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Sup /jp/,
I was wondering what kind of games you like to play on your nintendo ds and/or psp. Wondering if there are more shmups on the ds like ketsui death label.

This question is directed to /jp/. Please don't send me to /v/, they only play shitty games

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ds - rune factory
psp - game that feature cute girls

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let's play monster hunter together yo

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>implying you can play it online without a ps3

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xlink kai yo

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Sadly there is no other game like Ketsui on the DS, but there is Bangai-O and Space Invaders Extreme 2.

ds - Rune Factory 2
psp - Project Diva

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>implying it wont lag to shit due to it not designed for online

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>Ketsui DS

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I play shitty JRPGs on my DS. My PSP was given away to my cousin by my mother.

Also for some reason I have the Yu-Gi-Oh games. They're fun.

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hey man, why you gotta hurt a man's feelings

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Vampire hunting games.

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What Yu-gi-oh game are you playing? I'm playing 5Ds Tag Force 4 at the moment.

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You should have smacked that whore for stealing your shit. I'd take the motherfucker back from him.

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PSP can emulate PS1 games. I have (Do)Donpachi, R-types, Thunder force IV, Omega Boost, Einhander and many more on mine.

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Newest DS one, would be playing the PSP ones if I could.
I like not being murdered by my MANLY MAN father, and he lives in another country and I think he sold it for food.

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are you as manly as your manly man father

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Does the DS one cover all of the Dark Signer arc? The PSP version isonly half of the Dark Signer arc. And I can't turbo duel ;_;

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I am half asian and weigh in at 120 pounds, despite bordering 6ft. He's a 100% Australian electrician who is made of steaks or something and could tear me in two with his moustache.
I think it does, I'm not really sure as I don't watch the show.

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i'm aussie too, nig
we bros

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No you are a gook who lives in Australia and mooches off the system.

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can we still be bros

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There are Touhou fan games for both PSP and DS.

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>Not having MAME On the PSP

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ds - Lux Pain (it's like the Power Glove; I love Lux Pain, because Lux Pain is SO BAD)

PSP - Monster Hunter/Cave Story

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Darius Burst for PSP

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I don't own a PSP and I hope that he next PSP console will be BC with PS1 and PSP titles.

As for my DS I mostly play short games that I can play while on the tram or train, Taiko or Osu Takete, Puyo Puyo, Sudoku, Tetris, Mario, Kirby, N+, Rhythm Tengoku...

And when I want to play something long it's mostly rpgs or sim like Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, SMT: Strange Journey, Castlevania, Atilier Annie, Avalon Code, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, Disgaea, FF, Some Bringer, Pokemon and stuff like Phoenix Wright, Trauma Center, that time triangle game similar VN type games.

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YuGiOh is fun, it's a nice card game yeah.

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Never lagged with it before. Maybe stop living in Bangkok or something?

Sorry bro, I'd join you but I'm so burnt out on MHFU. Haven't touched my 500 hour save in months.

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holy shit that's the coolest ds decal ever, really

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Nanostray for DS

Every Extend Extra for PSP

there's also an SNK shmup coming for PSP

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PSP - Ys 7, Hexyz Force, (Incoming) Eiyuu Densetsu VII

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Get VNDS for your DS. Read Visual Novels.

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If you want to dodge shit, play Knights in the Nightmare

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If you want to dodge bad games, avoid Knights in the Nightmare.

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Anyone else play tetris DS on wifi and is willing to share their friend code?

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I used to play that a lot.

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Looks like someone got their ass handed to them by Knights in the Nightmare.

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I used my PSP mainly to play Monster Hunter. Sunk over 400 hours into that, but haven't picked it up since Tri came out. Eagerly waiting Project Diva 2nd.

Have not touched my DS in over a year though. Last thing I played was one of the Phoenix Wright games.

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Playing Hero of Leaf Village and Monster Hunter on PSP

I'm playing luminous arc on my ds but that's about it, there's not many new good games on the ds

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Yeah, makes me kinda sad that I bought the cobalt blue + black DS.

Standard answers:
DS: Phoenix Wright series, Elite Beat Agents, Ouendan.
PSP: Monster Hunter, Project Diva.

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do you play mht online, anon

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Not since I rushed through and hit HR5X within in the first week, no. Grew tired of it very quickly after that.

Can't wait for the next installment on PSP...

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You know, I've seen this picture several times and I just got that the logo is supposed to be part of her staff.

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Is Rune Factory any good?
I thought it basically just fantasy Harvest Moon, and Harvest Moon has sucked since Friends of Mineral Town.

To answer the OP's question:
I finally got a hold of Spirit Tracks, I'm also playing through Ace Attorney Investigations right now.

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I know this website spawned from /v/, BUT it is a very good resource for finding the excellent but more obscure games.


