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If you were given the possibility to live for the rest of your life with a touhou character... Who do you choose?

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Get off the computer and go talk to real girls.

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yukari or eirin

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>Hay guize lets have another favorite touhou image spam thread

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>/jp/ tell me "get a life"

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komachi - she always has money

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I don't think I said that.

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you have a point. But yukari can get you all you need.

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so what do you mean?

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The White Hare

Of Good Fortune

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Suika definitely.

Quoting Danzai Yamaxanadu: Little drunken lolita girl? Hell yes.

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If we're talking about having carnal relations and making a wife of them then I would pick Tewi.
If we're talking about some kind of domestic partnership then Alice.

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OP here another suika fan! I'm moved!

Anyway i don't know if I want to be drunk for the rest of my life...

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At this rate suika gonna have a male harem.

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Well, you can get drunk whenever you want, you don't have to be drunk all the time. But I guess Suika would be.

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uh... At least you don't have to pay the sake.

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I never would have thought someone would pick the fish.

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>implying she doesn't

o u

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Suika is the best toehoe

Surprised there haven't been more doujins about two onis tender loving

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I'm okay with long study sessions in dimly lit libraries.

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>tender loving

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DAT horns! make me horny too!

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True that!

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If you choose Yukari, you'll get all the drunk lolis and fish you want

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Yukari is way too fucking scary. And after spending 3 months of my life to beat her on Lunatic, the last thing I want is to see her ever again.

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wat? it is photoshop right? Or some mod?

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What makes you think Suika wont rip your arms off when she's drunk

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If happens, Eirin can help me

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I'm boring. Marisa and Udonge seem good without getting into too much risk to life and limb.

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but you can't watch udonge in the eyes!

Marisa... it's a good choice.... Anyway be careful to her cleptophobia.

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Tewi, without a second thought.

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Ms. Collateral Damage herself?
Enjoy getting hit by a stray Masterspark.

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what was your first?

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cleptomania sorry.

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Flandre. No questiong asked. I'm crazy, she's crazy, we're ALL crazy! I don't think I'd last long but hey maybe I can get a powerup...

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Koishi and Suika are awesome too tho... or Cirno...

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Assuming she actually likes me, obviously. Any touhou would be insanity without that qualifier.

Not like I'm going to follow her around on a broom. Stay-at-home husband sounds like a plan.

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>92px × 251px...

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The ultimate neet.

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Iku. She's chill.

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>the rest of your life

Mokou. After taking a bite of her liver, of course.

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Orin. Till death us apart.

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Do you have to eat it, or can you just nibble on it?

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Cirno seems like a cool (hah) friend, but I don't think I'd want more than that.

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Why not?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!/11/!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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infact the question was to choose a character to live toghether... It does't implying a love relationship.

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I think she a little annoying... even if she's funny to bully

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As much as I like Cirno, living with her would be a pain.

Unless it was smart Cirno.

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But I'd rather have a full relationship with another touhou and be friends with Cirno on the side.

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but cirno is a genius

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Flandre: I can go mad and then blame it on my psychopath character


Reimu: Tea and rice cracker = all is good.

I pick Reimu-desu.

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tea and dango is what you mean?

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/jp/ tell another /jp/ don't be weaboo


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If you want to act Japanese, do it properly.
No Romaji, use actual Japanese.
Or just shut up.

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But it's spelled "weeaboo".

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Patchoulli!! Books, books and more books!

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Again, Bill Cosby because zig zoop zoopity bap.

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The softest.

It's either her or Reisen. I can't decide.

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Yukarin no doubt.

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arguably the sanest and most sensible girl in Gensokyo.

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even if its a fucking death wish

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no u

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with insanity eyes

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>the sanest girl
>with insanity eyes
Why do you think she is the sanest?

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Her dialogue in PoFV is very normal, with her worrying about Tewi running off, and dealing with the situation in a very normal manner. All the other characters are being dumb, random, insane, or deciding to troll people.

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I prefer little girl drunkard oni

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what's up with all the muscular yuugis

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Well she is "Yuugi the strong" or somethig along those lines.

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when you hug a flat chested girl she is more close to your heart

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She wouldn't use them on me.

And if all else fails, she can just pull a Rider and wear glasses.



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Strongest slut

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What can I say, I have a high pain threshold?

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If by "live the rest of my life" you mean "rush headlong into a Master Spark and die like a man".

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Even when it's raning more than ever, I'll know that we'll still have each other, and I can stand under her um-ber-ella ella ella ella ella eh eh eh

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the strongest is Suika. She is the only one that beat Reimu in canon storyline

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Youmu, i'd love to molest her everyday :3

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Ultimate Sadistic Creaturemind.

