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The pleasure of smoking inside

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smoking causes cancer yo, and you guys wonder why /jp/ is so shit

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Not if you smoke what I smoke

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Smoking gives you wrinkles and saggy breasts!

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Everybody in Japan smokes cigs.


A lot of people{gaijin} piss and moan about it, but I think it's rad. Cancer is all kinds of rad.

Probably why everyone there dies of heart attacks so frequently, too.

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All posters on /jp/ are dashing rogues with a reckless abandon who stand tall in the face of their own mortality.

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i'm pretty sure those heart attacks are caused by HNNNNNNGG

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That's a poetic way of saying we're all losers harboring a death wish.

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Japanese people like this video
It makes them money

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seems to be the same with France. At the very least the french portion of Switzerland had clear boxes at the train station for non-smokers to sit in.

I don't like it because it triggers an asthma attack if I breathe it in long enough, but whatever floats your boat.

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I slowed down on my tobacco these days

I can smoke a cig and get a mad headrush from the nicotine. If I smoke after vaping some weed it feels like I'm soaring into the sky on a rocket

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Smoking is cool.

It makes you cool like Touhous.

You wanna be a Touhou, right?

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Vaping is for classy individuals to be sure.

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Sure is.

That feel when your waifu blows fragrant smoke in your face.

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I kill the nicotine cravings with weed.

Feels good, man. I'm never addicted to nicotine now.

I don't even buy them anymore. Once in a very great while I'll treat myself to a Black And Mild.

Shit yeah.

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Vaping is fucking awesome. Everyday.

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Arc, why are you taking to yourself?

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Look at that smoking hot baka

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>Once in a very great while I'll treat myself to a Black And Mild.


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When I'm giving myself cancer, I'm super serial about it.

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Your Toohoos will look like old hags in a few years if they keep this up.

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They have even poisoned the innocence that is Chiruno!

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>Black and Mild

OH GOD WHY ARC!? WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Nigga you weak. I have asthma and i smoke myself. Never had a sudden attack ever since. Maybe you should start exercising or something you little beaner?

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Patchy has a cute smoker's cough.

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Camel Turkish Royals here

I have no fucking idea why I smoke anymore. I get no rush, no nothing. It's a waste of money. Not even smoking a menthol right when I wake up gives me a head rush.

Maybe I need to stop.

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I will never share a smoke with Patchy and have a nice conversation over a gin and tonic. ;_;

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I think you should chill out on the deathsticks, bro.

Incidentally, Komachi wants you all to smoke more cigarettes. A pack a day, actually.

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I smoke occasionally. But, even though it makes me a hypocrite, I cannot stand girls who smoke. It gets into their hair too much and......bleh.

I've also heard that smokey smell never really leaves their mouths. So it's like kissing an ash tray.

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Even Remilia smokes.

She's undead though, and her lungs are already messed

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>American Spirit

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It's my smokebreak, Ojou-sama! Give me a second.

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I kind of like a smokey smell to be honest. But my grandma died of lung cancer. So no tobacco for me, I guess. Just the other shit.

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I know what youre saying. Its one hell of a habit to break though, often ill end up with a fag dangling from my lips without even noticing.

the funny thing is, that i can see how utterly addicted i am when ive been smoking 40 cigarettes a day for years now, but i dont even want to quit.

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I don't smoke unless I'm too drunk to post on /jp/.

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I'm going outside to have a smoke........even though it's 3:18am.

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Why would you make her wait that long?


My grandpa on my dad's side had two heart attacks from smoking. He still smokes.

My mother's father died before I was born from lung cancer.

I still think smoking is hella rad.

Just not something to do on the regular. Come on, guys, it makes you cool like Touhous. You wanna be cool like Touhous, right?

Just imagine Reimu and Marisa sparking up after a hard-fought spellcard battle. Shit yeah.

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Smoking makes you look old and wrinkly

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I try not to get drunk so far that it would be impossible to commit simple tasks.

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What if I want to be old and wrinkly?

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>Smoking makes you look like Yukari


You just made me want to go and buy a carton of Newports.

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I'll smoke hookah, that's pretty "cool", isn't it kids?

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Oh Arc....

U so silly! Let's have a Camel together so we can *POP* those little balls in the filters!

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I can still function, but I get too far gone to even think of coherent responses to threads. I just stare at the board glassy-eyed and smile. I don't even refresh the page. Sometimes I laugh about posts I've been staring at for fifteen minutes.

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Ok, I've wondered for a long time.....or maybe I missed it. Arc is black isn't he?

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>thread about smoking

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Guys smoking is cool

Girls smoking makes them look trashy, the smell gets ALL over them, and they shit out fucked up looking kids.

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I guess everyone left to go smoke...........

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You can look as haelthy as kipi if you don't smoke.

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but she puts on makeup and photoshops herself

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She does alot of videos.

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But she's 3D.

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Yeah, all the pros do.

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<You can look like this too

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>Ok, I've wondered for a long time.....or maybe I missed it. Arc is black isn't he?

A distinguished black man who authors cool stories, writes poems, composes music, and occasionally pretends to be a female vampire on the Interbutt.

Even though this must be the 50th time I'm mentioning it, I'm not tired of doing so.

And I am going to bed. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

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She is 2.5D

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Quit playing games with my heart, Anonymous.

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Don't show the truth!

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A black person into anime and Toohoo......

I...still cannot comprehend it.............

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>Let's have a Camel

Oh shit dude no what are you DOING
Here, have this Newport I was saving. It'll blow your mind

>I'll smoke hookah, that's pretty "cool", isn't it kids?

Yeah, all the Kewl Kids are doing it.

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>A black person into anime and Toohoo......

And roleplaying. Don't forget that.

Furthermore, I conceal my powerlevel with such mastery, that everyone assumes I'm just a chill stoner. I also work out and keep my fitness level up, which distances me from the Urkel-looking niggas who are usually into these things.

I really need to sleep. I have to get up in five hours. I am so fucked.

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>/jp/ this is what drugs will do to you.

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She has a more masculine jaw than I do, and that is SAYING something.

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Wow she looks like my grandmother....actaully she looks exactly like my grandmother.

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Your grandma is Angela Aki?



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Thats the good shit, bitch

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Little girls mustn't smoke, /jp/.

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Fuck you, I love it when little girls smoke.

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i smoke little girls

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Smoking is disgusting.

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You got some kinda balls calling Touhou disgusting, mister. I think you better leave /jp/. You're worse than that fucking Arc tripfag.