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Sad but true

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wanna fuck op?

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That stick figure man makes me laugh for some reason.

"Hey, wanna fuck?"
"Hey, wanna fuck?"
"Hey, wanna fuck?"
"Hey, wanna fuck?"

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The fact that the man initiates every conversation with "wanna fuck?" makes him a slut, doesn't it?

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The last part is proof enough.

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All normalfags are sluts.

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No, because he never actually gets laid.

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I liked the "make you pay child support"one

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There is truth to this. Not /jp/-related, though.

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More like, why little blue stick figures are sluts by default and associating with them degrades little pink stick figures.

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Th-this isnt true! There are exceptions... Sure... Its mostly true... But you just have to find the right one!!!

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femanon detected. What's wrong did we hurt your feelings calling you a slut? We only make fun of you because it's true.

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same person
possibly op

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Yeah, I believed in that too... when I was little. There are not "right ones." All women are bitches and whores.