on here, bawwwww. ;__;

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Just a note: There will not be any senseless sex with no plot relevance. I'm actually trying to follow paths, and if you choose correctly there will be touhou fucking to be had. Most routes will be open, but several obvious ones (like Rumia) will never happen. She's kind of unconscious, after all.

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I would make a cardboard box out of leaves and silently stalk her.


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Confidently stride after her, warn her that she'll be falling in love with you within a very short amount of time, so she may wish to prepare herself emotionally for that.

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You should probably choose whatever is most interesting to you
Or whatever has the most votes
Rather than what's first

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That's not how this works.

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Why don't you just make a VN?

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(going with a combination)

Without saying anything, you get up and start to follow the girl as quietly as possible. After all, she seems to know her way around this place and you could probably find someplace safe where ever she decides to go.

Eventually she stops in her tracks and looks around. You hide behind a tree, but accidentally snap a twig. She throws a paper ward at the tree you were hiding behind, and it splinters brilliantly.

"Damn it, watch where you throw those things!"

"Oh, so you want to talk now? Mind telling me why you're following me, or will I have to treat you as a threat?" She takes out several more wards and a small black and white orb, poised to strike.

"I'm...I'm sorry for staring at you earlier. It's just...I'm lost, and you seem to be the only one with a clue. I didn't expect anyone to help me, and I certainly wouldn't expect...uh...a young girl...to be the one who did it."

She puts away her weapons and stares at you quizzically. "You're not from here, are you?" She turns around and starts walking, shouting behind her. "If you want me to help you out, follow me. It seems you were heading to my shrine anyway, I might as well guide you there myself."

You thank her and run up to match her pace.

You continue for several minutes in silence but she looks at you occasionally and notices something in your eyes.

"Got something to say? We still have a little bit, so I'm not opposed to talking."

A. Ask for her name and what she's doing here
B. Ask where you are
C. Ask what attacked you
D. Awkwardly hit on her

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I'm only going to wait a little bit for responses, but I will choose the most interesting thing. I'm mainly doing this to combat the "so moot's getting rid of /jp/?" threads.

Also, I'm not the same person who was doing something like this last night.

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D. Tell her Yukari brought you here, and that you need to kill her in order to collect a piece of the tri-force

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>Rumia will never happen because she's unconscious
Like hell it won't. Go back and tend to the poor girl until she wakes up.

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Well, right now she's unconscious. She may show up later if I feel like it. The fact that she tried to eat you upon meeting you doesn't really help your chances.

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>The fact that she tried to eat you upon meeting you doesn't really help your chances.

At least she thinks I'm delicious.

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i giggled a little

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I would tell her that some middle aged hag showed up in one of my crazy dreams and dumped me here.
Then i would do a combo of both A and D, as a joke to make the situation less tense.

A. Ask for her name and what she's doing here
D. Awkwardly hit on her

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She is not a clever Yokai

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"So I noticed you can make trees explode by throwing paper at them. That must be handy for gardening?"

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X) Behold Tannashin. Achieve Tannashin. Become Tannashin. Defeat the Old Gods.

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Rumia is below a human. I bet she doesn't even have ten fingers. Tie her up/Restrain her, just to be safe.

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Wait, she was going to eat us? How am I supposed to know that?

Follow Reimu in silence. Complete silence.

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Then ask her if the scary little girl creature from earlier is going to be ok by herself out here.

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You stare down at her, noticing that she's a bit shorter than you.

"Uhm...I never thanked you...for saving me back there."

"Don't worry about it. That girl's always causing trouble, but she's actually kind of dumb. That darkness thing? She can't see out of it either." The girl lets out a small giggle at the idea of your assailant actually presenting a threat.

"I don't remember ever getting your name, miss..."

"And I don't remember giving it."

"Right...so, do you have a boyfriend?"

The girl stops in her tracks and looks you directly in the eye.

"I don't know what girls are like where you're from, but here I think you'll find yourself in some really unfortunate positions if you try to get with anyone you set your eyes on and I won't always be there to save you. Be glad I'm doing this much for you, I could have left you back in the forest."

"Oh...uhm...sorry I asked."

You continue in awkward silence for a bit further.

"For your information, I don't. And I don't plan on getting one any time soon."

You eventually reach the shrine, and notice a donation box.

"Here we are. You can stay here for the night, but tomorrow I'm taking you to the human village. You can leave any time you want, but I wouldn't suggest it."

A. Follow her inside
B. Pay your respects to the shrine god
C. Examine your surroundings

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small village, fuck some bitches

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D. If hitting on her fails, continue walking in complete silence.

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poop on shrine

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Pay respects. Then wander around the shrine. Maybe Suika will be there.

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Rape her

>> No.5375979


remark that you must pay your respects, you what to get on her good side!

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What would Rance do?

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I read D. as hit her from the post before
and then I read this post and I get awkward virgin shit

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No, pay respects without remarking! Only fools worship in public.

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In a land of fantasy and magic, it would be wise to worship the gods, whomever they are. Their blessings/favor might be a good thing.


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A. Follow her inside, be incredibly awkward.

>> No.5376002

B. Pay your respects to the shrine god

Considering i am in a place that has man-eating small girls and shrine maidens with exploding paper, it cant be a bad thing to leave a prayer.

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Hump the donation box.

>> No.5376004

B.Donate all your money.

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The writefag quality is good
but the choices and people making them are shit

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Just passing by to tell you I want to hear Necrofantasia on vuvuzelas.

