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Let's try this.

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Can we talk about how awesomely retarded Chen is?

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I thought Chen was childish and not retarded

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Bkub chen is my favorite chen.

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Not sure if she's really either, or if she's just physically less developed than Ran and Yukari.

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Are you saying that Ran Yukari and Chen are pretty much at the same stage in their mental development but Chen is just less physically developed than they are?

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No, not at the same stage in any way. But Chen is at least 100 years old, so she's hardly a child.

Her dialogue makes her seem more absent minded than childish, quite like cats usually are.

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He's >implying
that Yukari is as retarded as Chen.

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But isn't 100 years in like Youkai years like pretty little?

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Not for Chen who lived to adulthood as a cat in that time.

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Maybe she has Alzheimer's

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stupid cat

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so moe i'm gonna die

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Why is Chen retarded?

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Going strictly ZUN, Chen's inexperienced rather than childish. So it's probably a combination of being a young youkai and an old cat.

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Because she doesn't know better.

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pay him no mind, autist-kun just wants attention.

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Chen being childish or retarded is entirely fanon bullshit.

She is at least a hundred years old, and she is still a beast youkai (look at her PCB portrait: the girl has mad claws/nails). Yes, that is young in youkai terms, but it doesn't mean she has to act like an eight year old, even if "hurp durrrrp it's equivalent to 8 years old for a human!"

I'm pulling numbers out of my ass, but you know what I'm trying to say.

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But canon Chen isn't cute D:

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Same poster here.

Would like to mention, despite my tone, I do not dislike some retarded/childish depictions of chen (bkbub and the likes), I find them as cute and/or hilarious as anyone else.
But I am sort of annoyed there nothing BUT this on Chen, and it's everywhere. A little diversity would be nice. Not necessarily GRIMDARK faggotry, but just a more accurate depiction of her canon character.

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Same poster here.

Would like to mention, despite my tone, I do not dislike some retarded/childish depictions of chen (bkub and the likes), I find them as cute and/or hilarious as anyone else.
But I am sort of annoyed there nothing BUT this on Chen, and it's everywhere. A little diversity would be nice. Not necessarily GRIMDARK faggotry, but just a more accurate depiction of her canon character.

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What are you talking about?

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ZUNChen is plenty cute! You be trippin, nigga.

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But Chen is a girl!

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like pic related?

jokes aside, do you remamber spining chen from swr and 12.3? seemed rather childish to me.
she is a loli. rika is a 900+ loli, so 100 can still be a loli.

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o p H e r e I M L e a v I N G 4 c h A n f O R e V E R B E c A U S e I F o u n D O u t i t S a D m I n i s a t H I e f W h o t a K E s c r E d i T S F o R o T H E R S w o R k h t t p : / / ➇ ❽ . ❽ O . ➁ 1 . ➀ ➁ / I s t h e p l a C E ➁ B

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We've already covered this one, Chen is likely sort of immature, not retarded immature (though this like everything in Touhou is subject to opinion) but more the kind of immaturity you get from not really having the social experience most humans get while growing up.

I mean, consider for a moment that Chen is basically a very mature cat, wise for a cat but ultimately the skills she mastered as a cat don't transfer too well to a human. She'll likely have a very good local knowledge of the wildlife around her old territories, a good command of the area and have pretty well honed hunting skills... she had to be a old cat before becoming a nekomata after all.

However, this doesn't mean she's used to people. She's got pretty limited social interaction so she's not had the time to grasp the complexities of human interaction... that's assuming she even cares for them. She'll likely have the basics taught to her by Ran and Yukari, but it takes humans most of our childhood to learn social skills. It's been noted that Chen can't really be trusted with shopping or any chores that involve people skills so she's still immature in that area.

Chances are she's sort of childish in a way simply because going from a cat like mentality to a human adult mentality isn't something that happens instantly. Chen can communicate fine though and she's pretty good at it, she's not stupid, it's more behavioural issues and actual experience with people she lacks.

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Chen attacks humans right?

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Well... Chado drew an interesting little piece featuring an excessively cute Chen with her canon personality almost down to the letter.

For better or for worse it was spent on 10 pages of HAX battle with Yukari.

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Yep. Don't remember where it's written, but there's some text that mentions watching out for a particular nekomata when traveling, and lists methods to distract or repel it.

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read more doujins, granted, most of them have Chen as childish because it's a dynamic that works for stories best. That is, the eccentric whimsical Yukari, the serious yet motherly Ran and the childish Chen she dotes on.

Some doujins however play down the childish Chen stereotype and play up more to a loyal hard working Chen who will fight her own battles, but lets face it, she's not even a mid-tier youkai.

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I don't know about HAX in the normal way we refer to with Chado, it's more they both had a competition on who could clean better and the like as Chen tried to prove her worth.

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I like canon Chen too. And all of Gensokyo too. To me, she's more child like, but it fits in with a cat's characteristics.

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There's another reason for imbecility.

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If you think now. All Touhou's cat girls are bit exceptional.

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Poor anon. She likes Ran more than anon. ;__;

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Fanon turns all characters into loyal canon-contradicting moe blobs unless they have no one to be loyal to. The less is known about a character and the weaker she is, the more likely she'll become a moeblob. Prime examples.

Momiji, Koakuma, and Chen

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>This thread

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She's more like a canon moeblob, isn't she?

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Exception: RumiaEX

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Why is bkub Yukari so disgrunted?

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Momiji's a puppy and Chen's a cat, so of course they get turned into that because the animals they represent are like that.

Koa's a weird one. There's a lot of stuff depicting her as being dominant over Patchy, so there really is a lot of room for discussion over who's in charge there.

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Koakuma is loyal to Patchouli. I've also never seen much of her being depicted as moeblobs though. Sex object, maybe...

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Tanuki Yukari plox.

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>Koakuma is loyal to Patchouli.
In fanon, yes.

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>Voile Magic Library is a fucking mess of a stage with a shitty midi mix
In canon, yes.

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Well, fuck. I meant loyal as in she's supposed to be an assistant to Patchy. I stand corrected.

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Even the "assistant" part is entirely fanon.

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If she doesn't work there, why is she allowed to live there?

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She works for Patchouli. Or at least works as some sort of assistant. That's what familiars are for anyway.

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The same reason why humans have pets I guess.
She's still an animal after all

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Shitty gate guard.

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and it's bkup, too.

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ITT: Looking too much into stuff.

Most of your answers are in canon. Everything else is where ZUN steps in and says "Ooh, but that's exactly what I intended, to let fans make up the rest because I can't care to make backstories for 100+ characters, hoo-hoo-hee-hee-hee!!!"

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That worked so well with Momiji.

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I only recently realised that Modcat is in fact Chen.

My mind was completely blown as to how I could have not seen it before.

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I hate this drawing for no reason at all, but I can't stop looking at it.

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Must be that round baby face that vaguely resembles ZUN's portait.

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I think it might be because while her face is tilted, her ears are still placed on her head as if it wasn't tilted.

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> :(

Please avoid using emoticons in this board.

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last i checked, there wasn't any rule like that =(

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