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I choose to live with Youmu.

She only speaks Japanese.


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Along with everyone who fought her in SWR.

As well as Patchy beating Suika.

And Remi beating Yukari.

And Reisin beating Yukari, though she wasn't going full out.

>> No.5110759


I'd make Myon do humiliating things like stroke my ballsack while I'm fucking Youmu.

emoticon user leave this place

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>As well as Patchy beating Suika.

When? I don't remember...

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Hell yes.

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That would be in SWR, Patchouli's story.

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In SWR, Patchouli'd final stage is vs Suika.

And all of the SWR storylines are canon.

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No powerlevels in Touhou, only bullet patterns

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Surprised she's still alive but glad none the less. The blue is a nice change of pace with all the typical red spam in her pictures.

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At first I though the question was "IF YOU HAD TO LIVE YOUR LIFE OUT AS A TOUHOU CHARACTER"

I'm dissapointed that wasn't the question.

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Thread bump

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what's with the increase of shrinemaiden.org level threads

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I can't choose between Alice, Mystia, Kogasa or CAPTAIN MURASA.

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It's impossible for every route to be canon since every characters lose or win again each others.

Let's say you play with Marisa and you defeat Alice then on Alice route you defeat Marisa (Both fight happen at the same time).....you just divide by zero man!

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Suika is an Oni. Onis are infamous for being brutes. Why would you want to be associated with such uncultured savages? (Plus she probably smells like a farm to boot. A beer farm!)

Enjoy your high-maintenance (wannabee) moon rabbit with clip-on bunny ears. If you want a REAL bunny go with Tewi. You might even get lucky. If you know what I mean.

She's an asocial nerd. Want to know the truth about us shut-ins? The reason why we find it hard to function in society is because we're self-centered brats that rejected society. To reiterate, it wasn't society that rejected us; it was us that rejected society. Consequently, Patchouli is most likely a racist/bigot/elitist with an inferiority complex.

Orin's crotch most likely smells like a dead kitten. And we all know what that smells like. Not cool. She'll fake her friendship with you until you die; then she'll use your corpse for God knows what.

If you're a female then Mokou would be the right decision for you. If not—I got some bad news for you....

Youmu is too "Internet is serious business" to have fun with. The only way you'd be able to have fun with her is if you tricked her into believing it was her duty to hangout with you. As far as procreating with her. That would be out of the question until marriage.

Bravo Anon. Way to chose a batshit insane monster that's been locked away in a dungeon her whole life. I'm sure she'll really appreciate it when she's nesting in the remains of your rib cage. Like a moth to the flame, pathetic.

See the above description of Onis. She's probably more belligerent and light fused than Suika. One wrong step or gesture and you've bought yourself a night's worth of "snoo snoo."

Yukari/Ran Yakumo were the only good options.

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Exactly what do you mean by "live with?" She's just a room mate and not a live-in girlfriend or something like that?

If such is the case, Reisen. She'd probably be helpful around the place, and so long as she wears glasses 24/7, I don't have to worry about being driven insane by looking at her.

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Every route is canon. There's even a timeline.


>> No.5110880


Yukari? Really? The bitch does nothing but sleep all day. She wouldn't really be worth having around at all.

>> No.5110882

She's an asocial nerd. Want to know the truth about us shut-ins? The reason why we find it hard to function in society is because we're self-centered brats that rejected society. To reiterate, it wasn't society that rejected us; it was us that rejected society. Consequently, Patchouli is most likely a racist/bigot/elitist with an inferiority complex.

I'm pretty sure most of /jp/ (i.e. a good sampling of asocial shut-ins) are not racist with an inferiority complex.

>If you're a female then Mokou would be the right decision for you. If not—I got some bad news for you....

Get out with your canon-butchering, secondaryfag.

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I would think that her eye power thing is passive and completely involuntary. She would either have to wear glasses or you would have to be constantly administered some special drug that makes you immune to its effects. The only thing possible that I can see happening is that by accident you look her in the eyes, start degrading into a gibbering fool, and then she rushes over to help you and apologizes.

>> No.5110889

I pick parsee we could be BFF.

>> No.5110895


So you like yandere?

>> No.5110898

Read your own link man, the very first fight is Reimu and Yuyuko and both of them happen at the same timeline. Shit ain't logical at all since both of them have to win to keep going on their respective route.

>> No.5110900

No im just jealous too.

>> No.5110908

But if i could not meet Parsee my next choice would be Hina.

>> No.5110919


Look again. They're two different colors for a reason. Gray is who you're fighting, yellow's who you're playing.

Oh sorry, what was that, the sound of you shutting the fuck up?