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This is why writefags should just write instead of making choose your own adventure shit.

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You approach the donation box and notice it's covered in cobwebs. It doesn't seem to have been of much use, and the shrine itself is in disrepair. Perhaps this is why the shrine maiden is in such a bad mood. You figure the least you could do is to donate to her god as thanks for your rescue.

"Hey, what kind of money does your shrine accept?"

"Huh? Well, obviously Japanese mon or yen is preferable, but any type of money from the outside world is okay." She seems to have become a bit friendlier with this question, and you hear a couple other voices laughing from inside the shrine.

You open your wallet and notice you only have about 50 dollars in varying bills and some pocket change.


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Or post their choose your own adventure shit on a board with less retards.

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>> No.5376030


I'm bored and it is going in a pretty linear direction just because it's starting. I wrote a Kogasa origin fic, but it's not done and I don't feel like posting it here. Eventually it'll branch off.

>> No.5376032

Why is this a question? ALL OF IT.

Now go inside. Quickly.

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Hey. Not OP here but I have a quick question for anyone interested in voicing their opinion;
How would you feel about a CYOA crossover between boards?

What I mean by that is, say we have the story that starts here. Your character is dropped into Gensokyo

Only about ten feet away, a Space Marine has also been dropped into Gensokyo with you. Who is under the whims of /tg/.

Would that be interesting?

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Can't leave myself penniless. A $20 should be good.

Who knows what I might have to use it for later.

>> No.5376040

All of it. You won't be needing it here, and Reimu could be a powerful ally.

>> No.5376041

Donate all money. We'll probably end up dead anyway so no point in keeping it.

>> No.5376044

Your blood

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That would end with us dead very very quickly. Or, more likely, not even work.

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I leave her with all the money i had on me, wich is probably not alot but i feel like i should since she saved my life and all. And for now this is all i can do to show her my thanks.

>> No.5376053

$20 bux

>> No.5376054

Is it an Angry Marine?

>> No.5376055

I'd be okay with this
Might as well butcher it to hell, because that's what fanfic writers do

>> No.5376061

Too hard to pull off, don't bother.

>> No.5376065

On the first edition, all marines were angry marines. And they were angry FOR TEH EMPRAH.

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Competitive freeform roleplaying? This board cannot get any lower.

>> No.5376071

I Guess that would depend on what sort of mood /tg/ is in.

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You pull out a twenty dollar bill and slip it into the cracks of the donation box. Bowing and saying a quick prayer for your continued survival, you start to go inside before you hear a couple of voices.

"Hey, this guy actually donated! I wonder what he's getting at."
"Think he has any exotic drinks? I'm getting bored of just sake all the time..."

You turn around and notice a woman in blue with a ghost tail in place of legs and a small redhead with horns staring intently at you.


"Hello, outsider. Welcome to our domain. Has the outside world been violent lately? Is that why you're here? Is humanity destroying itself?"

"Hey! Hey! I need a drink! Got any good alcohol? I hear the outside world has a lot of really good drinks...Do you have any? I want some!"

The maiden comes out and starts yelling at the two strange beings.

"Stop bothering our guest!" After shooing them back inside, she looks back at you and apologizes for their behavior.

"I see you've met Mima and Suika. They...live here. They're normally much better."

"Hey, Reimu! You gonna sleep with this one?"

"Come to think of it, she IS still a virgin..."


You can't help but laugh at the chatter of the other two residents of the shrine, and suddenly notice yourself staring at Reimu again.


She proceeds to go back inside without even looking at you. "You gonna stand outside or come in? I've just finished cooking some dinner, and you're welcome to it."

A. Eat with the Hakurei shrine denizens
B. Explore the area around the shrine

>> No.5376124

This better end in Yukari's death OP
Or I shall be cross

>> No.5376129

Eat the Hakurei Shrine residents.

>> No.5376133


>> No.5376135


Yukari's the G-Man. She doesn't die, but she will be appearing in a few places.

>> No.5376138

C. Phone home

>> No.5376139

She's the final boss
She must be killed

>> No.5376140

Food? Food is for the weak! We are strong. Explore.

>> No.5376143

B. Explore the area around the shrine

>> No.5376155

A. Eat with the Hakurei shrine denizens

>> No.5376158


It would be rude to refuse the invitation.

>> No.5376200

A eat with them, offer Suika all the various alcohols the world has too offer if she can think of a way back. of course you would be willing to act as her guide if she took you with her

>> No.5376224

A. Shenanigans will ensue.

>> No.5376239


"Nah, I'm not all that hungry right now. Mind if I look around a bit?"

"Oh, Okay. I'll save you some for when you come in."

You begin to explore the shrine a bit. Besides the donation box and the shrine entrance, there really is nothing to the place. Around the back, you notice a large pool of water with a fence that says "Hakurei Hot Springs ~Temporarily Closed~," along with what looks like an elevator leading underground. You can hear some noises that sound mechanical, but decide to inquire about it later.

Sitting outside the shrine steps, you finally notice the magnificent view of the place and are completely awestruck.

"This place is called Gensokyo. It's full of dangerous monsters and other supernatural beings, but it's really a nice place to live. I couldn't imagine my life anywhere else."

Reimu appears in the gateway of the shrine holding a small bowl of rice.

"Here. At least have something right now. You had a big day."

Taking the bowl and chopsticks, you begin to slowly eat and admire the view of this land at dusk. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice a blonde woman with a parasol and purple dress popping out of what seems to be a hole in the sky, looking at you and the maiden.

"Did you see that?"

