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I'm new to /jp/ and had a question,
what is the spoiler image suppoesd to be?
I know its from touhou and its some sort of portal thing, but i cant find it on the wiki at all.

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Yukari's gap

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ROM for 1 half year before posting please.

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Yukari Yakumo's gaps. In before "NEWFAG" witchhunt.

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That's a really cute hedgehog.

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I've lurked here for about a year but still cant figure out what the fuck it is.
I have played the games and nowhere is it explained what that is supposed to be.

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the thing she is sitting on
the thing she is coming out from

>linking to images
>in an imageboard

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>I've lurked here for about a year
No you have not.
The gap image isn't even that old.

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don't forget IT'S A GIRL witchunt.

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Oh I see it.
but why the fuck are there eyes and hands and shit coming out of it?

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Because she is a demon, duh.

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Those eyes and hands belong to Yukari's sex slaves.

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Maybe everything in the gap is just part of herself

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Damn, how many eyes and hands does one person need?

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Why are there so few images of Yukari using her power in some other way, other than a gap? It's not like that's the only thing "manipulation of boundaries" can do.

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She also helped China sneak into Gensokyo illegally.

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