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I still haven't forgiven her for pointing a crossbow at me all the fucking time.

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Pure and virginal.

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Disney thread.

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The flowers were easily the best two characters in Cross Channel.

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also touko

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You are obviously forgetting about the best character here.

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Yes, Youko. Your route was one big fat disappointment.

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Ok, it could be a lot better, but she still is the best character.

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Why do I just not remember OP's CG?
Like, it's in my CG Appreciation, so I at least saw it... but I don't remember seeing it.

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God tier: Touko
Top tier: Miki
Mid tier: Kiri, Youko
Shit tier: meganekko bitch.

k, thread's over, you can take your shit tier opinions somewhere else.

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You accidentally got Touko and Miki switched around.

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What does /jp/ think about the ending? I liked it.

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Yeah it was nice.

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Love the game but the meganekko is unbearable.

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Your opinion accidentally jumped into shit tier.

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Touko and Miki are both lovable. Take it easy.

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I love it to bits, despite objective flaw such as handwaved universe and Nanaka's existence explanation. loldelusion just don't cut it.

I like Misato a lot though. I get her character and her interaction with Taichi so much it hurts. Misato is the only character who can stay pure and uncorrupted regardless of what Taichi do.

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God tier: Kiri
Top tier: Miki, Nanaka
Mid tier: Youko, Touko
Shit tier: meganekko bitch.
Bro tier: Sakuraba

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God tier: Youko
Top tier: Miki, Nanaka
Mid tier: Kiri, Touko
Shit tier: Misato

I really enjoyed the dialogues with Sakuraba by the way.

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>Shit tier: meganekko bitch.
>Shit tier: meganekko bitch
>Shit tier: Misato

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Dem meganekos

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Awesome tier : Miki-rin
Cute tier : Kiri
Devoted tier : Touko
Slightly creepy tier : Youko
Boring tier : Misato
Mom tier : Nanaka

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You will never get to fuck Nanaka ;_;

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Wished Kiri's route was stronger since I liked her character design the best. Sadly it's so bad.

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Nanaka is the symbol of self-love. Since Taichi learned to love himself, he is constantly fucking Nanaka in his head.

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>>5201375 Kiri's route
>it's so bad
Yeah, right.

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He meant like the Power Glove.

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Bro Tier: Sakuraba
God Yandere Tier: Touko, Youko
High Tier: Miki, Nanaka
Mid Tier: Kiri The only thing I like about Kiri is she causes Taichi to go batshit.... alot.
Skip Tier: Misato

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Touko isn't yandere.

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Why does everybody hate Misato? Is it just because she has the least debilitating psychological defect?

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I like her story, but she's too bland to love.

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Well, she is the worse of the cast, and both her route and mini route are weaker than the other girls. What else are we suppose to think of her?

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She's boring like most other big-boobed glasses characters.

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I like Misato. I missed her a lot after first week is over.

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I didn't. Game needed more sakuraba

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Her week made me put off Cross Channel for MONTHS.

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>Her week made me put off Cross Channel for MONTHS.
Sounds like my experience with Umineko ep1.

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