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How does it feel to know that Sanae is going to be a permanent playable character?

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i'm okay with this

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pretty good

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Well she is the only good green haired touhou and second best green eyed(first being Parsee.)

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Her good girl reputation seems to have died down so it seems it will be fairly fine.

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I'd buy ZUN a beer if it actually happened.

But she'll probably be discarded like Sakuya after a couple more games ;_;

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Remember "Youkai extermination is a shrine maidens job" and Sakuya was just a "part-timer"

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But she is the enemy unless she is willing to betray her gods.

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Well, she took on Suwako in Hisoutensoku. Who knows what she'll do in the future

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Everyone thought Sakuya would be around forever. The character list will be reset back to Marisa and Reimu within the next 2 games.

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>she is the only good green haired touhou
interesting subject human.

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It's funnier with the smaller mouth.

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I can't think of a single character from 11 or 12 that would fit the bill, so she's safe for at least one more game.

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How does it feel to know that Sanae has sucked hundreds upon hundreds of dicks in order to be a permanent playable character?

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Makes me feel bad for all the real women who have to suck dicks to get places.

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Feels like you're either a) TROLLIN or b) a retard who's still trying to force a similarly retarded meme.

In other words, feels pretty good man.

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Dat fukken face, man.

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Main Character != Slut. Retards. And why doesn't anyone apply this logic to Cirno or Hong Meiling, after they appeared in Hisoutensoku?

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Sanae is a "good girl" thread?

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look at dat slut

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tinyurl dot com/37zb82j when ur done being a thief copycat scumbag b575cf1133d307f7ef28c4abf2073272

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How about a "who else would you want as player 3 even if it makes no sense" thread?

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<Insert every Touhou here>

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Yuka, or Mima. They were awesome fun in th05.

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They're not permanent playable, they were just added in to Hisoutensoku (along with Okuu and Suwako) to get people to buy the expansion.

I don't mind Sanae, her shot types in UFO were pretty good.

As far as canon goes, Sakuya was only doing stuff because it bothered Remilia. She doesn't think it's her duty to resolve incidents, but the next time something affects the SDM she'll probably go out and take care of it.

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definitely kaguya

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Orange, because she had all 19 seconds of screen time when i played through LLS

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Ellen...but then again she is not zun's character i wonder how he got her in a game.

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Well it still makes no sense, and the meme is retarded.

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i love that smug look she gives you as she tells you that "more people that said that and failed, your time is mine, an old fashioned witch like you stands on chance."

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Orange was Chen in disguise. You didn't know that?

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Wrong Orange was Meiling as a little boy.

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Jesus christ her hands are melting.

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>Wrong Orange was Meiling as a little boy.
>Meiling as a little boy.
>little boy
theres no dudes in gensokyo
that one guy is a special case

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Then who are all those guys the Touhous eat? where do they come from?

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Congrats, you discovered the hidden joke and used a tedious meme.

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I like Sanae so it feels good man etc.

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I really don't care at this point.

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Glad I invested in the nendoroid

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