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Eksopl is going to shut down easymodo soon, so you guys should start saving all of your favorite threads.

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[citation needed]

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What? ;_;

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He mentioned it two times in one week. I think he's serious.

>I grow tired of hosting the archive and trying to pass it on onto someone else sounds more appealing each passing day.

>Did you miss the part where I was considering shutting it down in the very near future?

If he does stop hosting it I'll never forgive him.

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honestly if he just stops archiving /a/ things would be a LOT less of a pain in the shitter. /a/ hasn't been worthwhile for the longest time, I don't see why he still bothers with it.

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This. Just stop archiving /a/.

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Why does he want to hand it off? Needs donations?

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But... but... all those gems of threads that were excavated from the refuse heap that is 4chan... gone forever...

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As shitty as /a/ may be, its post will have value some day. Screencaps of post-2004 /b/ might have been mundane to the average user at the time--fast forward to 2010 and people would love to see what stuff was like at that time. Everything on 4chan is going to have value 5 to 10 years from now. Even neo-/a/.

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I used a singular post, again. That one ghost board guy is going to have a kitten when he reads this.

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This site will become nothing but a wasteland of spam and a haven to exchange certain links between private parties once mootle unveils the launch of his new project. He will release 4chan and it will fall into some lazy Russian's hands for a year or two before this place is scrapped for good. I seriously doubt this site will be around for another 7 years.

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If this IS true, then he better not hand it off to some dipshit that will fuck up the site and make us pay for it or something.

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>Everything on 4chan is going to have value 5 to 10 years from now
>5 to 10 years
Do you really expect this shithole to last any longer?

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No, it wont. Early /b/ had memorable shit that was actually FUNNY and worthwhile to save. That's why people reminisce about it, even with the rose tinted goggles effect. Old /a/ was decent too, but now discussion doesn't delve much deeper besides rolling threads, imagespamming, >my face faggotry, and the big 3. You have like 2-3 decent contributors who rarely post anymore, and the rest of the time the board is full of shit. Yes, I visited /a/ for the longest time, no it has nothing to do with me being an oldfag. The board sucks shit, face it.

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I still think it would have been a lot better if AoRF kept the archive a secret from us and shocked us one day by revealing to us that he had been archiving our posts.

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>I seriously doubt this site will be around for another 7 years.
Thank god, I can't wait to have my life back.

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>Early /b/ had memorable shit that was actually FUNNY and worthwhile to save. That's why people reminisce about it, even with the rose tinted goggles effect.
Look at the pictures you saved back then, and then realize that your sense of humor simply matured. /b/ was never good.

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He should set up a donation box then. I'd donate.

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>mootle unveils the launch of his new project.
>As shitty as /a/ may be, its post will have value some day. Screencaps of post-2004 /b/ might have been mundane to the average user at the time--fast forward to 2010 and people would love to see what stuff was like at that time.

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From the way you talk it seems like you don't actually spend much time on /a/. It's not really like that. Rolling threads have been banned and are almost entirely gone now, imagespamming died down, and big three was not as spammed as people say (until about two weeks ago when summer really started up). There are quite a few good posters. Ironically even though I've mained /jp/ since the split and mostly just troll on /a/, I'd even venture to say that /a/ really is a better board than current /jp/, which is nothing but a playground for the fucking tripfag club and a landing pad for whatever faggots are raiding us this day.

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No, the posters are worse in /a/.

It's just that /jp/ has much less variety to discuss, so the stupid becomes much more stale much more quickly.

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>mostly just troll
>/a/ really is a better board than current /jp/, which is nothing but a playground for the fucking tripfag club and a landing pad for whatever faggots are raiding us

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You disagree? Mr greentext and post rating?

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People keep making threads about /jp/ following in /a/'s footsteps, but I just don't think it's possible for /jp/ to die with all of our veterans from old /a/. /jp/ers know what it's like to see a board die; hence the reason why we do everything in our power to stop the spread of /a/, /v/, and /b/ culture.

