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ITT: If Touhous had ethnicity.


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>ITT: stereotypes.

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which touhou would most likely be german?

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You mean Finnish.

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Suika is clearly russian.

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Probably the Prisimrivers.

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They have: Japanese.

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All the lunarians

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lkp avjmnj elupCHRISTOuPsHiER PlOOLoEe (AtKA MOOTa, AKA THEe AeDMIN OFx 4CHuAN) IS A DANGEROUkSl, MEkNmTqALLY ILL THcIEFv.j REAlD AxLLh AaBcOUT IT HERsEc:x HTTjPk://8u8.8i0p.2d1x.1e2/u OR HThThPi://WWcWx.AjNaONTALK.iSE/ OR HoTTPy:z//ATl.KrIhMcMOmA.eSE/acqi jpxa j

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Southeast Chinese, Irish English

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That would be Lorelei.

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Naaa. she is totally American.

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Juanita Sanchez

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American by way of the European pilgrimage

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oh lol'd

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chiquita dragonforce?

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Some kind of super communist... must be Russian!

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"American" is not an ethnicity.

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Yeah, "american" stands for the whole south and north america.

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More like Tibetan.

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>implying all native americans share the same ethnicity

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> cookie cutter ethnicities, everyone's european

Come on /jp/, you're supposed to be creativity.

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Uh oh.. I smell a troll fest coming...

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You both know damn well that over half the time when people say "American" they're referring to the United States of America.

Summer cannot end fast enough.

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Reimu would be BR for GIB DONATIONS PLOX!!11

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Sanae is being racist.

Not cool, bros.

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Wriggle - England
Sanae - Australia
Hatate - America
Rumia - Rumia
Nitori - Poland
Eirin - Atlantis

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Suika is Irish-American, like Yuugi.

The Yakumos are Canadian; just because.

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You just got trolled man. I can't fucking believe it. Why do you respond seriously to obvious trolls instead of just ignoring their posts and moving on with your life?

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No Touhou looks like any ethnicity.

News at 8.

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I was referring to American as in the US, you dipshit nigger. AMERICAN IS STILL NOT AN ETHNICITY. American is a nationality.

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Also your sage does nothing.

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Your God, where is it Now, etc.

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> he thinks "sage" is an insult

Oh dear...

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Might be Jewish.. being "Youchrist" and all..

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>your sage does nothing.

That's exactly why they sage you fucktard. The normal 'bump' is the post that does something and sage does nothing, so yeah.

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>thinks about a joke about the land rumia is in
>realize it will be hypocritical of me and stops.


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Star of David spellcard
She's Jewish.

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inb4 jewish bloodsuckers.

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My arse; she's Romanian.

My reasoning? Romanian aristocracy was, like a lot of continental Europe's upper classes OBSESSED with France; they spoke French, they wore French styles, read French literature, etc. Explains the fanciness and the more conventional European trappings of the SDM.

Secondly, she's a Vampire; Romania and Vampire mythology/popular culture go hand in hand.

Anyway, the Star of David was used as an Occult Symbol by Occultists of the 19th century, Occultism being very popular with high society of the period, so I'd say that's she's an early 19th centruy Romanian aristocrat.

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Marisa is german!
She is blonde and a Animu/Manga version to the german cartoon-figure "Bibi Blocksberg".

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Parsee is canon Iranian.

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Flandre is Austria!
Because: BASEMENT and all evil, sick and creepy people (Hitler, Fritzl...) are from Austria!

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Reimu = Japan
Marisa = England
Meiling = China
Cirno = Finland
Rumia = England
Sakuya = England
Remilia = Romania
Flandre = France (name sounds french)
Yuyuko, Youmu, Yukari, Ran = Japan

Gee, a lot are from England.

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Half-British, half-Greek. derp

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>Nigger Reimu

"Oh god no..."

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Reisen is America!
Because: WEAPONS!

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Brown is NOT cute at all

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it gets worse.

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>Not from the netherlands

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Yuka and everyone under her are good ol' American rednecks.

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French. Their names sounds like it, also they doesn't wash themselves.

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>Not from the netherlands
You mean Flandre sounds like Flanders, which is in Belgium?

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I take it you haven't visited Mexico lately. The place is a war zone.

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Lunasa Prismriver: Italian
Merlin Prismriver: African American
Lyrica Prismriver: Austrian

>> No.5276561

I mean the typical Louisiana/Missisipi/Maryland sort of southern belle types.

Heck, Elly's wearing a real redneck prarie dress.

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'sup krautchan


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>Brown is NOT cute at all

/jp/ 'spergs out quite a bit at chocolate-colored Touhous.
remember when people would post Nigger_Tewi.jpg just to start a 60-post-long shitstorm with zero effort.

Makes me want to call up some of the artists I know and commission several doujins in which everyone's favorite Gensokyo waifus are black, or, alternatively, an all-black Gensokyo.

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Delicious Brown skin will always be delicious.

