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>> No.5222474

we don't want any more secondaries or /a/ fags here.

>> No.5222476

I tried to ignore that. Why did you have to bring it my attention again?

>> No.5222482

they have daily chen threads
which consist on the same bkub drawings posted over and over and over

>> No.5222484

sage, /a/ is our evil sibling and we want nothing to do with it.

>> No.5222487

I hope you idiots are not replying to that thread.

>> No.5222492

perhaps the other way around.
still, I couldn't agree more with maple

>> No.5222498

/a/ is stupid and secondary.
Grass is green.
Japan has earthquakes.
Humans breathe oxygen.

>> No.5222521

Reported for invasion.

>> No.5222578

I miss /a/
maybey i should visit for a bit

>> No.5222768

hey guys there are some fags talking shit about you

>> No.5222786

There are always some fags talking shit about us. Don't care.

>> No.5222795

OP was the one making that silly thread.

Seriously, why do you spread that shit too much? Can't you keep it here?

>> No.5222796

Why should we care?
They're over there and we're over here

>> No.5222844

And I thought Touhou threads on /jp/ were bad.

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