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Retarded or just plain stupid?

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Too intelligent.

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Op is retarded.
Chen is beautiful.

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Dammit, not again.
Like I just said, she's just a child.

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Chen is just a Cat Youkai, she should have the intelligence of a 100-year-old cat or a teenage human girl.

Oh, wait, you are one of those people who consider Bkub's depiction of Chen the normal one. You're retarded

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Cats in Japanese mythology don't have to wait hundred years to get another tail, though. And they don't grow another one like kitsune, their tails just split into two.

So she could be even younger.

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Requesting pictures of adult Chen.

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I love this artist.

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I'd Bkub her Chen, if you know what I mean.

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Or older.

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Are you retarded?
Requesting the youngest possible pictures of Chen.

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Chen's the best.

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~Support Currybutt unban~

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Fuck him!
let him spend his life in that paint-chat site.

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Stop trying to begin a shitstorm.
Stop fucking replying and post Chen.

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>implying I'd save images of some retarded cat

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Chen is not retarded! Stop that!

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Implying you don't have at least 1gb of chen images saved.

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But her Mommy does things to her!

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Parsee. He saved a picture of that absolute loser touhou Parsee.


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Said the loser who saves pictures of Shizuha.


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Look at those two bragging about their equally worthless characters when compared to the incredibly awesome Hina.

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I'll save any picture if it's cute enough or awesome enough. Or if I think I'll be able to use it. Parsee falls under the latter part of that usually.

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Pssst, she's as much of a Stage 2 boss as Parsee

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Don't insult my wife, please.

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Bitch please.

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Bwahahahahaha, you and your wife can go dance over falling leaves and then go back to being nobodies, while me and my wife go back to being supreme de facto rulers of Gensokyo

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Stage 2 bosses are best bosses. Discuss.

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and then it became a waifu thread

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I don't have any good Chen doujins. Help me out, please.

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WTF is up with her hands!?

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No way.
What'd you smoke to make you think that?

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I only have one picture of mai waifu on my laptop, and I can't use my desktop due to ISP faggotry. But most of the stage 2 bosses are in my top 20 or 30 touhous anyway, so...

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But that's undisputable.

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Why the fuck does /jp/ have to ruin every thread with their retarded touhou fandom.

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I'll admit, I freaked out when I first saw this pattern. I thought the bubbles would burst, sending danmaku everywhere.

... I was kinda disappointed when it didn't, but at least I never needed to spend a bomb on it.

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Are you frustrated?

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Does not compare...

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I see someone tryed to fix the eye color of umbrella girl.
But why did they change Cirno's eye color?

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Please don't use happy emoticons like "^_^" around here. Thank you.

I remember that bubble spellcard, but I liked regular danmaku cards more.

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I just 1cc'd EoSD, fuck yeah.

I had to tell someone.

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Congratulations, bro!
Have some retarded cat.<

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I'm happy for you.

I've heard this before, but I can't help it. I just like this board too much.

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What're you going to do, report me?


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Well, for Chen to become a nekomata, she had to be a unnaturally old cat in the first place, but as a mature cat she would understand how best to survive as a cat and a fair bit about her surroundings but not really anything towards how to interact with people as a humanoid.

So Chen spent something like 25+ years as a cat, lived long enough to become mystical and grow a second tail, eventually gaining something close to a human intelligence then at some unspecified time became close to and taken on by Ran.

It's not too surprising she's not very good with people, chances are she hasn't been a youkai for very long and most the younger ones aren't too good at interacting with them. Chen is still pretty much hanging on to her bestial nature so I doubt she's older then 60, where as someone like Orin represents a older Nekomata who became powerful enough to have a good position in Hell. Eventually Chen will be able to deal with people as well as Orin can but for now she's still relatively young.

People who think of Chen as being child-like probably aren't completely incorrect. She's not exactly a child because she's got long experience as a animal before becoming a Nekomata, so she's got a good survival instinct and can look after herself in the wild... but when it comes to acting civilised Chen is still immature with her new intelligence. Eventually Ran will be able to get her to the point she can rely on her, but not without actually trying to rein her in, right now Chen is still living like a cat.

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Well, I won't like you that much any more.
Please go away.

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Reported to mods on IRC, enjoy your ban.

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Chen is retarded/awesome

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But... but... I need you to validate my existence!

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>being civilized about emoticons
Son, I am proud.

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Still, it's not like Chen is completely useless. As said, she can look after herself, even if it might not be the civilised way to do so and has some pretty reasonable powers as a Nekomata so she has some combat strength which is vastly improved when Ran is taking control.

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Any being that lives as long as Chen has is going to be somewhat wise... but as >>5140960 said, she's lived her life from a cat's perspective, and has thus gained wisdom appropriate for a cat.

It's not really that she's stupid, she just doesn't need to hold herself to human expectations of intelligence.

However, retarded Chen is still really cute.

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We should probably ask the same question about grandma here.