A few shitposters such as the White Ren impersonator ruin it for everybody. Once moot brings in those new staff members he talked about in an email, /jp/ will be turned into a utopia.

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You're lying.

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No porn, serious discussion only?

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Nah, /a/ is pretty terrible. But if you like it that much feel free to stay there.

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Then why are you still here if /a/ is so good?

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He is shutting it down because he claims it is a pain to maintain. In particular, deleting CP thumbs.

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I use greentext to signify quotes.
Something wrong with that?

I can't say anything about the troll rating, but I will say that is pretty fucking asinine to post to a directory if you hate it, more than that, to post to a directory you hate about why you fucking hate it.

There's usually no way to tell if someone is actually a troll, but at the very least, you're a fucking idiot.

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What I see on the first page:

Angel Beats thread
"What anime shirt would you wear in public?" thread
generic /e/-lite thread
SZS thread
Angel Beats thread
KoG thread
"Just finished watching Chobits, possibly the best anime ever." thread
"deep" anime thread
Naruto thread

Wow, great board you have there.

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Cause I can only visit one board on 4chan and that's it, amirite guys? /jp/ moves slowly and on top of that we have just shit-tons of spam now, sorry that I need to go elsewhere sometime to be entertained. Don't worry I'm not one of the faggots making Saten and Angel Beats and other /a/ threads here. Get serious guys, I'm not the only person here that browses other boards besides /jp/.

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I just clicked on /a/, and I thought I accidentally clicked on /b/.

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so 5 non-troll related threads on the first page
that sounds better than /jp/ to me

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>sorry that I need to go elsewhere sometime to be entertained.
If you think /a/ is entertaining you never belonged here. Go back to /a/ for your "trolling" and stay there.

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Thank God fot MHTML

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Ignore the typical /a/ user, who thinks using green text is a form of trolling.

>From the way you talk it seems like you don't actually spend much time on /a/.
Why would I subject myself to such a horrible piece of shit willingly? I visit the board occasionally, but shit moves too fast to even look at a thread for more than an hour, and things die so quickly that I barely catch a glimpse of what's going on. It's not like whatever was there was worthwhile to look at anyway (god forbid I need to know ANOTHER reason why Ichigo is an emo faggot), but the speed at which it moves obviously doesn't help.

If Eksopl really hates keeping the archive there, then he should at least remove /a/ and see how that works, maybe it'll make his life a lot easier and it'll make him actually enjoy keeping the archive alive. If it doesn't, bye bye easymodo.

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No, I'm not feeling very threatened so I think I'll stay right here actually. I'm sure you're totally qualified to decides who "belongs" here and who doesn't right?

Well guys I'm off to post in another quality Sion thread, I haven't looked but I'm sure there's at least 3 on the front page right now, so take care!

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so now we defend greentexting and post rating on /jp/, which is /v/ level bullshit. oh the irony

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He was using it for fucking quoting, the actual intended function for it.
Get over it.

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>He was
More like
>I was

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>so now we defend greentexting and post rating on /jp/
What the fuck is post rating? I'm genuinely curious now.

http://www.4chan.org/faq#quote <= the usage of greentexting.

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fail troll

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It's called quoting. I know you're used to /a/ only using it for implying and /v/-style narratives, but it was originally created for a different purpose.

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>What the fuck is post rating?

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A few shitposters make us look bad. I could name them all on my left hand, but doing such would only feed their inner manchild. Unlike /a/, a board that has 'some' moderation, /jp/ is practically anarchy. (Which roughly translates to: any retard with a tendency to rupture can pretty much destroy /jp/.)

To add insult to injury, the few mods who do visit here don't understand what actually belongs here. (Most of the time they have no choice but to wing it like our janitor does with 'certain' /v/ threads.) Thanks moot for the shitty constitution you gave us. And moot has the audacity to call New York's Governor incompetent. What an asshole.

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Oh wow thanks :)
I've only been on 4chan for three days I didn't know that!!
Actually I just found this place u dunno what /a/ is but I used to post on /b/ - SO RANDUM XD
It's funneh there don't u think?
u guys r funny too

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Oh man, the archive is fucking great for /jp/ though! Like if you post a thread asking a question but you forget about it until later in the day and by then its gone so you don't know if anyone answered you and you would feel like a douche for making the same thread a second time.