"Hm? See what?"

"That woman...in the air...she was just...nevermind."

"Alright then...maybe you need food more than you think. And it's getting late. Come inside, you can stay in the guest room."

You follow Reimu inside and, after showing you to the guest room and stepping over a passed-out Suika, rolls out a futon mat for you to sleep on.

"You're welcome back to the shrine any time you want, but tomorrow I should probably get you away from here so you can find your place in this world. See you in the morning."

A. Go to sleep
B. Explore the hot spring
C. Converse with Reimu

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>> No.5376262


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rape reimu

>> No.5376270

explore the hot spring, search for the blond woman. you demand answers!

>> No.5376275

Hot spring. A nice soak and mysterious mechanical sounds.

>> No.5376279

B. Explore the hot spring
Shit could be awsome.

>> No.5376285


>> No.5376289

I am going to have my way with Reimu and that's that

>> No.5376293

C. Inquire about Yukari, and how you might track her down and kill her

>> No.5376311

B. We aren't afraid of a bunch of wee lasses are we?

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You try to go to sleep, but something is bothering you ever since you found the hot springs. The elevator leading underground seems really interesting and suspicious, and you wonder what it's hiding. Eventually, you decide to go out in the middle of the night. You sneak out of the shrine, careful not to wake Reimu or Suika, and hop over the fence.

The elevator, almost as if it sensed you, comes up. You step onto the elevator and proceed to the underground to investigate the area.

"It's becoming unbearably hot," you think to yourself as you descend down to what you can only assume is a Hell of some sorts. Once you reach the bottom, you see a tall girl with long black hair and huge wings pressing a few buttons on what looks to be a giant remote control. Next to her is another girl in a blue dress with a green backpack.

A. Approach the winged girl
B. Approach the backpack girl
C. Return above ground

>> No.5376324

C. Rape Reimu while she sleeps

>> No.5376327

D: genuflect in the lake while cursing Yukari

>> No.5376340


>> No.5376341

Are there bad ends OP?

>> No.5376345

C. I just wanna go to the hot springs and relax, fuck.

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B. That kappa knows what's up.

>> No.5376355

AB. Achieve physical schism and approach them both at the same time
If not possible, A. Approach the winged girl, receive cancer.

>> No.5376358

Stay the fuck back or suffer a BAD END by cancer.

>> No.5376359


>> No.5376360


>> No.5376365

other options are anal rupture ot getting nuked

>> No.5376368


No "nice boat" ends, but maybe if you do something wrong on every route you return to the real world without having done anything/get sent to another dimension by Yukari for fucking up so badly. I'm kind of making it up as I go, but if someone decides to restore the thread using one of my posts I will take it as a "save state" and start from a different branch.

Restoring trip for convenience.

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Oh, cool, are we still skilled at woodcutting like in the last thread?
Because I want a Lumberjack route.

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Newfag here
Who's the one with wings?

>> No.5376378


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>> No.5376390


>> No.5376397


Okuu, a nuclear hell raven.

>> No.5376410

Go play the games. SA and MoF are the ones you need.

>> No.5376422


Storyfag said he's pursuing the Lumberjack route. I'm more intent on trying to make a story.

If I knew how to program then I'd probably take the several months of my life to actually write a VN, but it seems much more difficult to make everything seem fluid. Like I said, if someone decides to revive this story long after the thread dies I can treat it as a save state and continue from there.

>> No.5376433


And I'd like to see Orin in this. Please. ;_;

>> No.5376436

>If I knew how to program

>> No.5376437

You don't need to know programming to write a VN. Just use RenPy or whatever.

>> No.5376448
File: 10 KB, 155x155, Th01mima.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.5376455


>> No.5376460

Suika AND Mima. At the same time. Better route.

>> No.5376467

There was another CYOA thread earlier where the protagonist had 'Woodcutting' as one of his skills, along with housework and cooking.

At one point it seemed that we were going to stay with Reimu at the shrine so there were some suggestions for the 'Lumberjack' route to be initiated while staying at the shrine.

But being the group of exercise adverse, weedy that we are it was decided to go to the SDM (without jumping in the lake) and make friends with Flandre. We also met Sakuya and Remillia there.
Surprisingly we didn't die...yet.

>> No.5376469

There was another CYOA thread earlier today. But it died pretty quickly.
In any case, the writer said that MC's skills are housekeeping, something else, and woodcutting.
Some people were greatly interested in turning the story into Lumberjack: The Adventure. It didn't happen though. And since I'm one of those people, I'll try my best to turn this story into a tree Armageddon.

>> No.5376476
File: 359 KB, 824x580, 6ff344213173d4447b885f2ff9b3a09be0ade400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are we ever going to continue that thread? I feel like we were at least close to a bad ending.

>> No.5376477

Everybody walked the dinosaur

>> No.5376479
File: 24 KB, 431x450, lumberjack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A fellow Lumberjack brother?
Let's do this.

>> No.5376485

Alright it's fucking on now.
A or B: Approach either one and ask them where can you find an axe and a forest.

>> No.5376491

For you lumberjack bros, you should try dwarf fortress

>> No.5376496

Utsuho seems like the type to hate trees.

But she burns them instead of cutting them.

>> No.5376500

I don't get this lumberjack thing. Care to explain?

>> No.5376502


I'm not going to go into it. Search easymodo if you're curious.

Since people want to see Okuu so badly, I'll do that.

There will not be a resonance cascade that opens a portal to a border world and sends Nanashin on an amazing sci-fi adventure to save the world.

