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I think I'm starting to get a pregnacy fetish thanks to touhou.
You'd better take responsibility jp. what do?

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Adoption is my fetish.

You're a sick mothefucker OP.

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>what do?
I dont like this new slang

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>what do?
Tell you to go back to /b/.

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fuck yea pregnancy.
its ok to fap op!

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I don't recall Touhou featuring any pregnant girls.

Also, when is there going to be decent Touhou weight gain art? There has to be at least some overlap between that community and the pregnancy community!

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reported for retarded and pointless thread.

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I've had that fetish since I was very young...

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I am too, actually.

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I know how to find about 5 different touhou pregnancy pics, but never decided to save em on my comp. If you guys want to see em, I can find and upload em.

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Pregnancy isn't really a fetish. I think most well-adjusted heterosexual males find the idea of getting a girl pregnant sexually arousing on a primal level.

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Impregnating, maybe.

Pregnancy itself as a fetish, well, have you SEEN some of this stuff?

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meant like on actually impregnating a touhou and having her scream "impregnate me"

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Gross, OP

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disgusting fetish

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Wriggle with tits is...wow, I'm in love.

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Most pregnancy art is pretty innocent, but I still fap to it ;~; (5280485 samefag)

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Loli with a bump, I approve

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ITT: Canon

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Liking to see pregnancy of 2D girls is understandable because it's seeing what would've happened if you had your way with them.

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Now that's just weird.

But does it play into my stuffing fetish, that is the question.

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I think it falls into the categories of oviposition/inflation though the stuffing would have probably come first.

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I thought it over. Considering that no food is involved, and stuff comes back out rather than going in, I've come to the conclusion that no, no it does not.

Also, full-viewing the picture helped.

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My feelings on that pic are mixed. Part of me wants to rub that belly but part of me feels like doing something else but I don't know what.

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You do know. You just don't want to admit it.

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If I knew I wouldn't have made the post.

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Bigger boobs, a round tummy to bounce against, a warm aura, but not actually fat?
What's not to like? Except the baby of course.

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Yeah. The baby itself is a problem. Having the girls of Touhou in the state of pregnancy sounds like a blast but becoming a father does not. It's a conundrum.

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Too bad her tits didn't grow too.

Man, I want to spread her swollen pussy lips and stare into the beautiful pink abyss...

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Have you branched outside of touhou with this fetish?

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Dear god, what the hell.

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>You will never bear your lovers child

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not sure if want, the idea to have a children make me feel excited and stressed at the same time

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I too have fallen victim to this taint.

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Same here, but I like to think optimistically about children.

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There's nothing wrong with Touhous having children.

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There's an entire tag of this shit I've never bothered to save.

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posting in an epic bread

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Neither do I. It's really annoying.

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Hmm. Except that Reimu can just go to Earth and have sex.

I wonder if there's a Doujin of her getting raped at the Gates?

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Sanae will never rub her pussy all over your Xbox.


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Ha ha ha. RAN connection

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Proof that all tohoes are sluts.

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Lies and slander. Every Touhou is pure love.

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She's actually giving birth to it.

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That too.

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Play more games by Swaneye

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Pregnancy is quite an acceptable fetish. But like with any fetish you can't flaunt it around.

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Do they have Touhous in them?

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