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I'm bored, so let's do this.
The most beautiful, intelligent, refined and enchanting lady in Touhou, who is it?
Not about moe, so bkub's Chen can be a cheer leader. I know someone's gonna post her, so fudge you.

Pic not related.

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I'm going to have to go with Remilia, though probably in a thousand years so she's grown a bit.

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Yukari, people says she's lazy but she calculates better than a computer.
The beauty level is hard to say, but the Intelligence... maybe only Eirin can match Yukari.

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This. It's Kaguya.

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The one with the largest penis.

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My toohoo > your toohoo

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Ability: Unknown can you deal with it? Can you handle it?

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I mean, she IS a fucking princess, after all.

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so what, I'm too a fucking princess.
I fucked a bird!

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it has to be Kaguya, she is cannon for the most beautiful girl as well as a princess.

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Yuuka, Letty, Kanako, Yukari, Eirin, Komachi, Ran, Yuyuko, Byakuren

no loli shit

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My, look at how much QUALITY this thread have. It's better than the circlejerk, troll, unrelated, shitty threads out there right now at least. Oh wow this is sad.

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kaguya fucked a phoenix

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the princess in that tale is the most beautiful at that time and space, it's not applied when she went to Gensokyo. I mean, the IN teams didn't say something like "oh my she is beautiful" when encountered Kaguya, right?

Still vote for Yukari and Byakuren

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Kaguya has been confirmed in canon to be exquisitely, breathtakingly beautiful.

But I honestly just find her to be another long dark haired bishoujo hime-cut rehash.

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IN teams are too busy fucking each otter

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Sorry what?

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Yomi is better than Kaguya

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That's not Kaguya.

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You mean Yomi.

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Don't be shy, we know

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Can't get enough of that long, straight, black Japanese hair.

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Excuse me, but Eirin is ten times more beautiful

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How about Okuu?

Long slightly messy raven hair coupled with black wings. Ah~

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But she's a canon nineball.

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The charisma in the breasts can overcome the brain.

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I love Utsuho to death but I can't deny that OP specified "intelligent" and "refined"

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Whether you hate or love her, the only right answer is Kaguya.

Anything else is opinion, opinion, opinion.

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It's fate that Remilia wins this

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Hell yeah.

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She's a schoolteacher. Loves history. Likes kids.

Wife material right here.

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OP here, I was thinking of a contest between them (that's why I called it Miss Gensokyo).
It's not a question, therefore just vote your favourite.

I just tried to outdo those shitty threads out there anyways.

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Beautiful: if you like lolis

Intelligent: Is she?

Refined: The most refined tea-drinking frilly dress-wearing loli ever

Enchanting: Able to utilize vampire magic, sure.

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I'm here just to say Sakuya's nothing special.

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Oh, my favorite...

Then Patchouli wins, hands down.

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Yukari. Can outdo Ran in calculation and exudes Victorian elegance, beauty and charm. Would literally stop men in their tracks.

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Lady Remilia

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She is blond and has massive tits. That's about as traditionally beautiful as it gets by most people's standards.

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Sexy milf that owns hell? Check and mate.

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It depends on the artist. Yukari's boobs are finest.

I hope.

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>She is blond and has massive tits
And she still pulls it off with grace and elegance. Although I will agree that many artists get away with themselves when drawing her breasts.....she still has the intelligence to make up for it.

Here, have a curtsy.

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I'm all in for Patchy.

I wonder what her reaction would be to winning a beauty contest?
Pic possibly related.

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Regal, powerful, playful, mysterious, beautiful.

Yukari is the embodiment of beauty.

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Gotta go with Iku on this.

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Let's move onto Ran shall we? Just look at this.

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hey hey, hey

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patchy could never win, since she'd have to leave the house to even compete

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>I wonder what her reaction would be to winning a beauty contest?

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No one can compete with Hina.

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I fucked you're fox

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Oh hey, just posting the true winner.

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I'd say Yuyuko or Remilia. But Iku is also very lady like too.

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Go away NEET, I'm not losing to you!

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Kaguya has already won by default, these guys are just debating who the runner up should be now.

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eye'm the strongest lady.

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You're so cute.

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But you're not the most beautiful, intelligent, refined or enchanting lady.

This contest is not meant for you.

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That's a funny way to spell Hina.

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Byakuren will forgive her arrogance.

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I must be the only one who does not find Kaguya to be insanely beautiful.

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My words, there is no such thing as winning by default.

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You're not. Most find her really plain.
It's just that in canon, she's pretty much the most beautiful touhou.

And so, a lot of people have her to win this thing because, hell, she would.

Anyway, my vote goes to Patchy.

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Cuz she's a foxy lady.

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Here's some Yama

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Patchouli all the way.

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Chen, don't play with anal beads.

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No votes for Shiki? I am disappoint.

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Eirin is prettier than Kaguya

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Office ladies aren't known for their beauty.
inb4 pan

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But why? Look at that Yama. Just look at her.

