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"It is rare and very inspiring that a head of state would make such an investment of time to write a book like this. It is a fine gift to the judokas of the world as well as to those of Russia...Vladimir Putin Sensei and his co-writers have established themselves as gifted writers and contributors to the judo world."
- Keiko Fukuda, United States Judo Federation

>Putin Sensei

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Putin - Best president ever.

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>implying that gaijins can be good at judo

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It's not that you don't have time to write a book when your country is run by your friends, the mafia and no efforts are made to prevent infrastructures from falling apart.

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how can a peaceful martial arts like Aikido beat a powerful one like Judo?

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But is it actually any good? Would anyone bother reading it if it was written by someone who isn't Putin?

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By turning the user's violence against them

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But can he kill a charging rhinoceros?

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Focus your chi.

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