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this is my first post here. i wanted to know how to get touhou to work. you see, i downloaded it a while ago and when i went to open the game a box came up and said all sorts of things. it wasn't even japanese. and it said something about vram and direct sound. i dont know what that is. i tried searching for it but it doesn't say anything. uh.

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kill yourself

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Are you running your system in Japanese locale?

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Install Directsound and DirectX 9

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I think you need to upgrade to sound blaster 16 pro?

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Welcome to /jp/ Gary-kun. I think perhaps you should try to increase your VRAM and set up DirectSound.

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Delete system32 or use this link:
And next time don't say that it's your first post here, people on /jp/ don't like it. They prefer you to lurk.

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I would definitely delete this thread.

I think you'll find Google to be a lot more helpful than the shitstorm you are about to incur.

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Are you running it from 3.1 or something??

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install gentoo

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Another useless tripfag, filtered.

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I'm all for newcomers but never make another thread like this again.


Also, make sure you install East Asian languages on your OS.

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um. how do i increase the vram and what's 3.1?

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Post a pic of the error message

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Only Windows 7 is capable of running Touhou's advanced graphics engine.

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I don't understand why you fags going around saying filter this, filter that. Either you filter tripfag the first moment you see him, or don't use the filter at all.

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You're increasing the bloodflow to my penis that's for sure.

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You have to buy better hardware if you want better vram. Also, Touhou is the type of game that can run on OLD computers. Your problem is most likely not a hardware problem but a software problem. It would help if you could take a screencap of the error. Also, show us the version of the game you downloaded. If you don't have the latest version of directx Touhu will NOT run.

Had you started this thread with a cute 2D image you would have gotten a better reception.

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>I don't understand why you fags going around saying filter this, filter that.
Not the guy you're talking to but telling tripfriends we filtered them is our way of saying "if you tripfriends follow in this guy's footsteps, you will also get filtered."

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You just need directx 9, not 11

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Helpless and technologically illiterate ducks named Gary trying to play Touhou is my biggest fetish.

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That's dumb, eh. They couldn't careless. In fact no one cares about it, except you the guy who use the filter.

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if i download that will mspaint and microsoft word disappear? this happened on my last computer and i'm not sure what caused it. i think it disappeared three times on this computer.

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DirectX 9.0c
Japanese as default locale for non-Unicode programs.

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Is this some sort of /g/ joke? I don't understand.

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sorry. i'm not pretending to be a duck. i posted the picture because i thought it was funny. i really dont know what's happening. i would like to play touhou! but i guess i can't. i dont have directx.

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>not a duck
Well that's alright, you fit most of my criteria. Wanna post your contact info and a/s/l? If not then at least sound a little more whiny in your next post please. Something like, "B-but, I just, really wanted to play Touhous you guys. I don't know how to computer though why am I so dumb ;_;"

I'm almost ready cum just need a little more please baby

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but i'm not dumb.

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Had me going for a while.

But just in case this is not a troll
This is the link to DX9, and should fix the problem.

Also for the asain languages:
Follow up to set 4 and stop after it.

Ummm, that should do it.
Though...its not like I wanted to help or anything....I just wanted to feed the troll...thats all...

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does that mean you're not a duck?
well sorry I'm not interested in humans

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You sickfucks, go back go >>>/an/

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thank you for telling me which directx to download! i was almost going to download the one that said sdk. thank you.

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See, /jp/ers are tolerant to newcomers. We just don't like the people that come here and try to change our way of life.

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Sure is helpful tripfag in here. To think I'd see the day.

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No, they are just attracted to images of duck.

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i'm going to see if it works now. i just have to redownload the touhou game.

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I hope that your attempt will "take flight".

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ok. it works. but i can only see the background and hear the music. i can't play.

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i'm having a problem here.

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Go have your problem somewhere else, /jp/ is not some kind of convenient help service for all your little problems.

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i'm sorry if i'm bothering you. i didn't mean it. i'm just asking for help. i'm trying to play touhou again but ever since my computer broke and it got fixed, it's been hard trying to play touhou. now that i downloaded the directx thing i can get it to open without seeing the error box but now i can't see anything. it's just reimu on there and there's no 'new game' button. sorry again for bothering you. i can't find help anywhere else.

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bump because i like ducks

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What's the story behind this picture?

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I imagine this gary guy to be the opposite of "derek." Derek is capable of installing everything and this gary guy fails at installing the most simple of apps.

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