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>Pic not related
Why you little...
Reimu is beautiful (everyone in Touhou is, in fact)
Reimu is smart, she solves incidents
Reimu is refined, she's poor but she doesn't steal
Reimu is also enchanting, because of her armpits.

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Uh huh......

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Oh how I would love to tickle her.

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Reimu obviously.

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Agreed on all counts except her filthy, filthy armpits.

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Hah, she solves incidents through brute force.Smart is Eirin, Yukari, Patchouli, or the like, not Reimu.

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Reimu is kind of a mean bitch.

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For shame, /jp/.

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But Reimu smokes. Ugh.....

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No wonder she has zo- I mean, yellow like skin.
Cancer's getting worse.

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Haters gonna hate

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ITT: pedophiles vs. normalfags

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>ITT: My opinion vs. thousands of people who don't give a shit about it.

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>Underagef ag post bob the builder pic and defend his lolicon taste while he is living with the moral parents tell hims that fapping to lolicon will sent you to hell!

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Hey, my brother died that way! He burnt his penis with a candle to stop the masturbation sin!

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ITT how to turn a shit thread more shitty with just 5 posts.

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Make that six. You forgot to include yours.

>> No.5308227

lolicon is cute

>> No.5308228

She gonna violate you.

>> No.5308246

I'm gonna have to vote for Yukari too. Shinki comes in close. Heck, most of the older Touhous are pretty good.

>> No.5308257

That IS Yomi, hence the Pocky

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>> No.5308285


I do believe you meant "Yukari" by your post.

>> No.5308318

>most of the older Touhous are pretty good.

Get out.

>> No.5308351

Well they are, you "For God and Loli" fucktard.

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Patchy of course

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Scanning through this I see no Yuuka. What gives? Even if she weren't number one (debatable) she'd be in the running. After all, she's always elegant, so refined she won't run even to dodge bullets, and so enchanting she makes Mystia sing a song about being eaten by Yuuka.

All in all, Yuuka gets at least a 10/10 on the Lady scale.

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Eating people is not lady like...

>> No.5308532

Yuuka doesn't eat people. As far as I know, at least.

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-enchanting lady

Well, there's only one to whom all of this applies.

>> No.5308591

That's not Cirno.

>> No.5308597

That's not Aya.

>> No.5308606

when it comes to who it isn't Mystia came to mind

>> No.5308756

haters hating, you all know that the only person that lives out these qualities is Tenshi

>> No.5308794


But she acts like a spoilt brat. Making earthquakes to get attention.

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Yeah sure nice thread got dug up and became shitty.
Yukari is my vote, she has everything this thread requires and is also:
1. NOT a NEET like Kaguya
2. much smarter than Yuuka (Yuuka may be cunning in battle, but she's pretty much too carefree)
3. Younger than Eirin (better figure, at least to me)
4. More serious/mature-looking than Yuyuko
5. More refined than Tenshi
6. Work harder than Iku (that 193 is the laziest bitch of all Touhou, face it)
7. More popular than Shinki
8. Physically stronger than Patchouli
9. mai waifu

>> No.5308811

>Does not compute

>> No.5308816

she controls the boundaries, her work is much complex than "go to the office and playing games on facebook" like that of Yamaxanadu's.
Normal people won't understand Yukari


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>More popular than Shinki

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No Sakuya?
I am disappointed.

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get the fuck out, Yumeko is in the house

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Sakuya is a kid who's still learning to be elegant.

>> No.5308853

Your elegance is speechless.

>> No.5308861

She doesn't need pads either.
And her swords are bigger than Sakuya's knives.
Also Shinki is more than a woman Remilia can ever dream to be.

INB4 EoSD fanbois

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there's only the famous character here ? guys get a think about the other ....

i say momiji

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Your time is up, our time is now
You can't see me, our time is now
It's the franchise, boy we're shinin' now
You can't see me, our time is now!

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Sakuya is my elegant maid. She's also my perfect maid.

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File: 1.63 MB, 1000x988, 28603b124df4dbcb41737fec69315607.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When us combine, the charisma overfl0w.
We can give you some leftovers, miss vampire.

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I'd say Hina. She's a proper lady.

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Talking about dancing now aren't we?

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Both Iku and Hina are fine.

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Orin of course. She got smooth fur by canon and can take form of pretty lady with red hair. Though her human form got flaws like extra pair of ears and tails. Those flaws could become something to get attracted to.

How intelligent she is, remains a mystery. For she doesn't let it show. It maybe that she is cunning type. But it also could be that she is being plain humble.
But best trait in her, is that she is very loyal towards those who she loves and well devoted to her job. Her job is dirty and grim. But she does it in a good cheer.
She may not be that royal princess with riches. But hard working type with heart of gold.

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Reimu, for the reasons mentioned in >>5307895

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Mistress Remilia of Scarlet Devil Mansion.
There could be no other even close to the title.

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