You keep your distance for a bit until the girl with the backpack turns to attend to another part of the strange room. After she leaves, you decide to follow the girl with the large wings. You get close enough to grab her attention and tap her on the shoulder.

"Uh, excuse me..."

"GAH! Who are you?"

She aims the large control at you and you see it start to glow with a solar brilliance as a klaxon alarm goes off.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! I'm not a dangerous person, I'm just curious."

She lowers her cannon and looks at you quizzically. "This is a nuclear reactor. I'm currently in charge of regulating its power. We're working with the kappa to help provide Gensokyo with an electrical energy source that is more accessible than their own energy. That's about all the information I can provide you with at this time. I'm afraid I must get back to work. If you'll excuse me." The response seems incredibly stilted, almost robotic. She seems to have rehearsed it for anyone who wishes to explore the reactor. Maybe if you ask her something else then she'll provide you with a glimpse of her true self.

A. "Nuclear power? Sounds risky."
C. Return to the surface.

>> No.5376507

B. Please.

>> No.5376510


>> No.5376511

B: "I LOVE NUCLEAR POWER! But seriously, where is the closest forest? If I won't chop down a tree son, I'll die."

>> No.5376512

It'll be just like STALKER.

>> No.5376516


Ask the kappa for information after Utsuho shows her true self.

>> No.5376520
File: 36 KB, 271x268, Lumber_Museum_Lumberjack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ever seen a tree before? Horrible things.
They grow tall and suck the life out of the soil around them.
I hate them, I hate them with every fiber of my being.
I need your help, with your power and my skills with and axe, we can destroy them.
We can destroy them all and take back the world WHICH IS RIGHTFULLY OURS!

>> No.5376526

Fucking this.

Okuu route would have a bittersweet end due to protags death by cancer at some point.

>> No.5376530

Does cutting down trees inspire Yuuka's wrath? Or just flowering trees?

Yuuka for final boss.

>> No.5376534
File: 19 KB, 225x240, duke_nukem_bet_on_duke.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5376536
File: 34 KB, 526x390, 1272080422413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

B-but lumberjacks dont realy h-hate trees, if it was not for the trees they would not be lumberjacks!

>> No.5376548

There will always be trees and never enough lumberjacks.

>> No.5376565
File: 123 KB, 743x492, lumberjack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guy who posted that here.
I suppose option B could lead to this if D is invalid.
But I demand a speech.

>> No.5376571


>> No.5376583

You decide to see if unbridled enthusiasm will make her open up.



"Yeah, I mean, look at this place! It's awesome! Nuclear power is amazing. I'm so jealous that you get to be in charge of something like this. It must be a big responsibility."

"R-really?" the bird-girl looks at you and begins to blush a little at your enthusiasm, and then gains a smug confidence after a bit of thought. "W-well, it IS the most reliable and best energy source that's ever existed. It would be surprising if you DIDN'T love nuclear power." She briefly touches a few buttons on her controller, and then smiles in triumph. "This is a pretty tough job...maybe you'd like to help?"

A. Ask what needs to be done
B. Ask her to talk about how the reactor works
C. Talk about the future of a nuclear-powered Gensokyo
D. Hit on her

>> No.5376587

C. Talk about the future.

Have you heard about the Singularity, Miss Okuu? I have some Good News for you.

>> No.5376588

I am indecisive

>> No.5376590


>> No.5376591

Okay I can't handle this relationship Bern. Be honest with me. Just... just this time.
Is there going to be a Lumberjack Route?

>> No.5376599

A, D and E.
What is E?

>> No.5376602


Maybe. Depends on the popular option. I will tell you right now that Lumberjack route has not yet been sealed, but will be very soon.

>> No.5376608

Guys, our protagonist has no skills in wood-cutting. Do you seriously want to try cutting down trees, unskilled? We'll die!

>> No.5376620


Technically, he has no skills except talking.

>> No.5376622


>> No.5376623


>> No.5376624

A, with a little D

>> No.5376627

Stick my control rod into her reactor core.

>> No.5376633


>> No.5376634

Whoa, really? I hope you're adding that bonus into our diplomacy checks.

We've got nothing but our wits and our silver tongue.

>> No.5376635

Hit on her as a Lumberjack would.

Pick her up, carry her off to the woods and woo her by chopping down trees.

>> No.5376637
File: 148 KB, 480x652, Logging_oregon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Our protag has no skills other then talking at the moment.

>> No.5376648

Wait a minute. If we have points in Talking... does that mean the "Hit on them" choice might actually work? Holy shit.

>> No.5376659

Suddenly, this is a fallout/runescape fanfic

>> No.5376660

>Our protag has no skills other then talking at the moment.

Excellent, we must use this to our advantage. If our protagonist's only skill is talking, then talking defines him, and it follows that our protagonist only exists in speech. Uwan, likewise, is a youkai made only from sound. We must become an immaterial loli made out of sound with the ability to manipulate speech.

>> No.5376666

>Our protag has no skills other then talking at the moment.
Then at lv 99, our protagonist can make any girls wet with just a word.


>> No.5376668

This. We've gotta become the greatest politician-youkai Gensokyo has ever known.

Screw taking out trees one at a time. With powerful rhetoric, we can inspire others to take them out EN MASSE.

>> No.5376670


>> No.5376675


You stare at the girl and finally begin to notice her beauty.

"Oh...I could help you with...anything you wanted me to..."

"That's great!"

"Wait, I didn't mean it like-"

"Let me get Orin."

