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Sometimes I think ordinary thoughts about Marisa

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oh you

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I only like her, for her hat, I love that fucking hat.

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Most of the time I think sexual thoughts about Marisa.

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I can't think of any lame puns involving Marisa and black magic.
Maybe Arc can help us out.

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I usually have ordinary sexual thoughts about myself.

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Marisa saw the pirate ship heading toward Japan. She decided to stop it with her magic, so she flew on over, and thought she should stop it without killing the pirates if possible. She flew around the top of the ship, and realized that she could probably stop their movement if she destroyed the mast. But what if they had backup rowers? So she snuck in and went down inside the ship, and she saw a huge stockpile of gunpowder, and some flints beside it. If she sparked the gunpowder she could destroy the whole ship, but that would kill all the pirates.

But as the ship approached the port, she knew she had to make her choice now.

Mast, or spark.

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I have a cousin that looks like Marisa. I signed up to Facebook just so that I could add my uncle, look through his album to find pictures of my cousin in sandals, and fap to her feet.

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That was bad and you should feel bad.

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you are pathetic

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This is /jp/.

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At least your motives are pure.

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I know. I did it on purpose

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Dragonite biting a stick

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I think lewd thoughts about her feet

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>Rance's daughter.jpeg

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Who is this? On the tip of my tongue, but can't pinpoint...

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But Rinnosuke isn't a girl.

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Dat smirk

What is that image from?

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That wasn't Marisa that raped him...

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Oh god, his hair looks so feminine in this.

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hahaha that was nice

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I know I have seen at least 2 or 3 doujins where Ryuunosuke gets turned into a woman.

One time was so he could fill a "Mother" role.

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Why are you looking at my panties daze?

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Because you're sticking them right in my fucking face.
you and your puffy vulva.

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Whoa. I don't remember starting this thread. Spooky.

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Marisa, you are missing your bloomers. You slut.

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Please, call me Marisa. It's French. It means PENIS SUCKLE

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I'm dazed by your puffy vulva

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That's not HOLO

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It is quite puffy, isn't it?

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Do you think bad thoughts about an innocent young witch?

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All day, every day.

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Poor Marisa. All that time on her broom has made her vagina all red and swollen.

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And puffy.

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Can you roast beef?

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A thread dedicated to the worst Touhou, /jp/ really must have hit a low today.

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Why is she the worst touhou? She seems pretty cool.

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You suck brah

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Any other Touhou is cooler.

Except for Kaguya.

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Marisa is far from being the worst touhou.

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Anyone can SUCK PENIS, but no one can PEE SUCKNIS

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>responding to summerfriend

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this is serious JIZ

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I agree.

Rinnosuke is the worst touhou

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No, you suck.

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Marisa is the best protagonist.

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Sorry, it's pretty hard to distinguish post quality lately.

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Go on, then. Name worse Touhous
>implying that i'm a summerfag
>has been on 4chan before /jp/'s inception

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I get the impression that the people who hate Marisa don't actually play the games. I always like her dialog the best.

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Reimu's better because she's actually the main character.

Marisa's only a secondary.

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every single one of them

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You are all wrong.

The worst Touhou is Nameless Midboss Angel from Story of Eastern Wonderland.

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the ones you like

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>dialogue in a Touhou game

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I trust suigin's taste in touhous, so if he says so it must be true.

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>worse touhous
like, worse in what meaning?
worse look? personality?

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No, because I have good taste in Touhous.

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>denies being a summerfag
>uses greentext

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>I suck suigin's cock for attention


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Fuck you thats my waifu!
Haters be hatin'

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Worse in whatever capacity Marisa is supposedly superior in.

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oh man, I got owned hard

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hmm every single one of them?
I don't see why you're not getting it

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Sorry you're butthurt.

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If Marisa were to be the captain of a starship, what would its name be?

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Orange is the worst Touhou

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who are you

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Because you haven't defended why Marisa is supposedly the better Touhou.

It's because there's nothing about her to defend.

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The U.S.S. Hitbox.

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Little Ms. Mima

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Marisa shoots the second coolest laser.

Opinions are facts in this thread.

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Let me have a shot, here.

The vest. The black vest. That is why Marisa is at least a midrange Touhou. Every time I look at that vest I swoon.

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she has the best song
the best design
the most fun spellcards (in IN)
more personality in her thumb than the rest of the cast

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Can't we all just get along?

Stop all this power levels nonsense. Whenever you play as Marisa in the game, you always beat everyone else.

"Best" touhou is subject to opinions of character, not fact.

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Hold on, I know this one. One moment.

Here we are.

>Perhaps one of the most peculiar starships to ever roam the stars, the 'Love-Colored Path' captained by the infamous, self-proclaimed 'Rogue Trader of Love' Marisa Kirisame.

>The ship has massive engine power for such a small vessel, (either an destroyer or an frigate) that allows it to perform the daring raids that have made it's captain so famous. But the most striking feature of the ship is it's (jury-rigged) massive archotech spinal mounted plasma-lance, that would not be out of place as an main gun of an battleship.

