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Let's try something different...

Nukige discussion thread, what eroge did you fap to recently?

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Mindead Blood

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this is bad thread and you should feel bad

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I find it very hard to get into nukige due to the fact that HCG, H-manga and H-anime are better fapping materials.

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My newly-acquired unwilling maid.
Training games are my favorite.

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I can't fap to HCG without the voicing.

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Are the any nukiges with serious sluts? I don't mean just sex, I mean other stuff that's slutty. Something like in this picture.

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Not great, but いつのまにか彼女は was the last thing I guess.

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Machigurumi no Wana

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令嬢サディスティック 下克上コンスピラシー

Overall it's a bit disappointing (such a shame I was so looking forward to it though). Only the main heroine is sadistic, and she's a pretty big slut to boot (you are her 13th slave). Well it's still worthwhile for the femdom factor, but it's definitely not the best I played.
Oh well, I wish I'd find something like Mainichi ga M again someday...

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Delicious Haruka. It's been a while but she's still my waifu.

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I fucking love team heartbeat's fap games.

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Zettai Junshu

I prefer light side nukiges.
I can't really get into training games or any dark eroge for that matter. I feel bad for the heroines.

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How's the story of that one? Any good?

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>>5292998 here
Oh yeah I heard this one has femdom too, can you tell me about how much of it has?

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I don't know I can't read moon runes, I'm still fapping my way through it.
I just like their artist a lot.

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brb, fapping to my new waifu. too bad she only has 1 scene.

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NTR fags detected.

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You say this as if you wouldn't fap to it yourself

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Clannad is the best game I ever played for masturbation.

I play a game where I fap every time someone says something retarded.

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Sluts are everywhere....

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