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well, there is fortunately some room for retarded Chen in that explanation, as the decisions a cat turned human makes aren't always going to be appropriate. Still, I've always liked the idea of bestial Chen taken from a more realistic angle, she retains some level of threat, while still being kind of cute because you can imagine her doing cat like things as a full sized catgirl. Snuggling up to warm spots, stretching out without too much concern for how her body looks to outsiders, coming and going as she pleases and rolling about. It doesn't seem like Ran does a whole lot to keep Chen from doing whatever the hell she pleases, so at the most they ask her to watch their house, otherwise Chen is pretty free to enjoy herself. A sort of blessed life for a youkai, she doesn't even have to feed herself out in the wild like the other younger ones, has all the freedom, none of the costs.

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Ran showing her love for Chen

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>still being kind of cute because you can imagine her doing cat like things as a full sized catgirl.
Like licking her anus clean?

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when you've reached Yukari's age and Yukari's level of power and experience, you likely have many moments of eccentricity where you go where ever your whim takes you to get it out of your system.

Well today Ran, I feel like ROCKING THE FUCK OUT.

Ran just puts up with it, helps as best she can while making sure the place doesn't get too dirty and that the bed is ready for when Yukari inevitably gets bored or tired. A less diligent servant might get annoyed at Yukari's messing about, but Ran knows her master well enough to shrug it off and keep everything running despite her masters odd moods.

This is why to many, Ran is one of the more loved characters. A complete sense of loyalty and devotion to her master, a very capable mind and loving personality.

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she probably learned, to her disappointment, that that is no longer possible. At least not in human form. That and Ran will likely have made sure she's civilised enough to at least pass for human and insists she baths.

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They really do have a lovely family dynamic when you think about it.

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I completely agree.

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also, motherly figures get drawn with hourglass full figures.

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But magical beings don't even sweat for all we know, why would she need to bathe. If anything, Ran must have prohibited her from licking herself clean.

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Retarded stereotypes.

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>Ran must have prohibited her from licking herself clean.
Because she'd want that job to herself, RITE?!

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Yeah, their dynamic makes it easy to write stories about them from practically any angle, in a way all the groups have this going for them right now with some kind of whimsical power figure in a powerful position, EoSD has Remilia, the Lunarians have Kaguya and Tewi for just lower level fucking about. The Moriya group are a bit more serious, but Suwako is good for playful moments.

They all have a straight man (so to speak) who has to deal with whatever the more eccentric ones come up with.

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I dunno, I'm just saying that chances are they civilised Chen to the point she doesn't do the most embarassing shit that may carry over from being a cat. Hell, I'd be surprised if she was even a virgin given how cats usually work, but who knows, maybe becoming a youkai restores that but really, it's not something anyone but us over sexualised bastards even consider.

But yeah, she'd probably have the basic shit hammers out, but dealing with people is something children spend most their youths learning so it's not something you can teach in a couple of weeks, it'll take years for Chen to reach a point she can be trusted to go out and buy things for the family.

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chen can suck nigger cocks
supid cat

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>rulers of Gensokyo
>wat u say

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Judges don't rule.
They merely uphold the law.

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So were you molested by your uncle dressed in a cat costume?

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Such a weak reply.

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Yours is weaker.

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>this thread is now about Komachi

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>Congratulations, bro!
Go back to /b/ with your shitty forced meme.

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Komachi dump? Do want.

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Wow, newfags now even think "bro" is a meme?

Go back to /bun/ with the rest of the faux-elitist, kid.

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Oh. Komachi. I'm okay with this.

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stupid cat
an animal is always an animal

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Get back to work, Komachi!

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Komachi isn't that big a deal.

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but it is. there was no bro shit here few years ago. it came along with the /v/irginspeak and other newfag shit.

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This board was being archived for an entirety of its lifetime. Don't bother spreading bullshit.

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It's only been 2 years though.

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what's the matter, mad that your attempt to further shit up /jp/ with your bro bullshit fails?

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I thought this thread was about chen?

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It was about Chen. Now some child has hijacked it with Komachi.

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That wasn't me.

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This is the best picture on the internet.

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Please don't hate /bun/.

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dem oppai, man

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or maybe this>>5141511

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Stitz is that you?!

>> No.5141557

No way. Breasts are too big.

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>too big

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I love how most Anons nowadays think calling each other bro has always been a 4chan staple.

This isn't some goddamn frat house.

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Please kindly stop posting komachi in my thread.

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>> No.5141612

I love how Anons every year try to find something to bitch about.

This isn't your fucking house. Things change, get over it.
In fact, scratch that.


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>> No.5141623

You mad, bro

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>> No.5141634

kindly stop, or else.

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Not sure what's going on, but okay.

>> No.5141645
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>implying he thinks change is always good, post ending in, doubles, cool story, bro, green text anecdote, my face

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>> No.5141659

Then why are you on /jp/ instead of /a/?


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oh, a komachi thread

>> No.5141673

komachi is better than chen though, so i'd say it's an improvement.