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Would you say that out of all fandoms ever, that touhou has the most fanworks?

How does it compare to like Star Trek or Evangelion?

Also, Yakumos sucking on bananas.

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Depends on your definition of "fanwork".

Touhou certainly has the largest amount of centralized artwork.

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Music-wise probably yes, art-wise probably maybe, doujin-wise probably yes, and overall probably not (sheer amount of slash fanfiction from Harry Potter/Twilight probably skews it)

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Touhou does NOT have the most fanart. Danbooru and pixiv's userbase consist of Touhou fans. To elaborate, Naruto only returns a few results on danbooru, but returns 1,359,720 results on deviantart. Touhou might have the most quality fanart, but just in terms of numbers it's nothing.

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The thing about fanworks, is that most of the time it doesn't make it very far across the internet, and so it's very difficult to gauge total numbers of fanworks.

Especially Star Trek, which is pre-internet.

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notice that Yukari and Ran are devouring their bananas hungrily, while Chen is shyly licking the tip of hers.

What does this mean?

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Chen is underage.

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Yukari and Ran are eating bananas, Chen is practicing for high school.

Also note that her banana is black.

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rude tits

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It's getting to the point where it can rival Star Wars (which has been around three times as long)

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Harry potter fandom says hi. I mean, they're still producing fanfiction even now.

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touhou is older than harry potter though

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Harry Potter probably has fanfiction down, but I'm convinced that Touhou has the most fan-produced comics of anything ever.

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What about balanced against EVA?

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