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Guess what I just picked up from the post office?

Well worth the money. Now I just need to hunt for the human size Marisa/Reimu plush.

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From the thumbnail I thought that your second monitor was a modded PC case with cut out and highlighted Marisa on the side panel.
Needless to say, I was greatly disappointed in actual contents of the picture.

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now that baka is looking at you!

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Is there a Byakuren plushie? Cause I need one...

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I picked up that counterfeit Reimu plushie too. It might be fake, but it sure is nice to hold in your arms.

The eyes are different from the original GIFT plushie. You can't unsee it

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Nope. They released the nendoroid plushie of Marisa, Reimu, Sakuya and Sanae. Compare to the fumofumo version, the nendoroid version is much tougher and you can pose with their hands and make them stand.
No idea why they think Sanae plush will sell. I rather they make one for Aya or the Yakumo household.

I think they still have stock for Fate and Nanoha plushie as well.

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how dare you...

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there's a life-size reimu?!? WANT!

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hey i got those too :3

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Oh god I want to hug hump it.

And that face, it's cute and "are you frustrated?" at the same time.

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why are you suffocating them, you monster!

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that's what she said

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gowd darn i want one ;_;

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you will never find a huge sized plushie

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Congratulations. They are worth it.

What's the point of leaving them wrapped up? They aren't rare

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God would I love to engineer a giant Reimu plush into a sex doll to sate my eeeeerection

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Great idea, now I know what to do with my shitty PC case.

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You should just get a transparent case and put in a few figs in there.

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>Leaving them wrapped up

Sure is autism in here.

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You could use it as a valuable savings tool. Every time you fuck it, put a $20 (or comparable amount of your local currency) in a "donation box" and imagine that Reimu is fucking you for donations.

Before you know it, your horny ass is going to have a respectable (well, sort of respectable) savings!

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even better, put that shit in an interest bearing account.

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i want a yukari wall scroll

nothing on e-bay :(

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Find the highest resolution picture of Yukari you can and bring in to the printing shop.
Frame it and etc.

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thnaks anon, though way the sage?

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Oh boy, here we go again

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Guess you must be new here.
Do not treat sage as an insult here.
Thread is already in the first page I see no reason to bump it again.

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>though way the sage

Geez, is school out already?

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I want to find that motherfucker who does oil paintings of touhou. Or do one myself, shit would be so art.

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actually been here quite a while, was just curious considering this thread is on /jp/ ground and not spam but w/e

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university is finished for american students. But american university is like grammar school in Europe, so it's not very surprising

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I usually don't sage when I'm giving someone an answer or something like that.

Whatever, though, there's not really that strict of a sage v not sage etiquette so its up to you.

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Aren't you a little too big to be playing with dolls?

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sage = not bumping a thread.
Thats it. It doesn't carry any extra meaning.

Hey wanna form a company and mass produce this for Japan market?

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How hard would it be to make one of these?

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Still waiting on that anon with the giant Reimu to do this. ;_;

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Remember me?

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4 legs and no arms, just how I like them.

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Som anon bought the giant reimu?

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Apparently there's a giant Chiruno too.

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Yes, and posted pics. I think it cost him like $600.

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Imagine spending $600 dollars to try really hard to fit into a community based around a doujin game.

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>most overpriced line of plushies
>well worth the money

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My sex fiend :3

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Damm you GIFT.
Release it to the western world already.

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I'll take the loli instead

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oh my god, you guys are talking about ME in this thread.

Hold on I'll post proof

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I KNOW I POSTED IT but to know it was saved on someone's PC, I shudder deeply from within.

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How does it feel to know that your Reimu is being used by someone else as fap material?

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mai famiry

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She's in your mind, she's in my bed.

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Can you please post the Reimu wallpaper

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Whatever happened to the guy that was going to have his mom make him one?

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he always posted in these threads, I'm surprised he's not here now.

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Off to work to pay off my debt.

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Where'd you buy them from?

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$600 isn't that much money.

I'd buy Reimu and Marisa if they're only $600 each.

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Ill repost my set. All I need is Flandre and I have all of them. Remilia and Patchy are my newest ones I got

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and 2/2

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Again, where'd you get them from.

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The small plushies can be bought from amiami.jp

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fuckin pedophile

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Reimu and sakuya and Alice from ebay
Remi, patchy, Sanae, cirno, yuyuko and youmu from amiami (separate orders )
and Marisa from a friend that made an order off amiami

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how so?

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I think he's pointing at the KnJ figs

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probably I got the nends a while ago and a friend of mine ordered me the figs out of the blue.

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ahh I'd love some of those - but getting them here would be oscenely expensive, figure I'll just learn to make them

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on ami ami they were about 130ish for 3 after EMS shipping

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I paid 125 USD for 5 of them

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where at?

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yeah, Id have to pay about 15% more shipping, then 15% overall tax, then ~$15 for teh privilage of paying the tax

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that sucks, gotta love overpriced shipping

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oh its not the shipping so much as blommin import taxes - perhaps when I get a new job :)

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amiami is having a shipping promotion.
Apparently it is as low as $4.

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Have you ever thought of cleaning your shelves?

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You should try being the little girl and set up a tea party with them surrounding the table. ;_;