You know. Stuff like that.

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I'd donate too if I had any money.

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I have no favorite threads.

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Hey Eksopl, archive this, faggot!

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Excuse me, but you seem to further prove that guy right; even your irony isn't good.

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Only thing the archive is really good for is checking out posts that were deleted to get a good laugh, and to maintain the music dump threads during convention times. That's about it. It's useful and I like it, but I wouldn't be heartbroken.

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that guy is you, admit it

>> No.5297214

I wouldn't mind if the archive only retained about... a week's worth of posts.

>> No.5297224

Images don't archive, you silly bastard.

>> No.5297232

Uh, no, I just woke up. But if that helps you sleep at night, go ahead and believe it. It's not like I (or anyone else) care about what some low-quality posters think in some metathread.

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That guy here, I didn't make that post.

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>>5297148 here,
I genuinely do not know what post rating is. The fact that you immediately have to go "Troll!" further iterates the current shitty mindset of both /a/ and /jp/. I'm not playing hidden magical mind games with you in an attempt to have laughs at your idiocy. That's pointless and childish (ironic however giving the general content of both this board and /a/).

>> No.5297251

Sure seems like a lot of people are caring.

>> No.5297260

My brother,
That was irony.
Calm the fuck down.
Anyone who has been on 4chan for more than a day knows what "post rating" refers to. Don't get butthurt because you're a newfag. That has nothing to do with /a/ mentality or whatever the fuck you just wrote. It's merely some good old /jp/edos making fun of you because you didn't know something obvious.

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Sure seems like these people only lurk and post here for 3 hours a day, so their opinion about meta is void.

>> No.5297268

I still don't know what the fuck post rating is. I just come here to discuss VNs and nukige and eroge and fap to some touhou doujinshi.


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Everyone's opinion about meta is void since none of us can affect a single thing.

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Too bad it's called a troll rating. The fact that you think it's used to rate posts (it's not, it's used to rate how well executed a certain troll was) makes you the newfriend.

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At this moment, more than ever, we need Touhou hijackers. If the mods wont moderate, we the users are going to have to take matters into our own hands.

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I usually visit easymodo for the OC threads and take up any requests that I find easy doing. Also any other projects that /jp/ say they will do but the outcome usually is the same.

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NO! Whatever you do, please do not do that. Absolutely nothing good comes from imagespamming. NOTHING. Vigilante moderation can easily get way out of control, and it's no fucking fun for anyone when that happens.

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Hey can you make another OC thread? I would like to request Shikieiki in Justice Pao style.

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I was (sadly) involved in the creation/popularization of troll ratings back in old /a/. I used an American style grade system with a small teacher-esque sentence (See me after class, etc) to grade troll attempts. I remember this other guy rated trolls with stuff like "1 out of 5 ninja shuriken" and had corresponding images for it too.

It just went from there. /v/ friends devolved it into crap like a "rage meter," it basically has no meaning nowadays. Never heard the term "post rating," though.

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Indeed, it would probably be lewd images of cirno and bkub chen all over.

>> No.5297374

Can you guys promise me you'll start ignoring trolls from now on.

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You mean "Dispossible".

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One of the reasons why we are seeing an increase in meta threads is because there's nothing to talk about. Say what you want about Double Spoilers, but it didn't attract the type of discussions a normal Touhou game would attract. There aren't any new VNs that have been translated either.

Also, we are the oldest userbase on 4chan. Even before /jp/'s conception we had already discussed everything that was possible to discuss on old /a/. I think it's about time we went the way of the Anons of old-old /b/.

>> No.5297455

Thanks Eksi, but please inform us before hand if you ever decide to do that.

>> No.5297472

I want to feed you though.

>> No.5297486

Um, no. poolshmer, bun, and other sites have plenty of discussion without the metashit. People do it here because they can get away with it

>> No.5297492

Agreed and that's why most of us have taken to just posting general silliness and having perpetual battles of wits in comeback contests. But what way is it you are suggesting that we go?