The girl flies off to another part of the cavern in an incredibly good mood.


Eventually, she returns on the elevator with another girl in a black dress with cat ears and two tails.

"This is Orin. She'll tell you what we need to do around here. There's a lot of work to be done, and with you helping we can have Gensokyo supplied with power in no time! See you later!"

"Wait, I never got your...name..."

The catgirl named Rin smiles slyly at you. "Her name's Utsuho, but everyone calls her Okuu...and from what she told me, it seems you've taken an interest in her."

"How did you--"

"She told me everything that you told her. It was obvious to me, but you have to understand that although Okuu's really nice and knows a lot about nuclear power, she's actually kind of dense. She won't get that you like her with something so subtle."

"Okay...so, what do we need to do?"

"We need to gather wood to keep the Hell of Blazing Fires burning."

Orin leads you over to the elevator to the surface and shows you the tools in her wheelbarrow: a saw and an axe.

"Ever use these before?"

A. Lie and say you have
B. Truth and say you haven't

>> No.5376681


>> No.5376682


I wonder if the Nitori route would have ended talking about renewable energy...

>> No.5376684

Lie. Lie like mad.

>> No.5376685

then RAPE

>> No.5376686

We don't want Orin to change her mind.

>> No.5376688


>> No.5376692

B You have not.

But only because protag usually lumberjacks with his bare hands.

>> No.5376693

A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A.

>> No.5376698

C. Point at her ears. All four of them. Commence mocking.

>> No.5376702

A for motherfucking lumberjack route

>> No.5376706

You need corpses to get Hell of Blazing Fires running. It's called Hell of Blazing Fires, not Warm Bonfire of Blazing Fires.

If you really need trees, find one with a kodama or houkou or something, cut it down, carry it/her to Hell of Blazing Fires. Youkai regenerate constantly, so it's a self-sustaining energy source, and you get to show your wrath towards all tree-kin by damning one of them to Hell.

>> No.5376710

C. Kill them, and return to Reimu

>> No.5376736

Lying is bad. B

>> No.5376739

I lol'ed anon. I lol'ed

>> No.5376773
File: 685 KB, 550x900, 1bace96bf7fa8af708e69b91e887b3ea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


"Yeah...of course I have. My father was a lumberjack and carpenter before I was brought here."

Orin smiles at you and hands you the axe.

"Well, let's just see what you can do."

At that moment, time freezes and the world becomes dark.


You are reminded of the dream you had yesterday, and the same woman in purple and white appears before you in this strange dimension outside of space and time.

"I realize that this is a bad time for a heart-to-heart, but I'm afraid that I had to wait until your actions had led you to...a more preferable path. There was a time when none of us cared for Miss Reiuji; when her only experience of humanity was a flurry of spell...tags and lasers. When I plucked her from the Hell of Blazing Fires, I acted in the face of objections that she was a mere raven and of no practical use to anyone. I have learned to ignore such nay-sayers when quelling them ... was out of the question. Still, I am not one to squander my investments, and I remain confident she was worth far more than the initial appraisal. That's why I must now ... extract from you some small repayment owed for your own survival. See her safely to Youkai Mountain, Nanashin. I wish I could do more than keep an eye on you, but I have agreed to abide by certain ... restrictions."

This strange woman turns to a still-standing Orin and begins to speak directly to her.

"Now, listen carefully, hellcat. When you see your...friend, relay these words: 'prepare for unforeseen consequences.'"

Time resumed, and after a bit of disorientation, you take the axe and find a nearby tree that seems good for fuel.

A. Swing
B. Don't swing

>> No.5376783


For lols

>> No.5376784

God damned Y-Woman

>> No.5376785

C. Don't swing. Chop.

>> No.5376788

Don't swing Don't swing Don't swing

For the love of all that is danmaku, DO NOT SWING.

>> No.5376796

Why not?

>> No.5376801


>> No.5376806

When you've lied, you must get back onto the path of Truth as quickly as possible!

>> No.5376812

A. A mere tree tries to defy me with its existence? This will not stand, no sir, it won't.

>> No.5376824

Are you saying that the path of the lumberjack is not the only true one?

>> No.5376828


>> No.5376832

A. So as I pray, Unlimited Lumber Works

>> No.5376833



>> No.5376841
File: 372 KB, 827x1170, 428c7e9a7a42b7e6fccd11ab4138f8eb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You hesitate for a moment before putting down the axe.

"I'm sorry, I've never actually chopped down a tree in my life. I was hoping that Okuu'd like me more if I could help her."

Orin looks at you with a bit of disappointment and takes the axe from you. She smiles at you knowingly. "Don't worry. I'll tell her you did all this work by yourself. She'll be really impressed."

Just as Orin is about to make her first strike against the tree, a green haired woman with a parasol appears out of nowhere. She seems friendly, but at the same time incredibly dangerous.

"Oh my, you weren't planning on ending the lives of these children, were you?"

Orin becomes paralyzed with fear, and you feel a chill down your spine as this woman looks at you both.

"Yu...Yuuka...We...didn't think..."

"Didn't think I would know?" She laughs with a sound that instills an instant fear in your mind. "Just who do you think I am, that I wouldn't notice you destroying my children for your infernal project? Maybe you should use another sort of fuel for your reactor...perhaps your own body? I can help you with that, you know..."

