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Isn't it sad that mid-boss from sixth game has more popularity than you Medicine?

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Which one? Little Devil? Big Fairy?
Either is correct.

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I wonder what went from with Medicine.
She looks pretty generic for sure, was the 9th game just not that popular or something?

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>>5216367 was the 9th game just not that popular or something?
That is true.

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The Phantasmagoria-type games suck. Luckily there are only two of them in the series.

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I think Medicine is a pretty nice character. Such a shame that ZUN don't give her any attention.

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Funny, Siki and Komachi are plenty popular.

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Funny, Eiki and Komachi are plenty popular.

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No they aren't. They're just the most popular of an unpopular bunch.

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I liked them.
Then again, I tend to play them with my friend split screen when we meet at either house

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I thought they were okay.

They just needed proper online play, because the computer cheats.

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Medicine negotiates for the reparations for dolls

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But you can 1cc Lunatic in PoFV...

With the harassment characters the AI can't handle.

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While I think Medicine is quite cute, there simply is nothing remarkable about her. She could as well be a new doll Alice stitched together...

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Well, to be fair, you can't tell between a computer who cheats and some dankmaku diver who's having the dodge of his life.

I wish I have more moments like that.

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It was funny to put who lunatic AIs battle each other

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A doll that wants revenge against the world is enough to make her appear at least once again

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Aya is just broken in general, she fucks up AI and is good against players too. Medicine is useless against players, but outright breaks the game against AI. ZUN must not have programed the AI to compensate for slow (which begs the question: why give Medicine slow?)

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If Medicine wasn't full of poison, so she could more easily appear in hentai doujinshi, she would be a lot more popular.

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Because it's like slowing poison or something, I guess.

I use Marisa in PoFV.

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Well she could paralyze people with poison
rape rape rape rape
rape alice

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I keep telling myself that Yamame doesn't get hentai doujin for the same reason.

I almost believe it now.

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I think it's fucked up how porn and memes are the primary sources of a character's popularity.

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Yep.. guess it's time to finally try PoFV extra again, thanks for motivating me /jp/

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The former I'm okay with, since it goes hand in hand with general attractiveness. The latter not so much.

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I don't think that's entirely true for everyone. Okuu is pretty popular, and I don't think she's a very common candidate in porn in comparison to many others, and there's definitely a good deal of people that like her just because of her ability.

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I've only seen her paired with Alice in a doujin (sometimes with Yuuka if not), though Alice is usually the dominant one.

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It's sad, since I think Okuu is pretty hot. I love winged Touhous in general.

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>The former I'm okay with, since it goes hand in hand with general attractiveness.
Satori isn't attractive at all from the game portraits, but she gets a metric fuckton of porn. People are just easily swayed by the pornographs.

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she doesn't do good porn because one of her arms is a control rod and she has THE UNBLINKING FIREY EYE OF FUCKING SAURON between her gloriously large breasts.

Unless it turns out it's just a giant zipper. We can only hope. Anybody got that pic?

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>People are just easily swayed by the pornographs.
News at 11.

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so it's the mega buster after all

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Porn follows popularity, not the other way around.

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How do characters like Momiji get so much porn? There must be some sort of science behind this.

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furry shit

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Or Yuka. I think it's reasonable to say that most people were introduced to her in PoFV rather than the PC-98 games.

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Slut-radius theory - Characters who are sluts also affect the appeared slutiness of the characters they are most in contact with.

Same with Kanako and Suwako.

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Hurr durr.

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Well, she's still more popular than a certain ferocious bucket loli.

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Some of them just have artists that go mental. Either producing a lot of content or enough that others start doing it too. SA had a really slow start until that flash guy started, Yuka and Wriggle took a few artists pairing them up, etc.

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Everyone from EoSD is overrated popular, just that not like they're all that good.
inb4 Remilia's fanbois

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I think you're right. Most porn of Momiji was just really by a few artists.

It's still a bummer to me how porn basically determines a character's popularity though.

