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Welcome to Agricultural class, Anonymous.

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I'd work in Yuka's garden, if you know what I mean.

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I fucking loved Moyashimon.

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Yukkarin come home we miss you~

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Today we're going to learn how to care for and properly maintain sunflowers!

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She may come to your house if you plant lots of flowers and plants.

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Quiet, Elly.

No one draws you anymore.

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I'd tend to her bush, if you know what I mean.

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Afterward we will have a quiz regarding what we learned.

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What if Yuka shaves?

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Don't cha miss us Yukkarin?

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And you had better fucking pass it.....

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Then I will just have to partake of the peaches of her orchard.

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I'd pass Yuka's test, if you know what I mean.

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I'd think it nice of she had a nice, tidy strip or patch down there. Not to wiry or too messy. Just nicely kept.

And it smelt like morning dew after a summer night's rain.

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Ehhhh...Keine-sensei, your substitute is scaaaary...

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Why is Yuka so batshit insane?

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Shut up and learn.

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It's better than Keine's Wealth of Nations lecture from yesterday.

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Because it suits her and makes her unique.

I love my batshit insane Yuka.

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No talking during class.

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She isn't.

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♫Blood, blood everywhere
Everywhere a flood of blood♪

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Now will you ignore me?

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Keine and Yuka have similar methods.

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Keine, do I need to threaten with images from your "private lessons"?

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Uh oh.

inb4 secondary

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This is not Keine's classroom anymore.

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Keine trys to teach people about things, and bonks them on the head if they don't pay attention.
Yuuka just does whatever and probably kills you in the end.

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Yuka's incredibly dangerous, but she isn't insane. That would imply she's not in full possession of her faculties, and is prone to lapses in judgment.

She knows full well what she's doing, whether its buying flowers at the human village, or slaughtering Makai residents.

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Good end.

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A happy family

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Funny, I was actually thinking about majoring in agriculture earlier today. It's like the touhous read my mind...

Well Yuka, should I do it? And if I take a double major, what should my other one be?

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Sure is Border House

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This thread's degraded to a Yuuka vs. Keine thread.

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Sanae was found sexting in the halls.

Yuka is giving her a stern talking-to.

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I blame you.

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Oh god I want to marry Yuka and tend to the flowers with her ;_;

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Leave her alone!

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I didn't start it though.

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the quantity of fanon crap in this thread disgusts me.

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And who's fault was it? Hmmm...?

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You would allow this to happen, you lazy excuse for a gardener.

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Elly should do as China did and go for the maid/little sister.

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...Jesus christ.

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i killed your sunflowers are we cool

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Yuka is a motherly figure to all.

Obvious fanon.

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God damn it Youmu you're a terrible gardener.

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I wonder if you'll still be the softest after your flesh is turned inside out.

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Why am i not in there!?

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NO~! Don't kill her and her softness!

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fuckin soft bitch

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Like I said, no one draws Elly anymore.

It's all about Wriggle, Tenshi and Kogasa now.
Sometimes Cirno.

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Or an Anon.

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Then i'll just create a miracle.

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Yukari is Yuka's only true friend in fanon. Wriggle and Kogasa are more of students.

Marisa is her rival. Still fanon, kind of.

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This is why I don't like Yuuka. She keeps abusing all my Touhous.
Of course, said abuse is probably why her fans like her, but...ugh.

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Hey, if you can draw Elly and Yuka, go ahead.

Or persuade people to draw them.

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Stop complaining and take this.

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Yuka, are you listening?

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No one wants to roleplay as Yuka.

Let's just use this picture.

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japanese ^__^

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How about this?

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Darn it, Yuka left before she could answer my question.

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okay maybe i'll do a 4koma but first i need to draw Yuuka stepping on Elly.

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You don't have to do that, you know. Was not complaining, just stating my opinion. I'll probably never like Yuuka.
Still na.

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Yuka only has time to answer one question.

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I see. Still, got some nice Yuka pictures out.

Do it.

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You know what's scarier?

The fact that Eiki ENCOURAGES HER because it's a "good deed".

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>Well Yuka, should I do it? And if I take a double major, what should my other one be?

Do it. Not only would you make Yuka proud but you get to feel the satisfaction of helping beautiful flowers sprout themselves towards the sun and feel the Earth upon your hands.

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These two teach your class.

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Sikieiki beats Yuka


Terrorizing humans more.
This is the good deed you can do right now.

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How come youkai females far surpass human females in both looks and attitude?

It's like they're mocking the human men.

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She can terrorize me anytime.

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No, they don't.
Get out of my school, please.

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>How come youkai females far surpass human females in both looks and attitude?
>How come youkai fumales surpass human females
>How come youkai surpass human

Kinda answered your own question there, didn't you?

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Not really.

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I miss youth Yuuka

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Okay, then let me spell it out for you.

Youkai are superior to humans in every way.

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Except they look identical to humans, so they're not cool enough to get their own kind of biology.


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>>5177787 biology
As if human science can even comprehend the awesome powers of youkai?

Face it, human. You trying to understand youkai is like a turkey trying to play shogi. You're not gonna get anywhere; you're just gonna embarrass yourself. Go to bed. The night belongs to the youkai!

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>>5177787 biology
As if human science can even comprehend the awesome powers of youkai?

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Hey,who took my sunflower seed?

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Delicious old hags, must add more vinegar.

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Old hag you say?

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My bad! It was MMEEEE!

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Old hag you say?

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Those tits do not obeyu gravity.

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i realized how Yuuka as a teacher would be so cash, i would like too see that for real

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Hag eat hag.

Actually they aren't really hags but most refined and elegant experienced ladies at their finest, but that is too long for one breath.

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Jesus, is this thread still going?

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