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/jp/ NEETs, what if your parents died?

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leech from government

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Get an apartment?

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Suicide probably.

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[X] Genuflect

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I have no chance of getting hired, so I'll probably just kill myself.

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rent out the 3 other apartments in the house

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Mine already died.

I got a job. I'm supposed to spend 8-9 hours a day coding.

Feels bad, man.

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Blow Life Insurance money on lottery tickets
Hope for divine providence

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[X]Start a Record Company, with rappers that use Touhou as their gimmick. Shut ZUN out of the United States entirely, become filthy rich after marketing it to kids, and retire.

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Live for about a year on life insurance money, while attempting to get a job. If that fails, suicide.

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I've been thinking about this somewhat lately. My parents are getting old, so I wouldn't be surprised if either or both died in the next 10-15 years. Granted by then I'll probably have my life together, so if they died tomorrow in an accident or something, I don't really know what I'd do, other than cry.

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and then you dumbfucks go and say that you're perfectly happy with your pathethic lifestyle...

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In my culture, you have to beat up your mom to be considered a man.

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rappers, huh?

So you and who else would care?

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continue mooching off the government

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Kill myself
Get a job
Homeless in the wilderness

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For those that say suicide, you won't be able to do it. I've been homeless before and shit is too scary even though I keep telling myself to do it.

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Doing it like a faggot then.

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People kill themselves every day. You don't speak for everyone.

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Then pay someone else to off you if you can't do it yourself.

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leech off siblings

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Maybe he's afraid of death, i think everyone is.

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Well I guess they'd have to get some employment and training then wouldn't they.

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I would probably get the house, life insurance would probably pay it off, and I have a steady job at an office, so oddly, it wouldn't have a hugely negative impact on my life.

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I would probably beg my cousins for money.

Two are doctors and one is married to a lawyer, so they have money to spare.

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Steal a cruise liner. I don't think I've ever been on one that was well guarded.

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Thank god I'm joining the military.

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I'd forced to get a job to support my loli imouto.

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No, the government would pay for child care.

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no mugen

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Seriously, all of you... Why wait?
Why are you all waiting until the very worst case scenario to act.
You still have the cushion that is parenthood, so in case you fail you can go back to them. Why not use all this fucking spare time as practice for living off in independence. You idiots are waiting for the storm to get here before you learn how to walk and GTFO OFF YOUR PARENTS' HOUSE.

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Hey you fucking faggot stop using Fujino for that.

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Because life's good when you've got a free ride.

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Because I'm currently studying at Community College and want to work in medicine. I'll only resort to the entertainment industry if a catastrophe came up. I know people.

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Three years ago when my parents died, I became homeless. I spent a few months on the streets untill someone I knew let me live with them. I promised to find work, but here I am doing nothing but browsing /jp/ again all day. I am the worst human alive

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Master troll at work here, guys.

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Haha, my mom has two SISTERS who keep trying to abuse the fact that she's a hard-worker and a proficient, efficient person. She keeps telling them to fuck off and explaining her other siblings that there is no reason why she should tolerate that bullshit and that (Check this, it's the really important bit for you) THERE IS NO REASON WHY SHE WOULD HAVE TO GIVE HER HARD-EARNED MONEY TO A BUNCH OF USELESS NOBODIES.

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Get out of my parents house? With what money?

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When was shitposting trolling?

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>studying at Community College
>want to work in medicine

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It isn't funny, how dumb can you be? stop derailing the thread.

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This, in all likelihood.

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Nice haircut... I go now

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You wouldn't suicide.