>> No.5297517

>The archive will stay up for as long as it doesn't put an excessive strain on the server
Isn't it just /a/ that's doing the lionshare of stress to the server? By the way, what will happen to /a/?

>> No.5297546

You cant run away from your duties! And besides, isn't any form of programming training for you at this point. You are majoring in CS I presume.

>> No.5297556

What sort of improvements? Memory? CPU?

>> No.5297565

He's talking about the search function, I'm sure since that's what most people have been whining about for years.

>> No.5297592

>But what way is it you are suggesting that we go?
We run away like cowards, not much unlike what Eksopl is trying to do. Real answer: we disappear off of the face of the Internet in a quiet/subtle manner. See the following for details: http://shii.org/knows/Right_to_vanish

Think why it is that you never bump into people who've been here since 2003.

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Double Spoiler had tons of discussion material. Every level has something remarkable about it in the comments. Note, level... not spellcard

>> No.5297622

Double Spoiler was quite lame. Real Touhou fans didn't want a simple .5 game

>> No.5297633

Implying this won't happen.

>> No.5297643

Touhou is all about the characters and DS lacked characters (well, except for that crow slut ver2.0).

It also destroyed some canon characters.

>> No.5297650

Just when

>> No.5297717

People always say this but it simply isn't true. /jp/ is just as bad when a new VN translation or something comes out.

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If you can't appreciate Hatate, you aren't a true Touhou fan.

>> No.5297823

Hatate can go suck a futa dick for all I care.

>> No.5297839

I personally would like to see what /jp/ would be like for a month or two without the archive. I keep getting the feeling that a handful of certain shitposters are posting for the sake of legacy building. The question is: would people's behavior change if they knew their posts were not getting logged.

>> No.5297843

That's a stupid question. Just look at any of the non-archived boards for your answer.

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You forgot your trip.

>> No.5297856

They're just naive.

>> No.5297861

Nope. Actually the reason anyone shitposts here, trip or not, is because, I think, we're all just old posters who have gotten tired with 4chan's shit and realized that it's best to just have an attitude of total reckless abandon for posting. That and newfags coming for lulz. I mean, the sad truth is, if anyone actually made any quality threads with interesting topics here on a regular basis, the shitposting would not be as apparent as it is. But there's simply not much to talk about.

>> No.5297870

Hatate on her phone: http://www.redtube.com/6683

Beware of 3D.

>> No.5297872

So, what's the future of /jp/?

>> No.5297880

I believe there's quite a lot to talk about. For example, Hatate mentions the lake smells faintly of blood. Earlier in the sentence she's talking about the kappa. Does this mean the kappa are bloodthirsty monsters, or that the vampires in SDM drain blood into the lake?

>> No.5297894

As much as I complain about /jp/'s less than stellar threads, I'm guilty of not making threads. I don't think I've started a thread since Christmas.

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File: 900 KB, 1000x1400, tewiass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's talk about Tewi's carrot filled ass.

>> No.5297913

>keen sense of smell
>close to the SDM

>> No.5297914

Found 4chan 4 years ago and across all boards I have created maybe 3 threads total.

I thought kappa were already confirmed for being carnivorous beasts just like all the other Gensokyo residents?

>> No.5297917

That's not a carrot

>> No.5297919

No. Aya said so, but that's all.

>> No.5297924

I've......I've never started a thread since moot gave birth to /jp/. Back when there were Touhou hijacks and Nameless Fairy bot spam I never started a thread.

I think I can count the times I've started one on one hand....

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It's easier to post in an existing imagedump thread than make a new one.

>> No.5297947

Sanae turning into a youkai?

>> No.5297950

I can too. I can count to 242 on one hand, though.

>> No.5297960

I just went to /a/ for the first time in at least a year and participated in three threads... Anonymously... I think I could have spent the last 16 years huffing paint thinner and lost fewer brain cells.

