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I would so fuck those dolls.

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This picture made me tear up some.......because i have no money.;_;

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so small

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Get your own.

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Considering their size, it'd be more like, "FUCK YEAH SHE'S DEAD!"

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brb buying Sanae nendoroid

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whats the sauce of this?

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I saw a Sanae nendroid for 4200 yen today while walking around Akihabara.

I'm can't think of any use for her other that posting on /jp/, but I think I'll buy her anyway next paycheck.

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Saw one for 4.500 om yahoo.auctions just now~
Imma buy~

I'm actually not much for Nendoroids but the Sanae looks so sweet honey is dripping out of my ears.

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I want this!

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Why am I not surprised in the least

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Cool but what's up with Reimu's eyebrows?

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I think those are eyelashes.

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Was checking GSC's website and noticed there's full coverage on the Sakuya figma:


I am disappoint at the shit-just-got-serious face is without red eyes. Would have made it 60% more awesome.

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I'm having a dilemma. Preorder Shikieiki and Komachi figurines or get a PSP with MGS games? I wish my income was a bit bigger.

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I am too pondering on whether or not to get the Eiki/Komachi combo. The characters are do-want and I actually like Griffon's Komachi. But urrr money.

If I were you I'd prioritize Eiki and Komachi, even if only because PSP and games get cheaper, while figurines get more expensive.

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Oh fuck! So she IS the result of Shiki raping the maids!

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I should probably take my nendo Sanae out of her box.

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The thing is if I'd know whether the figurines are going to get rereleased I'd buy the PSP now but now I don't know. On one hand there's a portable gaming console with the manliest man doing manly things and on the other there are figurines of two of my favorite touhous.

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Poor captain.

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There's always things like canceled releases, I've been there. But figurines, especially Touhou ones, get harder and harder to get quite quick after they're released and they get more expensive.

You could buy the PSP/MGS now and wait until Eiki and Komachi get released and buy them through an auction if you're prepared to pay the extra money.

But still
Most figurines = quickly get expensive
Most games/consoles = quickly get cheaper

It's up to you.

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ffuuuuuu--- they dont' deliver outside of japan! BUT I MUST HAVE HER!

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I'd avoid anything Griffon Enterprise, but that's just me. Their stuff was shit years ago and a good bit of it is shit now.

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I know, but their Touhou stuff is... decent.

My friend got Remilia and Flandre, and at least Flandre was actually pretty nice, even if kinda plain pose-wise.

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Why? I never had any problems with their figurines.

I'll have to give it some more thought. From what I've saw on YesAsia rereleased figurines cost about $10-$20 more which isn't THAT much of a difference. So if I get a PSP now I can hope fore the release push back like it happened when I preordered Yuyuko and Youmu as they got released 2 months later than it was first scheduled.

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Do you own any of them yourself? I guess it depends on how picky you are, but if you have a strong interest in figurines and a limited economy like yours truly, I'd think more than twice about it since well... they are plain. There are more "interesting" figurines of higher quality in the same price class. As for me, I'm at >>5149679 and I'm considering Eiki and Komachi because I really like the characters, plus it's unlikely there will be figurines of these specific characters by other manufacturers.

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Hurr, sorry, I was too eager and didn't read your post carefully. You obviously own Yuyuko and Youmu. I was half-considering them myself. How are they?

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They're okay. I'm not an expert on figurines so I can't really say whether they're plain or not, I just watch out that they don't look weird.

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