A. Try to reason with her
B. Get Orin's attention and run like hell
C. Defend yourself

>> No.5376844


>> No.5376853

I dont see this ending well no matter what option you choose

>> No.5376855

C. There's no time like the present for human-youkai combat.

>> No.5376856

Chop carefully. Lightly. You've never done it before, try to get accustomed to the feeling first. If you think you are ready, get to work. Steady, strong swings. Not with your full strength of course, or you'll get tired quickly. Or even worse, it'll slip and cut off a limb or two from your body. Try to always hit the same spot, but don't get discouraged if you can't, you're just a beginner, you'll learn with time.

>> No.5376861

Yuuka kills you. Game over.

>> No.5376862


What was your first hint? You were fucked either way since Yukari decided to have a little chat with you.

>> No.5376863


>> No.5376875

If bad-end, I'm okay with this
I need to sleep anyways

>> No.5376876

Go to touhouproject.com. This shit is banned here.

>> No.5376877


I told you to get some solar panels and batteries...

>> No.5376878

Considering our Talking skill, A is the only correct choice. There's no way she'll be able to resist our logic.

>> No.5376890

Defend yourself.
Your will is to give everyone the gift of electricity. Moreover, you are trying to achieve this goal by hard, brave, manly work.
You are a hero. You cannot lose.

>> No.5376892

"Get Rin's attention" means you'll be fleeing with her, not leaving her there, right?

>> No.5376897


>> No.5376902

A. Sing your favorite Barry White song

>> No.5376905

>"Now, listen carefully, hellcat. When you see your...friend, relay these words: 'prepare for unforeseen consequences.'"
Is cool guys, we gonna live.

>> No.5376909


>> No.5376912

Correction: Orin's going to live.

We might be seeing them in Hell.

>> No.5376915

Smile, throw the axe at her


>> No.5376919

Reading comprehension, bro. Orin has the axe.

>> No.5376922

You are all horrendous faggots

>> No.5376925

It's not a throwing axe, even if you manage to throw it in her direction, she'll have a long time to dodge it.
But I like the way you think.

>> No.5376926

I don't think she'll mind if we take it back.

>> No.5376930


You step forward to face this terrible controller of plants.

"Oh, we have a hero, now? But you're merely a human. Not even from this world, but from the human world. Tell me, is it true that they've desecrated the natural world in unspeakable ways? Because...that would make me quite angry."

"I...I'm no hero. We only wish to provide Gensokyo with a great energy source so they can progress and--"

"And what? Become like the human world? With your artifical ground and pollutants that are merciless against my beloved children? I may be only one protester against the Nuclear Power project, but I am more than a match for anyone that wishes to further their goals." She smiles sadistically and summons a series of thorned vines from the ground, ready to constrict both you and your companion. "Yours will be the first in a series of deaths that will end this 'project.'"

Just as she's about to strike, several spell tags and large orbs come flying in her direction, breaking her concentration.


"Get out of here, I'll be fine! Warn the underground, head for the mountain!"

"Aren't you coming with us?"

By now, Yuuka had recovered from the surprise attack and started combating Reimu's warding tools with her own attacks.

"I'm a little busy! Just go, I'll see you on the mountain...and thank you for your generous donation to the Hakurei shrine!"

A. Return to the Hell of Blazing Fires
B. Stay and help Reimu
C. Head straight to Youkai Mountain

>> No.5376934

A.Offer my body

>> No.5376942


>> No.5376949

C. Escape to Witch Mountain!

I loved that movie.

>> No.5376953

C. Best follow Reimu's advice. She wouldn't lead us wrong after we donated.

>> No.5376955

Gordon Freeman doesnt have any fighting skills, only talking

>> No.5376956

Head back underground, get Okuu. Now, this is important: BORROW NITORI'S STEALTH CAMOUFLAGE.

We're going to need it.

>> No.5376961

Goddamn it, I came here to chop trees, and I'm not leaving until I hear some bark cry. If some magical weedhead pacifist hippie wants to object, give her a free axe, sharp end front.

>> No.5376962

Good thing that Orin did not receive any harm, or I'd be a sad panda.

>> No.5376973

Bro, she is no pacifist. She is like mother nature on permanent pms.

>> No.5376979

Wait wait wait, she wants us to warn the underground 'and' head for the mountain right?
Which are we meant to do first?

>> No.5376982

C, Orin can go warn the underground. The gods will protect me from harm while ascending the mountain, surely.

>> No.5376987

Well she is still a hippie.

>> No.5376988

I was hoping for more Yuuka ;_;

>> No.5376991

I assumed Orin would warn them. Then again, maybe we'd be best following her.

>> No.5376996

Because this is the most awesome option. And if it leads to bad end... It's just a short one-thread story anyway. It'll be completely gone when THP is back.

>> No.5376997
File: 718 KB, 1000x1000, 7402421.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's no point in heading for the mountain without Utsuho.

>> No.5377009
File: 189 KB, 377x377, 1275843976421.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>While riding on a train home

Stop reading from here. I am fucking tired of trains from now on. I am fucking mad because those stupid faggots delayed my train today for 2 hours.

Seriously, my country is full of faggots, and now I don't want to hear about fucking trains until next week.

>> No.5377013


>> No.5377018

Your loss bro.
We are about to cut off Yuka's legs and become The Lumberjack of Eternity.

>> No.5377019

What, you live in Australia or something?
Because I do and I have similar problems. ;_;

>> No.5377021
File: 16 KB, 401x192, cartmanhippies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5377024
File: 75 KB, 480x458, 1275053843546.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Soo many C's how could you cruel bastards abandon Okuu

>> No.5377028

Why do you guys insist on self-imposed exile when it's clear that there are no janitors or mods here?

