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Hello /jp/. I was thinking of learning Japanese so I can add it to my resume as well as enjoy more entertainment. I have two books called 1 day 15 something (I can't read yet except for kana). I also have a book called mina no nihongo, which is okay. What books do you use for learning this language and how many of you are literate?

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heisig remembering the kanji

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Eroge. Seriously.

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That would be a good way, but I don't have much experience in the field of eroge. Which would you recommend?

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You'll be wasting your time unless you already know a fair bit of vocab and are pretty familiar with Japanese sentences.

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Thank you.

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You obviously can't jump into it right away but it doesn't take that long to be able to get by pretty well with a dictionary.

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1st, try reading shounen/shoujo manga
Crawl before walk

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I've heard that Yotsuba& is actually very good for this. Any recommendations?

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I learn it by taking both kanji and Japanese classes in college. And you must be willing to devote atleast two hours a day in studying aside from class.

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