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/r/ing source.

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Thank you.

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reported for shitty art I don't like.

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so moe I died

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Don't bump this shit.

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why not?

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Because it's not needed. The request was answered, it served its purpose. Let the thread die. And pay no mind to Shifty Scandoor.

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Bumping for other people who might be looking for source of this image.

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That's unnecessary, if they have a brain, they can use iqdb to find it on danbooru.

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Iqdb won't find anything for this image since it's cropped.

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You don't know who she is? Silly OP, that is Cirno.

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Duh. Everybody knows that, fucking retard.

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i drew that, op.

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Wow, someone actually saved my drawing.

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Nobody here can even draw anything like that, except for me, but I'm too lazy to draw.

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Stop fucking bumping it you pieces of shit.

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Jesus fuck, do you have ADD or are you retarded?

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To draw a good picture takes longer than a few minutes, maybe your MS Paint scribbles don't, but I'm talking about actual GOOD quality pictures.

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I bump because you