>> No.5377032

Cowards running the way that's most likely to save their ass.

>> No.5377036

Just so you guys know, I've firmly cemented everything that's happening on the Okuu route. Too bad I'm terrible at writing actual ero, so I'll leave that to someone else and resume the story after that scene is done...if the story gets to that point.


"Orin, we have to go. We have to get back to the reactor and warn everyone."

"But we won't make it in time if we do that!"

"Do you want to leave Okuu to defend herself from someone like that?"

The sound of the battle raged overhead as Both Reimu and Yuuka exchanged deadly bullets that lit up the sky.

"No...you're right."

You and Orin head back down to the Hell of Blazing Fires as fast as possible, and meet Okuu on the way to the bottom level.

"Guys, where's the wood? We're running out of power here. I was just going to check on you."

You grab Okuu by the shoulders and use her to support yourself. "We have bigger problems on the surface. Some crazy plant woman named Yuuka"


"Orin? What's wrong?"

"Prepare...for unforeseen consequences."

Utsuho's face turned pale, and she flew back down to the bottom level.

"Ugh...what happened? Where's Okuu?" Orin looked around with a confused look on her face.

"You said something to her and she went off really quick."

Within a minute, Utsuho had returned, but the control rod that she normally sported on her arm was missing; instead, she was carrying the girl in the blue dress.

"Okay, I set the reactor to blow. Nitori here has a camouflage device that she can use to help us get out of here. It won't last long, but we should be far enough away so that we're not in any immediate danger."

You and the three girls race out of the reactor core and start heading in the direction of the mountain, with Nitori's camouflage device activating as soon as you could be seen by Yuuka.

A. Ask Okuu what the phrase meant
B. Ask Okuu what she'll do about the reactor
B. Confess to Okuu

>> No.5377037

But running straight for youkai mountain alone isn't really safe or sure to safe anyones ass.

>> No.5377038

Fuckin' A

>> No.5377044

>Tell me, is it true that they've desecrated the natural world in unspeakable ways
I'd desecrate Yuka's body in unspeakable ways

>> No.5377046

No, I am spanish. This country is upside down too, but in another way.

>> No.5377054

A complete lack of mods isn't a good thing.
And there's no reason to post on a board full of people who either hate Touhou, CYOAs or both when we have THP.

>> No.5377064

A. Confessions are best saved for when we're not running for dear sweet life.

>> No.5377086

There is that. I suppose I'll just start visiting THP.

>> No.5377093


>> No.5377098 [DELETED] 


>> No.5377101

A. The second B (Dohoho) at a more appropriate time.

>> No.5377103
File: 91 KB, 630x840, lulz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

D: You develop a long term energy model which is capable of assessing alternative energy evolutions over periods of up to 100 years . Developments in renewable energy , combined with the region's latent potential in wind and solar power , could create a significant advantage for Gensokyo.

>> No.5377112

...I'm sorry, but what the fuck are you on about?
I mean yeah THP might be a better place to post this but I don't really see the clamoring of the masses for this threads destruction for the moment. So where's the problem?

>> No.5377121

mods are fags and bring more heartache than good. there's a reason moot only has a handful of them. /jp/ shouldn't need them anyway if everyone can just remember the golden rule and take it easy.

>> No.5377128
File: 763 KB, 1200x1200, 9163120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got your wind power right here, bub. Or you could enslave Nitori for water power.

>> No.5377141


Hmm.. a good and old hydro dam, simple and reliable.

>> No.5377144

>golden rule

Do to others what you would like to be done to you?

Did not expect men of faith in /jp/.

>> No.5377155
File: 146 KB, 700x749, 8069373.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are many men of faith in /jp/.

>> No.5377161


Read why I started it. Since all the spam has died down I think that it should end, but it's almost over anyway.


As you're running away, the sounds of battle become fainter and fainter until the only indication of the conflict is the flashing lights in the distance.

"Hey, wait a minute...why are we running? Okuu, you have wings!"

"Unyu? Oh, yeah! I do!" The raven picks you up in her arms and spreads her wings.

"Orin, you and the kappa girl go on foot. Make sure to hide, and we'll see you there."

Okuu then takes off, holding you underneath her as you make your way to the Youkai mountain. By now, the battle has completely died down with a green flash.

"Hey, Okuu...does Reimu use green in her fighting?"

"No...that was Yuuka."

"So...she lost..."

Flying in silence for a little bit, you decide to ask your bird carrier a question dear to her.

"Okuu...what about your reactor? You worked so hard for it, and you just set it to blow."

After realizing what she had done earlier for her own survival, Utsuho began shedding tears for her project.

"You're right...I worked really hard...and was really proud...but I can always build another one. I can't build my friends back."

Utsuho hovers in the air for a bit to watch her huge project go up in a magnificent cloud of fire smoke. She is obviously holding back tears, and lands in a small clearing a small distance away from the river on Youkai Mountain. After setting you down, she begins to cry in earnest.

"My...reactor...my...project...all that work..."

A. Do nothing
B. Comfort her

>> No.5377170





Video about the thread.

>> No.5377173
File: 333 KB, 500x1120, 1273537033282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

B. ;_;

>> No.5377178

Do nothing. Make no sound. Slip away quietly and leave her to grieve. Alone.

>> No.5377180


>> No.5377184


>> No.5377185

That's just common sense, don't be too hasty to credit some faith with inventing that principle.
Wasn't the one I was talking about anyway, Christfag.