Accept it.

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Brown is a filthy color and doesn't belong in Gensokyo unless its scat.

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I still laugh at how 4chan doesn't understand what sage means.

If only I knew moon so I wouldn't have to spend time on a board that imports foreign concepts and then DOES IT WRONG all the time.

Using sage as a way to "insult" someone's post or thread is just completely wrong and a retarded misuse of a good feature that is so popular in sites like 2ch and Futaba. Fuck, iichan and 4-ch do it right. It's just 4chan and 4chan's lame knockoffs that fail at using sage.

The true meaning of sage means that YOUR POST isn't worthy enough to bump the thread. It's ironic, because you think that you're insulting others while you're just, in fact, insulting yourself. Yes, sage can be used when posting a derogatory comment in a thread that you don't want to bump, but posting with just the word "sage" accomplishes nothing but contribute to spamming the board. The trend of replying with the name of a tripfag and sage is even worse, as it accomplishes nothing and only serves to increase the e-penis of whoever you're "attacking".

The sage feature was never meant to serve as an implied insult or general disagreement! Why people started using it that way is beyond me. There are plenty of reasons why one would choose not to bump a thread with his reply. For example, bumping threads with stupid one liner replies should be discouraged and those people should be coerced into using sage instead.

I want to use sage, yet I almost never do it on 4chan because people will jump on me thinking I'm insulting their post or something.

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In fact it is both North of France and Belgium.
Also Remilia sounds french too. Not to mention her theme :
"The name of her theme song, Septette for the Dead Princess, is based on Pavane pour une infante défunte (Pavane for a Dead Princess) by Maurice Ravel. "

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An all black Gensokyo? So instead of being stuck in the feudal era they would be stuck in the stone age?

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I imagine it would be something like this, but with MAGIC AND SPELLCARDS:


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French of Romania descent.

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German. I'm playing off the stereotype made from WWII that German scientist are fuck awesome engineers.

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So basically it'd be like Yu Gi Oh in Egypt but instead of Monsters,magics and traps they'd have spellcards?

I don't have a problem with that.

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Jew from Israel (not the Newyork).

Also I fucking love this thread since Ive thought of what nationalities some of these people would be.

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I know you are black and hold hopes and aspirations for your race, but you really shouldn't expect much from your fellow negroes.

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Better than the Egyptians, actually.

>The wealth of the Mali Empire is illustrated by the Mali emperor Mansa Musa's pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324. His entourage reportedly included thousands of soldiers, officials and attendants, 100 camels each carrying 300 pounds of gold, and 500 maids and slaves to serve Mansa Musa's senior wife. Once in Egypt, Mansa Musa paid homage to the sultan with gifts of gold. He distributed so much gold that its value was decreased by 10 to 25 percent.

Also, the Mali Empire was home to black mathematicians, scholars, architects, and whatnot, so Nigger Ran would fit in perfectly. Maybe she runs a school.

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/b/ is to your left.
Right next to /a/.

You can't miss it.

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Arc, don't start that.

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I want this and I want it now.

Black Touhou doujin please. .

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>The negroes possess some admirable qualities. They are seldom unjust, and have a greater abhorrence of injustice than any other people. There is complete security in their country. Neither traveler nor inhabitant in it has anything to fear from robbers or men of violence.

>Ibn Battuta, traveler, on visiting Mali


I will start forwarding as many e-mails as possible to all the artists I know!

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Two words, Arcueid: Viet Kong.

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Dark Magician Girl

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Kazama Yuka = Sweden or around that area.

Actually last time I checked it'd be the Bronze age with the Benin Empire making bronze art. Steel was also commonly used for farming implements and the likes. I even heard that what looks to be a star observatory was found in one of the ruins of the Zimbabwe empire.

In all honesty I'm not going to rest on the achievements of my race because they don't reflect on me. For example I'm the same tribe as one of the great African writers Chinua Achibe. Does that mean I'm a great writer? No. I could become one if I tried, had the determination and love for the art but being associated with Chinua won't automatically give me writing prowess. Achievements of one's ethnic group is good for boosting morals, keeping a cohesive cultural identity and setting examples for the next generation but I don't think it should be used as an indicator for potential on an individual or group basis.

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>Kaguya - Mexico

lol trollan

>> No.5276809

>Sakuya - Hungary
I'm ok with that.

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>Achievements of one's ethnic group is good for boosting morals, keeping a cohesive cultural identity and setting examples for the next generation but I don't think it should be used as an indicator for potential on an individual or group basis.

Listen to this man.

He knows his shit.

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I have my own achievements, I generally do not flaunt my ancestry because I am not a faggot. I

I do, however, enjoy reminding people that we were freely using mathematics long before it became en vogue amongst white people, and that our Emperors had so much gold they could actually devalue its price in a region by giving so much away - which runs counter to the "durr hurr po niggers in mud huts w/ spears" crowd.