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Graf Eisen is a hammer. How can you not know delicious angry hammerloli Vita-chan?

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>Nintendo DS
>first recommended game is Avalon Code
Did the guy who made this list actually PLAY Avalon Code? It had awesome concepts but the execution was insanely poor.

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it always sounds SO GOOD on paper ;_;

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It's just trying to be more interesting that the list of best DS games you've read 100 times before. It's a bit hit and miss, but I found out about some good games there I'd never heard of before.

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Lots of people like Rune Factory
Personally I didn't like it much because it focused less on farming and more on fighting monsters and shit

The characters were pretty bland for me as well

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I liked Rune Factory for exactly the same reason. Farman gaems are boring shit, but RPGs with farman elements are fine.

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I downloaded it when it was posted here together with the Suikoden undubbed version.
I thought it would be fun, but the dungeons go like this: (numbers don't correspond to the real numbers in the game)
Open book at page 56, take the fire out.
Go to page 125, put fire on your weapon.
Shoot a red object with your weapon, climb up something.
Take fire out of your weapon, go to page 56, store fire back into the monster, go to page 73, take the ice out of the monster, go back to your weapon page, put ice in your weapon, hit a white object with it, climb up some more.
Take ice out of your weapon, go to page 73, store ice in monster, goto page 35, take forest out of that character, go to weapon page, put forest in your weapon.
Try to shoo... You ran out of time, try again.

Then sometime later, I lost the book (story) and until I got the book back, I experienced the best gameplay period of the whole game.
One sheet of char stats paper and fist fighting --> godly book

The YGO games are fun until you have to win 5 games in a row without being able to replenish life points in between against decks that are better than yours.
1. game: your first turn: destiny board, you don't draw any of your 5 spell/trap destroying cards. You lose
2. game: You somehow won the first game, enjoy your Zaborgs and Moebiuses.

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There we go then, depends on your taste
I like farming games, I don't like farming and RPG.

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wouldn't it be cool if we had a farming racing game, like f-zero with farms

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you have horse races in harvest moon

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I don't have a PSP due to being a poorfag.

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i mean the genres

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I bought tactics ogre for GBA a while ago because /jp/ was talking about it

also /jp/ has the best fire emblem threads

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Knights in the Nightmare, if that counts as a shmup
Nanostray 1 & 2

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get a working second hand?

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I've been looking but people are charging absurd amounts of money for them.

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still haven't stopped playing project diva on psp. SEQUEL COMES OUT JULY 29! CAN'T WAIT!

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Devil Survivor anyone?

Fuck yeah

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Trace Memory
Final Fantasy Tactics A2

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Hell yeah, can't wait for the 2nd one either.

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my face when i saw that video

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- Etrian Odyssey
- Rune Factory
- Geometry Wars Galaxies
- Dark Spire
- Valkyrie: Covenant of the Plume
- SRW:OG Saga
- Devil Survivor

- Patapon
- Everyday Shooter
- Class of Heroes
- Half-Minute Hero
- Cave Story

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currently playing luminous arc
next up is hotel dusk, which I've been meaning to play for a while
then comes zelda
then we'll see

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holy shit sequel

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Phantasy Star Zero
Advance Wars
Rhythm Heaven
Shin Megami Tensei

Phantasy Star Portable
Monster Hunter
Metal Gear Solid
Final Fantasy Tactics

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>next up is hotel dusk, which I've been meaning to play for a while

Pretty good one, but I wish the text could go faster.

For shmups, how's that Darius game for the PSP? I can't think of good shmups without emulation, though.

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Love Plus is almost permanently on. I occasionally remove it to play Dearly Stars.

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Oh, and Umihara Kawase is a decent one.

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DS: Kong DS10 Plus
PSP: Gurumin

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I don't remember the name not have the link, but some anon here on /jp/ posted a link to a eboot that is a game of touhou for the PSP.

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Someone mentioned Trace Memory, and a couple mentioned Hotel Dusk. Trace Memory isn't the best thing ever, but you should definitely play it, and although I've only played a little of Hotel Dusk it seems amazing.

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jRPGs and strategy RPGs for the PSP. Also the DJ Max Portable series.

For the DS: jRPGs, strategy RPGs, adventure games (Trace Memory, Hotel Dusk, Professor Layton, Phoenix Wright, etc.), puzzle games.

Trace Memory is good provided a person hasn't played stuff like Zelda prior to it, since the latter copied many of the unique puzzles in it.

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I find it unlikely that Zelda copied Trace Memory. Anyways, the puzzles aren't really what you should play it for; I just liked the atmosphere and the island's history.

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Finally unlocked all challenges in Contra 4.

Also, I'm not up to date, did Capcom reveal what extras come with MMZ Collection?

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