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I've been wanting too learn about things around /jp/ for a while, but I've decided to ask since no amount of lurking can ever help me. What exactly is it that's popular on /jp/. I've seen Touhou, but what exactly is it? The same with these visual novels. Where do you get translations at? Or do they come translated? Sorry if I sound like an idiot, but it all looks interesting.

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If you're not trolling, and actually a newfag:

Touhou: Ridiculously awesome top-scrolling shooter with difficulty ranging from "hard" to "murderous." Known for its good music, bright colors, and cast of cute lolis.

VNs are usually, though not always, fan-translated. Popular ones include Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, and Ever17.

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Touhou is a series of shooting games that look like this.


Visual novels look like this


and are basically novels that are part choose your own adventure, part pictures, part music

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inb4 ZUN art surprise

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If you have to ask, you don't belong here.

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Is Touhou also an arcade game? I remember seeing something extremely similar at a Japanese style arcade an hour or so away. I'm positive it was similar to this and not one of those airplane games.

Are they single visual novels, or do they have sequels? If so, what to you recommend starting with for a beginner?

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For a beginner? You should do Ever17, Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night, or Utawarerumono.

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Also, the sequel to Fate/Stay Night is Fate/Hollow Ataraxia.

Tsukihime has a possible sequel coming,

Ever17 is part of the "Infinity series; Never 7 and Remember 11, but it's the best one.

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there are a number of Japanese shooters that feature mass amounts of bullets, it's not all Touhou

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Touhou would make an awesome arcade game, but as far as I know its PC-only. There are many similar games (Ikagura, Gradius, etc) of various difficulties and styles.

Fate/Stay Night is a good starter VN, as is Ever17. Both involve various amounts of brickshitting.

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Although usually a sequel to a visual novel is less about story and more about fanservice. Both nudity and storywise.

Fate doesn't have a "real" sequel yet in story.

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Yeah, I know, I just thought it might be Touhou because it looks like the characters are casting spells or something, since you see runes. I was watching some one play, and he made the bullets slow down, and I think he might've been either taking the hits, or absorbing them.

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>>Tsukihime has a possible sequel coming,

I lol'd

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That sounds like ESP Galuda, made by Cave

It's awesome, I was playing it the other day

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Satsujinki and all that. We really don't know if Nasu will ever stop dicking around and actually make it.

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Ahh, nevermind. I found out the game is either Shikigumi or ESPGaluda as you said.

I see a lot of Touhou related stuff here, but how you get all of this out of a scrolling shooter? Also, what are those fighting games I see?

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ZUN draws an official manga for Touhou. And sprung from the universe (it's actually quite detailed) of Gensokyo came a million fucking doujins from random hardcore fans. DOUJINS. EVERYWHERE. AND THEY GREW


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>Touhou: Ridiculously awesome top-scrolling shooter with difficulty ranging from "hard" to "murderous." Known for its good music, bright colors, and cast of cute lolis.

They are not that hard in comparison to other shmups unless you're a retard who can't grasp how to memorize patterns. However, considering this IS /jp/, I'll take the liberty of assuming that everyone actually sucks and can't play them, just like /touhou/.

And you're overrating them. They're good, but archaic, and MoF is practically the only shmup title in the series to bring anything new to the table. Generic bomb/power/life is fucking boring, and only serves to prove why shmups are such a fucking niche genre now, people don't innovate enough.

Music's decent in general, but I'll leave that as subjective.

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>ZUN draws an official manga for Touhou.


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Most of a Touhou character's personality comes like 20 percent from the small amount of dialogue in the games, and 80 percent from the HUGE FUCKING AMOUNT of doujins

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Touhou has spawned a number of not-exactly-danmaku-shooter games in its series; two fighting games (one not out yet), and some "somewhat danmaku-ish" games like Shoot the Bullet.

It also probably has the largest fanbase of any Japanese game short of the Final Fantasy series, with more fanart, fan games, doujins, etc than one could possibly imagine.

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Also, does Tsukihime have a fighting game? I'm almost 100% sure that I played it at the arcade I mentioned. It had a girl with a long purple skirt and a white shirt, a "red" version of her, as well as a cat. Most of the characters had alternate versions along with the color changes.

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Moar like 0.0001% / 99.9999%, amirite?

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Yeah I'm wrong. I mean WRITES it. He offloads art to someone else.

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Melty Blood

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Melty Blood.

Fuck, we have daily Melty Blood threads here.

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Melty Blood: Act Cadenza.

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>ZUN draws an official manga for Touhou.
No he doesn't. Only official thing ZUN draws is the artwork for the game manuals and in-game art. The official manga are done by commissioned artists while ZUN does the writing.

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Where would I get the Touhou fighting games at?

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I meant wrote, not drew.

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Melty Blood is indeed sort of a sequel to Tsukihime. It's had numerous revisions with one more on the way, a port to the PS2 and can be found in arcades

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doujinstyle for IaMP, http://swr.mizuumi.net/stuff/ for SWR, last file

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At the very least, the original Melty Blood is a sequel to Tsukihime.

So Sion to G. Akiha is canon.

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I take it I won't find many of the visual novels for the Mac since I'm having trouble now. Does anyone know any good ones that art out for the Mac?

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ZUN invented spell cards, focus mode and a lot of other innovative crap.

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>Most of a Touhou character's personality comes like 20 percent from the small amount of dialogue in the games, and 80 percent from the HUGE FUCKING AMOUNT of doujins
Incorrect, good sir. Majority of the Touhou characters' personalities come from the other official literature that ZUN has released other than the games. These include Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, Curiosities of Lotus Asia, Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, and the Drama Music CDs.

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I actually think tsukihime has a mac installer.

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You mean the games, not the manga, spawned all the doujins, right?

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Melty Blood is a follow-up to Sacchin's route in Tsukihime.

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Go to the Tasofro site, ZUN is a faggot and uses .lzh format on his own site.

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I can't seem to find Tsukihime for the Mac anywhere.

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Moonspeak, everywhere.

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>the Mac

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If you meant for owning a Mac, it was a gift, and I can't, in all good conscious, turn down a perfectly good computer, and if you mean me saying "the Mac" instead of "Mac", I haven't owned it that long, and I haven't ever used Mac terminology at all.

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Tsukihime mac OS X client.

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you still need to download this, the actual game

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Emulate win32 binaries and you'll be fine.

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It says it was removed/is invalid.

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>Hole of Yago

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Try downloading the game first that I linked. There's an .img folder inside that will work with macs. i hope.

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Fuck you, hole of yago is awesome.

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I don't like you

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Slowpoke here
When did ANYONE start hating hole of yago?

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whats the matter, too HOLE for you?

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>What's the matter, too CAVED for you?

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