To be fair, I also remind people that the same Muslims that they hate, fear, and call illiterate camel-fuckers, presented us with Algebra, not to mention a host of inventions that are still in use today.

So you can't call me a bigoted Afrocentrist. I am an ally of all who are oppressed. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, etc

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Germany. When I think of Germany I think of it as the origin of some of my favorite fairy tails, when I think of fairy tails I think of thick leather bound books which makes me think of Patchy.

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>I am an ally of all who are oppressed.

You had me until that part.

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I like you.

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Because: Siesta = lazy NEET Kaguya

>> No.5276915

Europeans like to think that we owe our shit to ancient Greece for inventing the universe. I was pretty old before realizing it was not so. In any case, it's about the people, not the spec of land they're sitting on, and it's about the right now, not thousands of years ago.

Because right now the people over there are garbage.

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You try working construction over there at noon and tell me you don't feel like taking a nap. Actually I feel like taking one right now.

>> No.5276940


> In any case, it's about the people, not the spec of land they're sitting on, and it's about the right now, not thousands of years ago.

You should tell that to the Neo-Nazis who infer that they are the MASTER WHITE RACE, due to their historical accomplishments, and where they originated from. /new/ is right over there. I dare you to do it.


Awful nice of you.


Why? I'm interested in your reasoning behind this.

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Arc can make any topic boring and about himself.

>> No.5276950


Your life can't be all "TOUHOU - WAIFU - POSTING ON /JP."

Occasionally, I bring some classiness, history, and philosophy from /lit/ to improve the intellectual aura around here.

>> No.5276956

And owning. Don't forget owning.

>> No.5276967

I don't browse /lit/ but I suppose you are hated there too eh. Or do you post there Anonymous?

>> No.5276979

>I dare you to do it.
Please don't. I'm a non-confrontational pussy type and I also happen to not like talking to brick walls and rollercoaster-riding trolls.

>> No.5276985


>I bet /lit/ hates you

On the contrary...


And now you know why I've sworn my loyalty to /lit/.

>> No.5276988

Niggers, please.

>> No.5276996

Didn't Arc have a challenger a while ago? I seem to recall some lost soul wandering to /jp/ and being advised to become the new Arc tripfriend.

What was this thread about again? Oh yeah, Arc.

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>Installing the torrent now

>> No.5277027


Remember the Season of the Three Arcueids?

Those were heady, exciting times. I wonder what became of the other two?

>> No.5277056

They're still here.

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I would greatly enjoy Blaxploitation Gensokyo.

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>Chinua Achibe
>great writer

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>early 19th centruy Romanian aristocrat.
Ok Romanian whatever but... she's 500 years old?

Also: Shikieki - Japanese
British just doesn't cut it. Don't mean to insult anyone but they kinda seem like complete airheads from time to time.

>> No.5278926

Daiyousei - Sealand


>> No.5279854

How bout this:

Rumia: Polish
Cirno: Finnish
Meiling: Chinese
Patchouli: Brits
Sakuya: Japanese
Remilia: French-Romanian
Flandre: French-Romanian

Letty: Brits
Chen: Canton
Alice: Brit-Bulgarian
Prismrivers: Austrian
Youmu: Japanese
Yuyuko: Japanese
Ran: Kreans
Yukari: American Japanese

Wriggle: American
Mystia: German
Keine: Japanese
Tewi: Alien
Reisen: Alien
Eirin: Alien
Kaguya: Alien
Mokou: Hybrider

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Or double-Irish.

>> No.5280062

Nah, Russians are known for Vodka and giant women, it fits perfectly for Yuugi, Suika is short and drunk, like a motherfuckin' leprechaun, so she's irish.

>> No.5280068

Letty is russian.

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Any Touhous that resemble Southeast Asians?

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all touhous except, Alice, Flandre, Meiling, Letty, Prismriver sisters, Lily, Mystia, Nazrin, Patchouli, Shanghai, Wriggle, and most PC-98 touhous must be japanese. cause they all got a japanese last names. Even Marisa.

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>> No.5280298


>> No.5280329
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>> No.5280346

>most PC-98 touhous
You mean like Shingyoku, Rika, Meira, Kotohime, Yuuka, Shinki, Yumeko, Chiyuri, Yumeko, Kana, Yuki, Mai, and Rikako?

>> No.5280352

"Massa, ah don't undastand all dese book words."

>> No.5280353
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north Korean

>> No.5280361

Eirin is the only korean.

>> No.5280368
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I call bullshit. She's definitely Russian, and a pro-Communist one.

>> No.5280377 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.5280383

yuugi = ukrainian

>> No.5280420

Or do you mean North Korean

>> No.5280465
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Anarchist State

>> No.5280490


>> No.5280494

Ah, no, Libyan.

>> No.5280526
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>> No.5280539
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Because lol no munnies.

>> No.5280550

>Convert all your money to Zimbabwe dollars
>Pretend you're rich

>> No.5282790

Moar Nikgu Touhous!

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