>The captain claims that she is only borrowing the weapon from AdMech, but it would seem unlikely that the Adeptus Mechanicus would ever part with such priceless relic willingly.

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Basil? Yea, I love basil.

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On the track I can go 184 miles an hour, but thats still not as fast as SONIC.

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>Whenever you play as Marisa in the game, you always beat everyone else.

Um, actually...

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I also have this:

>Scarlet Devil Mansion: Rogue Trader Ship

>Remilia: Rogue Trader. Mysterious and enigmatic and almost never seen outside of the ship. Rumored to be a mutant with a taste for blood.

>Sakuya: Alpha Level Psyker. Serves as Remilia's bodyguard and specializes in telekinesis and time manipulation.

>Patchouli: Adept. Has a tendency to hoard any knowledge she comes across and is in charge of the ship's vast library. Greatest desire is to find the Black Library.

>Meiling: Arch-Militant. Serves as the ship's incompetent head of security.

>Flandre: Daemon Possessed. Locked away in the ship's most secure vault in order to prevent the daemon within her from escaping, as well as avoid Inquisition scrutiny. Only released in the most dire of circumstances.

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Marisa has the cutest feet <3

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You sir, are a god among men/women.

I shall attempt to name my ship the "USS Love-Colored Path"

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Yeah, she's definitely a missionary position for the purpose of procreation kinda gal.

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Heh. Woman. And, thanks. I knew saving that would come in handy~

/tg/ can be bitchy at times, but, it has it's moments.

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Cirno's lasers are cooler
What's so special about that vest that, say, Reimu, doesn't have?
>best song
A Tiny, Tiny Clever Commander and Beloved Tomboyish Daughter are easily better and that's off the top of my head.
>best design
Yuugi is cooler
>most fun spellcard (in IN)
There's your problem right there.
>more personality
Prismriver Sisters.
Says the tripfag.

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She's attracted to bullets?

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All I read is


what about you guys?

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Yeah, she was obviously massaging their prostates at high speeds.

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Wait, the Prismriver sisters? Personality? Their entire characterization is the fact that they like playing music.

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u mad?

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u mad because you can only provide opinions instead of facts

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And Marisa's only personality quirk is that she's a thief with no qualms about anything whatsoever.

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and u mad because you can only provide opinions instead an actual defense.

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I love that image so much.

Also, "Love-Colored Path" is too long, so Master Spark it is.
Also, it costs 3000 merits to rename a ship after you have already name it, so fuck that. I'm getting a new ship soon anyway.

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She's also high like 90% of the time.

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...yes, which makes her more fully characterized than the Prismrivers.

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How so?

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Me on the left

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Damn them and their draconian short needed names.

And, I enjoy it too. Humm. Would Lovely Path fit?

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I'm not. Are you?

>> No.5239993

No. You?

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>play and enjoy music

>no qualms about anything
>gets high on mushrooms

Looks like Marisa has more personality.

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u mad because i provided facts and you can't counter them

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ITT: people considering opinions as facts.

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We've known this for a long time.

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As we're talking about three-to-one, it's roughly equal, and when we factor in that the sisters work off each other, that makes them more characterized than Marisa.

Which is a terrible argument, but no worse than yours.

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im frog

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it's always good to remind those who just got here and are watching the lasts 5 posts

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>he thinks he provided facts

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Their backstory is interesting, I'll grant that, but basically they just like playing music. That's it.

>> No.5240021

True, true.

We could make this argument worse but longer by bringing in fanon. Want to?

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Another character that's lightyears beyond Marisa in terms of character design, theme music, likeability, and general appeal.

>> No.5240026

Anon, I'm sorry for doubting you. Continue serving our board. GODSPEED.

>> No.5240031

No, because that's dumping 15 gallons of putrid rancid mess that nobody wants to deal with.

>> No.5240033

Exactly. Now can this thread go anywhere?

>> No.5240036

Wasn't even talking about their backstory, but thanks for mentioning it. Another point to the Prismrivers!

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It saddens me that Marisa's hard work and cheerful personality are discarded as "ordinary."

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To be honest, I've voiced my dissent and derailed the thread, so I'm satisfied.

Until the next Marisa (i.e. worst Touhou thread).

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We could always just post pictures of Marisa molesting various touhous.

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I haven't read the rest of the thread and I'm not going to, but you're wrong and you'll always be wrong.

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Go ahead. I'll sit back and save everything.

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Is this molesting?

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Very well.

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Of course, its rape or be raped in the world of Gensokyo.

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so innocent..

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Huh, it seems most stuff has Marisa on the receiving end.

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Rape and I'll move. In a flash.

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At least most of the stuff I have.

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She certainly gets around, this woman.

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And the ever popular pairing: Marisa x Diet Coke

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>Marisa studying science

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/hr/ Is a bad thread for toohoo, lets have our own /hr/ thread =)

anyone who posts komachi or yuyuko is a pretty cool dude

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Dat bush...

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I think marisa needs to donate
good stuff

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Aaaaaaaaand thats all she wrote. Thank you, /jp/, you have been a wonderful audience!

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thanks for the dump

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dem bloomers

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Jesus Christ.

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Whatever, bro.