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Just got touhou 1-12
witch one should I start with?
does it matter if I do it chronologically?

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you SHOULD do it that way.

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No, you should start with Touhou 4 or 8, which are the easiest.

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I heard of this witch is why I asked.

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start with 7

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Start with 11. Most people consider it to be one of the easier ones. Since Touhou is aimed at younger players (middle school and below), try the lunatic difficulty to have some measure of challenge.

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do this, then do 06 until you 1cc it. it's not hard and teaches you not to rely on the hitbox indicator which can cause dodging issues with harder spellcards.

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Here's a summary of the ending of TH01 to TH05:

* Highly Responsive to Prayers: All the touhous have a tea party
* The Story of Eastern Wonderland: All the touhous have a tea party
* Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream: All the touhous have a tea party
* Lotus Land Story: All the touhous have a tea party
* Mystic Square: All the touhous have a tea party

You can now start with The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

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So that's why I was able to 1cc LLS on my first try
Fuck, I tought I was getting better

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Get MAME and play some decent STG in-between jerking off to touhou doujinshi while listening to touhou music remixes.

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whats a good place to download said remixes?

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