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Science at work

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not really, ur dad homo faget

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Reimu anguish.jpg

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Dohohoh, forgot your sage.

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You forgot your sage, mate.

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I approve of this thre...... Wait.... what?
WTF man?

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if you think my boner will dissapears you are fucking wrong

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This picture was uninteresting until I saw the penis.

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This picture was uninteresting until I saw the penis. [2]

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Is it me, or did Eirin suddenly become a whole lot more attractive after clicking on this picture?

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eirin's voice is hot, udonge's voice is really shit

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You know you want to kiss her penis with your womb

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Why do I love implied-futa images of a distressed looking Reisen getting fucked from behind so much?



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because Reisen is just so deliciously rapeable?

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this seems funny. sauce

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Why do I have the urge to fap after looking at OPs pic? I'm not into futa.

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I was so hypnotized by her feet I didn't even notice her DISGUSTING HOMO dick ;_;

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You are now.

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perhaps you are.

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Oh shit Yuuka.

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Now now Anonymous. You know you would slowly kiss your way from those delicious feet, up her smooth legs, and over her creamy thighs until you reach those black panties. Once there, you would them aside and taste her hidden spot, your hand unconciously drifting to her hard shaft which you would begin to stroke gently. After tasting her and making sure she was wet, you'd have an intense, uncontrollable desire to run your tongue along the underside of her shaft before taking it in your mouth.

A feeling of joy will course through your body as you see her eyes close, her head thrown back, and the soft moans eminating from her throat. Unable to take it, you throw off your own clothing and position yourself at her moist entrance and push inside until you're all the way in. You'll thrust into her hard and fast, her hard futa dick bouncing along with her large breasts as you pound her deep. Before you know it she's screaming your name as she cums, her penis shooting wildly as it flails about, spraying her own face and breasts with semen. You'll then pullout and add your own semen to the mix, hosing her down with a mighty load of your own.

You know you would. Its okay. We all would.

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I would come inside.

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Why did I have an erection to that?

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Thats acceptable as well. Of course, you'd probably become aroused again in short order, so you could do both.

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Because she has no balls that could touch yours. That makes it perfectly straight and acceptable.

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My feelings exactly

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Well yeah. If she had balls that'd feel creepy and weird.

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Wrong, I would never do that. I'd let her put it in me instead.

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ANAL FANATIC would be proud.

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Who says you can't take turns?

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A selfish faggot.

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Eirin is awesome.

Futa Eirin even moreso.

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Aw don't be so tsundere deleted-chan

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because it excites you so

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because a penis AND a womb confuses him so.

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Doctor Dick.

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Shut the fuck up!

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Deleted, I have a question.

How does women get off with computar?

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>i reply to everything people say to me

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Like this

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That isn't computar. That is table.

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whats this from?

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Geez. It's only the COVER of a doujin.

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link please

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here I found it in Hong's folder:


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Do you really want to see a doujin of futa Eirin riding futa Reisen's dick really hard?

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I'm happy as long as I see happy looks on Eirin's face.

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I think the thought of Reisen's throbbing manmeat inside you is whats making you happy.

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I just skimmed through the whole thing and enjoyed every second, every page. Too bad I finished fapping 5 minutes ago.

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brb, kissing my hand with my penis


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