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So why does Orin talk like a nigger?

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So why does Cirno talk like a nigger?

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So why does Beatrice laugh like a nigger?

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So why is OP a nigger?

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Her soul is as black as the grim reaper himself.

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So why does Remilia wield an AK47 like a nigger?

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It was a serious question.

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>implying niggers could afford an AK-47

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>implying that the AK isn't the most common assault rifle in Africa

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OP is a faggot.

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<implying that ak47's are just laying around on the ground in Afrika

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I thought you meant American niggers. Carry on then.

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<implying that ak47's aren't just laying around on the ground in Afrika

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Go back to /v/.

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Come now, this isn't exactly the most high quality thread. What does it matter if I use an inferior posting style?

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>implying greentext is exclusive to /v/

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American negroes are the lowliest form of negro, and by lowly I am of course referring to their combat abilities. Negroes in North America have become dulled by years of comfortable living and have become fat and lazy, dependent upon fried chicken and colored sugar water. Negroes in Africa, however, remain at a constant level of alertness, as they are always under the threat of attack by government troops or rival tribes.

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negros are fucking disgusting

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