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Reimu's all grown up.

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>No armpits

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God those are sweet. The titty gods must have been highly responsive to prayers.

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Reimu always had a respectable bust.

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Anybody here wants to here the Lotus Land Story between me and Reimu?

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Reimu's are just-right tier.

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i like adult reimu

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lmao, she may be gworn up but shes still a virgin

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that's a good thing. i'll be the first one to pop her cherry.

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You can't, Yukari is clingy as fuck. She even cuntblocks Marisa on a daily basis.

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double spoiler:
those mountains of faith are perfect cherry blossoms

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Reimu is the embodiment of a fantastic night.

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where is her nose?

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Mountains of Faith, hills of belief, plain of hope

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I want to shoot the bullet in her phantasmagoria of flower view, if you know what i mean

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I want do that whenever I see a girl in a bikini like that

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I'd gladly spend an imperishable night with her.

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Stop sexualizing reimu you sick bastards.

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A Reimu thread that isn't "haters gonna hate" or "WATCH MIKO REIMU"? Unlikely...

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i'd show her my undefined fantastic object, and scarlet weather rhapsodomise her mystic square all night, it'd be some lotus land story.

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I find Reimu ugly, I don't understand what you guys like about her.

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A night with Reimu would be a perfect memento in strict sense.

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Oh god, these puns, make them stoooop~~

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Miko next door appeal.

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yeah, this isn't some story of eastern wonderland
pretty sure going to run out of game titles soon

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What's wrong, can't handle immaterial and missing power of humor?

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Reimu's breasts are delights of subterranean animism.

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Adult Reimu is certainly the embodiment of my prayers. I would stain her sheets scarlet as she'd be a devil in bed.

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ahahaha rhapsodomise like sodomise

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I want to... Hisoutensoku...? fuck

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Admiration of her breasts is an unthinkable natural law, but it can't be helped since she's the embodiment of scarlet devil.

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i'm going to use violate that oriental sacred place for much longer than a retrospective 53 minutes, she'll feel like a doll in pseudo paradise.

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Not donating makes me feel like a silent sinner in blue.

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That's a nice pair of inabas you got there, Reimu, one of the earth and one of the moon.

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yeah you guys, she's just an eastern and little nature deity

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seriously, stop...

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Looks like her shirt is concealing...


two curiosities of Lotus Asia.

for some reason these lines become infinitely funnier if you read them in Horatio Caine's voice.

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>this thread

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this thread is a cage in lunatic runagate, i want to hit it with a ghostly field club

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somewhere above her mouth i imagine

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in during several bad puns...

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>this thread

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I went out with Reimu yesterday. It was a bohemian night in japanese red.

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i sure i had a seasonal dream vision about that.

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Reimu is a badass. I want her to rape me.

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while you sleep?

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it's going to be a phantasmagoria of dimension dreams

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Sleep rape is no joking matter. You have to live with the shame of having gotten raped, but without having the good fortune to consciously experience it.

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more like this, picture is hawt

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stop it.

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but when it's cirno, it's always a joking matter

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I came all over my monitor

my god reimu you are a beautiful teenage girl under that miko dress

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It better not!

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shhhhh... don't shout... you'll wake her...

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no! i won't...

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too late.

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damn you for making me fap to reimu

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