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Wipe your ass after masturbating to 2D on your computer. Your ass gets sweaty too. You should make a habit of it. Maybe next time, you won't want anymore stained underwear.

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Who says I wear underwear?

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>implying your whole body isn't
what makes me think female post that.

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>Your ass gets sweaty too.

Do you guys get sweaty while masturbating? Are you really that incapable of controlling your own body heat?

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Uhh, I dunno, man. Since I started going jogging (at dawn, I'm not a normalfag) I don't have much of an ass to get sweaty anymore.

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> implying humans can control their own body heat


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>controlling your own body heat

WTF? Is this possible for anyone?

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shaolin monks can

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can you?

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I wash myself regularly, actually. Every time I take a shit, I spend about 5 minutes in the bath washing my ass.

Feels good mang.

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I'm a virgin, so I'm almost there.

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Aikido masters can deflect the heat from their own bodies without sweating. This allows them to use extreme heat as a weapon against an unfortunate enemy.

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Think cool, be cool.

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Fapping doesn't make me sweaty, sports does.
Besides, if you wipe your ass correctly after taking a shit, you don't get stains.

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Your ass still gets sweaty, you just can't tell because you're sweating in more obvious places when jogging, like your face.

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>Your ass gets sweaty too.
Maybe yours does, fatty.

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I think you lost your train of thought.

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Ass heat

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I think you're just really hairy, because my ass doesn't sweat, even when it's hot.

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I do this usually
But my pantsu are always soaked with sweat before I finish

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All Ren's have hairy ass.

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I don't think so, criminal scum.

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> only fat people sweat

If you're sitting on your seat, and you do something like fapping, then the area of your ass that's on the seat will get sweaty because it's not getting any proper cooling ventilation. Perspiration is your body's tool for cooling certain parts of your body that are heating up more than others.

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Put a towel down on leather chairs, so your ass doesn't stick to it

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>Insanely underweight
>Still sweat out ass
>Implying I'm fat

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sometimes when i clean my ass after it's been sweaty, i notice shit stains. it's like when you take a shit, you try to clean as best as you can, but the sweat loosens any residue you couldn't clean before.

so i guess toilets that squirt water at your anus aren't such a bad idea.

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I've noticed this. Some times when I'm masturbating in the nude I'll put a shirt down to absorb the ass sweat. When I finish it's always soaked. It's disgusting.

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Do you fatbeards sweat intensely when you're fapping or something? I'm not exactly underweight but I only sweat when I've been fapping for like 30+ minutes to something incredibly hot. Most of the time I don't sweat a drop.

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I've learned to fap without heavy breathing or much sweating. I don't know how, but orgasms just don't leave me gasping any more.

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That must suck.

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Different people live in different places.

Different places have different climates.

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It's rather out of character for Touko to worry about the hygiene of masturbating NEETs.

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Not every post with a character in it is supposed to be an RP post. Go back to /a/, fuckface.

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Just stick a folded napkin up there before you fap. When you're done, you'll be UNCOMFORTABLY ANHYDROUS

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To the contrary, i'm no longer distracted by trying to keep quiet and not wake anyone up. Feels good.

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huh, masturbating has never been that much of an exercise for me. i just like to take it easy when i fap. i can cum easily in a minute or two, but i like to browse through lots of porn and sometimes take 30 minutes before i cum.

the problem with that is that if i take way too long, i get light-headed because all the blood's in my penis

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>my face when I can't make an idle comment without enraging a 400lb weeaboo

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Nope. It's perfectly in character.

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Showers are good. You should have one, once in a while OP.

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>I've learned to fap without heavy breathing
>I've learned to fap without breathing
>autoerotic asphyxiation

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Good job proving him right by exposing what board you came from.

Kindly get the fuck out.

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lolol samefag11!!1

No, actually, I learned about Touko from /u/, and I've never been to /a/ in my life. But you're free to believe whatever you want to believe.

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That comic was written by secondaries in order to make secondaries not feel awful about destroying Touhou canon

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Anyone using the words 'Touhou canon' seriously is either autistic or wants to be.

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this is what secondaries actually believe

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You will never know what it's like to be autistic sadfrog.tdss

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>Forgetting the R on Raus.

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You've disproved that you're from /a/ at the expense of admitting that you're a creepy 400 pounder by saying you found Touhou on /u/. Was it worth it?

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> he hates touhou canon

Derailing threads is the reason why you people shouldn't exist.

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you just did

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My option is being from /a/ so yes.

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oh snap nigga

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Show him the true power of aikido! Fighto~

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Aha, so he's from /a/ as well!

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My other option, rather.

Also, I found Touhou on /jp/. I found Marimite on /u/.

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What is the proper way to wipe one's ass?
You're actually not supposed to 'wipe' it, but dab, is what I've heard.


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