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Images that show how the vagina looks like be inside in hentai is always odd to say the least. It has always been a turn off for me.

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Most artists who draw cross section images have no idea about anatomy.
Like this one.

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>vagina looks like be

Say what?

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NO ED! We can't let you multiply!

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it's like a balloon inside!

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Nice blog thread here. Just because it's a youmu pic doesn't mean it's board related since the thread content is totally different, reported.

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That's not how vaginas work.

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He's asking a question about porn depictions. More /h/ related, but I'm sure a lot of /jp/ has strong opinions.

I'd like him to delete the picture though.

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I like them, even if this happens >>5301138

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Source. Now.....

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touhou megane

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Fuck, I like Ito Life's work.

[Ito Life}Megane/Touhou Megane (I have no idea. Scrolled through all my known lists)

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>Wriggle with glasses and a school uniform

I don't care about the argument, that doujin must have nothing related to Touhou whatsoever.

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Cumming inside does not work this way. Females do not derive much pleasure from it. They certainly don't go, "AH AH AH AH~♥ I CAN FEEL YOUR HOT CUM INSIDE ME!"

Goddamn hentai giving me false expectations and hopes.

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I'm OK with it most of the time.

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2D women do, thus proving theyre superiority.

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Go baw in a corner.

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It's turn on for me. What now? Do we fight?

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The irony is that, in fact semen is several degrees lower than the temperature of the womb, or that's what my biology textbook told me.

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It's a good thing they put that transparent bar on the penis.

If they didn't, I would be VERY offended.

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Impregnation moe~

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Wow, it's like I'm learning while I'm fapping!

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>Goddamn hentai giving me false expectations and hopes.

Tell me about it. I was fapping to hentai when I was 13. And it instilled in me that women GREATLY enjoy sex, being cummed in, having their boobies fondled etc.

IRL? Not so much. Hell, I've read from women themselves that most of them really do not enjoy sex or get much pleasure from it.

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It would be so fucking hot if girls could feel the cum being shot into them and could also feel their eggs being fertilized. Kinda like a weird ticking feeling in their womb.

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Touhou girls can.

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Source for this?
I'm guessing the artist is Shinsei Fountain but I can't figure out which book

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It takes days for the sperm cells to reach the egg.

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Stop ruining everything you buzzkill.

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Yukari doesn't have sex.

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She can have mine if she wants.

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Thoughtrape. Sorry for changing the filename...


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Impregnate me~♥

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sure is safe for work

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Stop talking to women that are bad in bed and have bad partners.

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Not if you cum with love

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Requesting a hentai in which the girl has an orgasm two days later because her egg was fertilized.

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>Yukari doesn't have sex.

Whatever makes you believe that?

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Because it's not canon.

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It's no secret women use sex as a bargaining chip to gain the upper hand. You know why sex dies off after you get married? She has no reason to have sex with you anymore. She used sex when you were both still just going out to keep you coming back. Now that she has you married to her, she has no more of a reason to use sex to keep you coming back.

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So it's canon that she's just a dried up old hag with no sex drive because she's so O-L-D?

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You're the dumbass who went for a shitty woman.

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Do you read nomarriage.com? Also did you notice most of the men there seem to enjoy sex? But without commitment?

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Wow, that sure is some quality loli, in the page after>>5301237 she's already pregnant and lactating, satoris have really fast reproduction cicles apparently.

Can't fap to that btw

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>dried up
>no sex drive

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The human women in Gensokyo still have sex with the men there. The refined youkai and advanced powerful humans (Marisa, Reimu, Sanae) have no need to lower themselves to having sex with dirty, filthy men. They instead choose to drink tea together, relax and take it easy. They choose to have passionate, gentle lovemaking sessions with one another instead of rough, loveless sex with the human males.

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But I've never been on a date before and am still a virgin Anonymous. Stop making silly assumptions.

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Not canon.

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Filthy disgusting males pigs. They should be castrated. WHOSE WITH ME SISTERS.

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ZUN doesn't even know what's canon. He makes shit up off the top of his head then refutes it two minutes later by going against what he just stated. He's a drunk.

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So you are just a bitter virgin.
Stop being bitter.

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But I'm not bitter Anonymous. Stop making silly assumptions.

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>ZUN doesn't even know what's canon.
Not canon.

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Well since no Touhous have been depicted in sexual relationships, I think it's a safe bet they're not interested. Heck, have any Touhous ever expressed interest in men in the canon works?

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Feminists? On my /jp/?

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Yes, Reimu.

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>Not canon
Not canon is canon.

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I require citations.

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So, when are we going to have an anatomy expert show us what cumming inside looks like?

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Reimu is canon straight.

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You both need to cite this!

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Men ARE filthy. The world would be much better off if it was all girls.

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Still better than what they look like IRL.

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So which book is that from?

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She was just joking. Reimu has the hots for Marisa, not for some lowly, disgusting, vile male pig.

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Have you played Hizashi no Naka no Real?
AFAIK that one does it right.

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Are you joking?

It's SSiB ch 1

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No, but I haven't read SSiB. Thank you.

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This reminds me touhou has not many brown girls.

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