>> No.5377189

B go

>> No.5377194

B. Please.

>> No.5377196

comfort her with my dick

>> No.5377198

Otherwise you have no soul.

>> No.5377199

c. Ruffle her hair

>> No.5377229

D. Punish her.

You did wrong and you should feel wrong for it.

>> No.5377241

B ; __;

>> No.5377244
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It is actually credited to Christianity, bub, even if other religions, dogmas and ethical codes use it as well. The silver rule was Buddhism and most greek philosophers. Seriously, look it up.

But this is not a religion thread, and I do not mean to hijack it, so this is the end of this discussion.

>> No.5377245



As she is crying silently in the wake of all these events, you silently move closer to her and embrace her.

"Okuu...it was...a machine. Orin is still here, and Nitori is still here. They'll be meeting us soon. And we can all build another reactor together. Make it better than the last one. You said yourself, you can't rebuild your friends...and we can't rebuild you."

Her sobbing subsides a bit, and she wraps her arms around you and drapes her wings across both of your bodies.

"Why...do you care so much? We only met today. Why do you want to help me?"

"I've been through a lot of weird stuff since I've been here, and I've gotten the notion that I'm here for something. Maybe that something is helping you. And even if it isn't, then it's because I want to help you...because I love you, Okuu. I'm not sure why, but I just do."

I can't write ero, so I'm leaving this to someone who can. I already have an ending thought up, so just stop once that part is done.

>> No.5377253

B. Also cocks

>> No.5377261

Good because you're dead wrong. Now go away.

>> No.5377265

B. Tenderly

>> No.5377267


>> No.5377268


The golden rule of humanity is "don't be a dick."

>> No.5377273


"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is certainly Christian, but the concept is far, far older.

Christianity is in and of itself just a large collection of tales and caveats for children that someone decided to make a religion out of.

>> No.5377274
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>> No.5377278

lol love out of nowhere

I'll just pretend that last update didn't happen.

>> No.5377280

I now realize I need more Okuu artwork.

>> No.5377285
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>> No.5377291
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>> No.5377292

She's weak and vulnerable. You're taking advantage of her.

>> No.5377296


I could have built it up more, but the thread is no longer bumping. The whole fucking route was building up to love out of nowhere. Hell, most eroge I've seen ends up like that. I could just end it, but that would be mean.

The important thing is that I managed to get in a Lumberjack route to an extent...and then Yuuka shows up to kill everyone.

>> No.5377300

Because I have very little. And I feel like it.

>> No.5377325
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Ah. Then head on over to danbooru.

>> No.5377331

Exactly what I'm doing. Thanks for the start, though.

>> No.5377333

So they had sex in midair and it was amazing. And Orin was looking I guess.

Here is your ero, now write the ending.

>> No.5377345

Midair sex? That's pretty hot. Never seen it done before in a doujin.

>> No.5377366

Some wasps do it, except it is the other way around, the female is flightless and the winged male takes her along, by the genitals.

>> No.5377378


"Sorry we took so late, but we needed to avoid Yuuka..." Orin takes a look at both your and Okuu's disheveled appearance and manifests a large grin. "Oh my, did we interrupt something?"

Both you and Okuu look at each other and blush. "Maybe..."

"We have to move quickly, I'm pretty sure that she knows where we went...so she'll be here shortly."

At that moment, Yuuka emerges from behind the treeline, ready to fire.

"You can't possibly be talking about me, can you?"

You yell at everyone to get to safety while you plan to sacrifice yourself. Okuu, however, decides to stay behind with you.

"No! I'm staying with you, I can fight her!"

"Okuu, you birdbrain! You have to stay safe! Go with the kappa, before it's too late!"

As she readies her attack, you shout back at Okuu. "Get in the river, We don't have much--"

Time once again freezes as Yuuka's barrage is about to strike you, and you hear a familiar voice. "Time, Nanashin? Is it really that...time again?"

The familiar woman sporting her parasol appears to you among the chaos.

"It seems as though you've only just arrived. You've done a great deal in a small time...span. You've done so well, in fact, that I've received some interesting offers for your services. Ordinarily I wouldn't contemplate them, but these are extraordinary times. Rather than offer you the illusion of free choice, I will take the liberty of choosing for you... if and when your time comes round again. I do apologize for what must seem to you an arbitrary imposition, Nanashin. I trust it will all make sense to you in the course of..well, I'm really not at liberty to say."

You are once again on an empty train, bound for whatever realm this mysterious woman will send you to.

"In the meantime... this is where I get off."

As you stand in the desolate train car, the woman calmly moves towards the door, closes her parasol, and leaves you alone in the darkness.

>> No.5377381

Hmm. To make that Touhou-relevant, Wriggle has a severe identity crisis and ends up fucking him/herself.

>> No.5377387

That ended about as I expected it to. Decent thread.

>> No.5377391

Cool story. I enjoyed it.

>> No.5377397


I just realized that I framed it as bookends. I honestly could use both of those G-Man (Yu-Kari?) monologues and they would be able to fit into any situation that I had in mind. I still don't believe that I enjoyed it as much as I did...the whole thing was building up to be Reimu route, and ended up going into Okuu...neither of which register on my favorite characters list.

>> No.5377435

Fuck you for hurting Rumia, by the way.

>> No.5377486


I needed an early threat, and it was either her or Kogasa...but Kogasa's hopelessly ineffectual, while Rumia might actually be a bit scary. She was only used in the Hakurei Shrine route, and I could probably do away with that kind of thing in another route. I needed some way to establish Reimu's presence, though.

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