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What's one genre of music you don't think a Touhou song exists for?

I doubt any Country songs exist for Touhou.

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We need a fiddle boss theme.

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reggeton thankfully

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>I doubt any Country songs exist for Touhou.

С-Clays - Country Sky (Album 遊穹 U-KYU)

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Or mexican "banda" music. It's like country, but even more shitty and repetitive, if that's even possible.

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OP has never actually played any of the games?

Or am I tripping?

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Hip Hop. Not mashups but actual Touhou inspired Hip Hop.

Like A Tribe Called Palanquin or Cirno and The Fab 5 or something.

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all songs, no exceptions

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Rap song, reggaeton song, reggae song, pop song... there's a lot of styles. But don't worry, the fandom will make it sooner or later.

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There's no klezmer Touhou music.

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that's as good as MARGATROID's Graze Dat except unintentionally shitty

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There is Touhou rap...

There is Hip hop as well. R&B too.

Hip hop


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Digital Hardcore?

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Drum and base.

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Touhou Reel Big Fish

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You mean the giant catfish?

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What the fuck is digital hardcore? There's ton of techno shit, so there's probably digital hardcore as well. Whatever that is.

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Touhou ska.

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Any Porn-groove?
Genuinely a genre Audacity gave me.

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A mix, but I guess this counts for Touhou + Rap

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but i dont know, last time i heard a little fragment of Locked girl in 1 song
was horrible...

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>What's one genre of music you don't think a Touhou song exists for?

Car Engine

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Like ATR bro.

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Toho Ska Paradise Orchestra bro. Check them out.

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Dammit, /jp/, I just imagined Flan singing about murdering people to a really catchy, upbeat ska rhythm.

And it was awesome. But it doesn't exist.

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Weird Al makes a cover of a Touhou song.

What do?

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Re-post on /jp/ everyday until you like it.

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Well I'll be damned.

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Freak out when he knows all the common fanon stuff, but nothing that's actually canon.

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Listen to it everyday.

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He actually is pretty damn good with the polka genre.

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I'm now wondering why nobody has brought this to him before.

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I'm still waiting for Touhou Lo-fi Psychedelic Freak Folk, complete with a silly instrument like the Singing Saw or the Theremin.

Also, there's no Big Band, Improv Jazz, Post-Rock, Shoegazing, Bluegrass, Zydeco, Trip-Hop, Blues, Doom Metal, Alt-Country...

I really wouldn't mind someone proving me wrong.

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I know there is alot of Jazz. I dont know which versions you said would count though.


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Ive seen some touhou big band of a few songs, but I cant remember the youtube link or how I found it at all. Also, Cirno's theme on 12.3 has free form jazz.

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Yeah, I don't know the sub-genres of jazz, but there's a ton of Touhou jazz.

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Shoegaze Touhous sounds good.

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where's the touhou P-Funk, uncut funk, the bomb?

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There's definitely Touhou post-rock; I remember seeing a thread about it and making some long-winded post with a bunch of links and stuff.


Earlier on in the archived thread was a pretty decent shoegaze album, if I remember correctly.

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Hey that's not bad, thanks Anon.

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There are no Dogma00 songs about Touhou.

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Oh god, my ears just orgasmed.

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Well, he wouldn't have difficulty covering Evening Star SWR version.

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Anyone got a download link for the albums with these?

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Check this list

If it's not there then I dunno.

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Still no klezmer.

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I remember hearing some gregorian chant touhou. It was pretty sloppy and you could tell it was just a bunch of Japanese guys chanting random crap, but it was fun and it's another you can genre knock off the list.

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I say /jp/ gets together and makes a reggeton mix of Beloved Tomboyish Girl.

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As much as I'd love to hear it, I doubt that /jp/ could produce a quality version.

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