Seriously, though. It's totally hanging out with fucking 16 year-old weeaboo normalfags.

I love you guys so much.

>> No.5297963

With all the gallons of youkai sperm she has ingested over the time, yeah.

>> No.5297976

What are those threads? I'll join those threads using this trip.

>> No.5297996

Go back there, we don't want you here.

>> No.5297997

Artist has some sort of Metal Gear Solid parody going on in the title. She's The Faith wwww

>> No.5298008

Agreed. He's such an idiot.

>> No.5298019

All of 4chan is like that.
Yes including /jp/
The average age on any board on this entire website tops out at like 19, regardless of whatever you want to believe.

>> No.5298024

I really don't care how old people posting are as long as they make good posts.


>> No.5298042

I'm 17 and I hardly shitpost because I hardly post at all

>> No.5298046

Yes. Faggots who are 18 or 19 may think they know shit, but they don't. You're still just barely starting off in the world at that point. It especially kills me when somebody writes a huge emo blog post about "bawww so ronery, I'm a failure NEET, I'm still a virgin I'm totally hopeless" and then they finish by saying they just turned 19. Hilarious.

>> No.5298047

Nah, I agree.

>> No.5298051

I should have added that I really don't want people listing their ages. No one gives a shit.

>> No.5298059

>>One of the reasons why we are seeing an increase in meta threads is because there's nothing to talk about.

Not possible. There is always a new game to talk about. Why, I even hear new VNs are being translated like crazy these days.

If a person has narrow interests (i.e. they only like Toohoo) then sucks to be them. Their power level is terrible.

>> No.5298068

underage b&

>> No.5298073

Thanks, man.

>> No.5298091

Fuck off kid

>> No.5298119

That's harsh man. I'm turning 18 this August.

>> No.5298126

Wait a second, you're not me.

>> No.5298136

Yes I am.

>> No.5298144

I know guys! we can talk about our culinary skills!

What have you cooked today /jp/? I tried to make some chocolate chip cookies, but I felt sort of lazy so I just bought cookie dough, put down a wax sheet of paper on my dish, preheated the oven to 400 degrees, and stuck those suckers in there.

I want to make home made cookies for myself, then put on my frilly dress and have my own little tea party ;_;

>> No.5298149

Ah, right. That's cool then

>> No.5298189
File: 57 KB, 837x606, Nozomi_savoring.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today I cooked penne with a seasoned mushroom sauce, steamed green beans lightly simmered in butter and Italian spices, and accompanied with grilled chicken and mashed potatoes.

As far as your cookies, you should make them from scratch next time. It is very rewarding! Good luck with your tea party though Anonymous! I bet it will be very fun.

>> No.5298235

Anyone here frequent /ck/? They have some pretty neat shit. >>>/ck/1899087

>> No.5298269

I made fried ice cream last week. It is pretty easy, all you need is a frozen pound cake, ice cream and tempura batter. I'm sure there are more complex ways but it was delicious.

>> No.5301251

Fun fact, the reason he's considering shutting it down is because Pygmalion told him to probably. Remember he posted about telling her to get in contact with him if she wanted stuff removed?

Well he didn't just remove all her pictures a few days later, he removed everything relating to them. Everything.

Now, I thought it was off topic garbage personally. But it just goes to show what white knight tendencies he has.

>> No.5301276

>Well he didn't just remove all her pictures a few days later, he removed everything relating to them. Everything.

So he did. I checked a week after and everything was still up so I'd assume he would let it stay. I'm a bit shocked. Didn't he say he hated her?

>> No.5301726

>and will personally do it again for any other /jp/ citizen that asks me to
I, for one, would like to thank you for giving us that option.
There's not many places left where one can request stuff be taken down about them and have actually happen.

>> No.5301925

Please do not delete the archive! Not everyone is a CP posting faggot who doesn't appreciate this useful service.

>> No.5304988

>I don't care if you all degenerated into personal information "EPIC RAID" stalking /b/tards. Not on my site, I don't run Encyclopedia Dramatica.
I just gained newfound respect for you, and you already had my respect.

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