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>O-O-O-Ojo-chan... What kind of pantsu are you wearing?

>I'm not wearing any pantsu


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Not now, please.

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>Implying kaguya uses patsu

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>implying she doesn't wear bike shorts

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Shouldn't you be in bed?

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It's 10:50 am in Italy

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Go to school

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She wear only bike shorts. So it make her an exhibitionist that show at the world her pantsu!

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Why all this hate toward IOSYS?

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>implying I am 15 like you

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>IOSYS fan
>not 15

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>you go to school till you're 17

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Gee this sure will be a useful thread.

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not IOSYS just kaguya.
smug bitch makes me wanna slap her

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overdrive/pantsu/udongein thread =/= IOSYS fan


I'm 22

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>overdrive is IOSYS

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You have a point there. But I can answer

>implying there are useful thread in 4chan


>implying implication
let's stop tis implication thing yeah...


that doesn't make me a IOSYS fan

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I think it does. Now go to school young man, you're flunking preschool!

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>O-o-o-ojo-chan... What kind of pantsu are you wearing?

>The same I've been wearing for the past 5 years, why?


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How much do you sell it?

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Secondary here?

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I just read through this thread and wow, this is one shitty thread.

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and you're contributing

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>O-o-o-ojo-chan... What kind of plan do you have for tonight?

>The same thing we've been doing for the last five year, try to take over the world?


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You speak as if there can be a cure for this thread.

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Kaguya *did* always strike me as the type to go commando...

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So rude! Sama to you, you worm!

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