That's okay though, because I will make a grand doujinshi that I will be happy with.

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Does porn determine popularity, or does popularity determine porn?

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Both, actually.

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You fags are forgetting character themes.

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Oh. Right. Flandre is extremely popular outside of the actual Touhou community.

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Phantom Ensemble/Capital City of Flowers in the Sky is popular as hell, yet the Prismrivers are fairly unpopular, and Lily White even moreso.

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It's mostly popularity, though. Nobody draws porn of unpopular characters.

This means all Touhous are popular. And they are.

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I think this is how it goes.

-New Touhou

-Porn made of all the characters due to general popularity of the series (except Ichirin)

-Some porn stands out more than others, and the popularity rises more for that specific character.

-Increased popularity means more porn, which continues to fuel the popularity growth

-In the end, we end up with wide popularity gaps, where a few like Okuu manage to escape from this cycle and be popular because of how much badass she has, and most fanart of her ends up being her being more badass.

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I'm saying popular characters get porn, but that porn doesn't affect their popularity much. Remember, most Touhou doujins are NOT PORN.

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I don't know, I think it affects it a reasonable amount, but probably not as much as I was making it out to be. What of the likes of the Aki Sisters? Why are they so unpopular?

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Minoriko had a slight bump of popularity in the west for the whole "peeing wine" deal.

I'm glad it never really went crazy, because that was stupid as fuck.

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They're boring, don't fit into a group, and their powers aren't interesting. Simple as that.

Notice how ZUN tacked on notes to Kogasa and Nue about them going to hang out with Byakuren? He learned. Though those two would probably be popular regardless.

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If all you do is browse /jp/, it's difficult to NOT believe that porn is the only thing that affects popularity.

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Suika pissing alcohol is my favorite fanon.

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Is ichirin popular?

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/jp/ is full of the worst sort of secondaries. Nothing new here.

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no, I'm certain there are much worse places.

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I like the Aki sisters a lot. Their music is nice, their design is some of the best in the series in my eyes, their abilities are modest and reasonable, and they're a funny pair. I love them.

I will make a grand doujinshi of them as well when I learn to draw and write, because they are very deserving of it.

Nue is popular?

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You do know Touhou 13 will have the same style as 9.

We all know it...

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I think Unzan is more popular than her. Ha.

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no it won't.

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Ew. I hope not.

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5... 9... 13- Oh shit you might be right.

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You do not want to play with me and strengthen your random bullet skills?

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Th 5 is not a phantasmagoria game, sir.

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It was the third one, yeah?

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It's not that I'm too terrible (or able to play online at this time), I just strongly dislike that style of game.

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Another Medicine thread
I guess I'll have to post this again

>Medicine is a power slut, read her PoFV scenario, she only cares about her stupid poisonous power and nothing more, she deserves to be as unknown and shitty as she is. Medicine is junk

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That's a perfect personality to work on. You have multiple possibilities.

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What is with /jp/ and the word sluts?

It's almost as bad as *-fag.

She is still young and silly, eventually, she will become a wise youkai that will use her powers to help people by killing shit like big spiders and termite infestations.

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Yumemi and Chiyuri will make a grand comeback.

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Spoilers: I have it on good word that touhou 13 is going to be another split screen game.

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Funny, they're shit.

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Because Minoriko is shit,

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They're in their late 20's or 30's now, so no.

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they are time travlers though(right?)

>> No.5218775

Nah, just humans that got into Gensokyo by science or something. Although I guess they could invent a time machine if ZUN wanted to include them whenever.

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Well in her defense, the sixth was a very memorable game.

Also I like Medicine's dress.

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Come inside little girl... it is cold outside and it is raining

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Hold it right there

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Keep up the good work, meido.

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Touhou was built on a bedrock of porn. You can't escape it.

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So, basically, the OC threads should be about Medicine until Japan takes notice and either decides to join the bandwagon or show they can do it better.

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>most Touhou doujins are NOT PORN.

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