>> No.5110924


I would think that all her spinning would knock your shit over constantly.

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I probably wouldn't last very long.

>> No.5110926

Assuming the living together takes place at her place you'd also be accompanied by Ran and Chen.

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Aya Shameimaru.

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I'm hesitating between a few, but I would choose Sakuya. Because she can also do the chores at home efficiently.

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First, you don't have to act like a fucking bastard.
Second, *is by no means official*

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I'm already a nuclear engineer, might as well be CAUTION! CAUTION!

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"Bravo Anon. Way to chose a batshit insane monster that's been locked away in a dungeon her whole life. I'm sure she'll really appreciate it when she's nesting in the remains of your rib cage. Like a moth to the flame, pathetic."

F that if I could just meet her once I could die with no regrets. Plus you could always try to get a powerup first

>> No.5110972


Yes I do, internets and all.

Also, it fits pretty well if you actually go through and play it in the suggested order.

>> No.5110986

It may fit well but the guy still said himself that since there is no such indication in the game itself so is by no means official.
Therefore, It's not Canon, just Fanon, sadly.

>> No.5110999


Yes, because the fact that the stories all clearly interact with each other and affect each other clearly indicates that all of them are in no way canon.

They fit together too well for it to not be intentional.

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Aya's final fight is Reimu's first fight.
You play both, but Aya doesn't necessarily have to win her last fight.

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Well you can believe what you want, but I choose to only believe in ZUN's words.
Post me a link where ZUN said himself that all route are canon and then I will believe you my good sir.

>> No.5111031

Your pic is a jailbait.

>> No.5111032

I hope you have a shit load of Rad-away.

>> No.5111041


Okuu radiates pure love and kindness...

It'd be much better for him not to be a diabetic in that case.

>> No.5111046

all attached to a miniature sun. can you feel your face melting yet?

>> No.5111047

The first post of the summer. Learn how to quote bro.

>> No.5111069

Fuck, the entire summer is going to have faggots mentioning it's summer, isn't it? Just stop.

>> No.5111105

>The first post of the summer. Learn how to quote bro
Am I doing it right?

>> No.5111108

>Am I doing it right?
Nice... I am

>> No.5111182

I'll pick the perfect and elegant maid

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The best.

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Every day would bring new surprises.

>> No.5111235

Yuka, for obvious reasons. Besides the pretty flowers.

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Tomboys are the best.
She can be a true bro and also the girl of your dreams.
I'd drink from her hourai elixir if you know what I mean.

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The mountain kappa

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obvious option, Alice has a nice house.

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She probably misses our world, but her home is in Gensokyo now... I'd let her stay at my place. Just for a little while.

Suwako can come too if she wants.

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I wanna be with you~

And make believe with you~

>> No.5111340

Reisen. Her insanity eyes are under her control, they're not passive. It's even canon that she takes medicine to the Human Village to sell there, without wearing glasses.

>> No.5111342

[citation needed]

>> No.5111347

Goddamit, not this rainbow unicorn chan thing again!

>> No.5111353

citation is Inaba of the Earth and Inaba of the Moon.

>> No.5111368

Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth has her going to the village and selling medicine there, as well as interacting with quite a few characters who look her in the eye without going insane.
Perfect Momento in Strict Sense describes that though she's not a fan of humans, she doesn't hunt them down either. It says that it's rumored that looking into her eyes makes her insane, but then it goes on to describe that she has conscious control over her powers.

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why is op's Suika so erotic?

on topic, i'll be Kaguya. for a common reason.

>> No.5111413

You'd live with a NEET who just bum around all day?

>> No.5111416

Inaba isn't canon (tons of conflicts with other material). It is, however, canon that the humans think Reisen is creepy as fuck.

>> No.5111429

It's more canon than any fanwork. It may be exaggerated for comedic effect, but it is still an official work.

>> No.5111432
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ohh, i didin't read the topic well
i thought that you can live the rest of your life AS a touhou.
well, let me change. i would live with one of the Yakumo family members cause i want a touhou family ;_;

>> No.5111458

ZUN considers his work to be as valid as fan work.

>> No.5111463

>Inaba is not canon


>> No.5111469

You're probably is mistaking things he said in that interview thing

>> No.5111489

You may only chose one.

>> No.5111497

Nope. It's true. ZUN loves secondary works and doesn't want people worrying too much about what he's doing when making them.

>> No.5111503

Wouldn't this decrease the quality of the games in the future?

>> No.5111519
File: 695 KB, 1562x3124, 3d555f204335afa33375040c6ba40f85.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd say Aya...but I don't think I could keep up with her...

>> No.5111548

I highly doubt that. I'm sure he doesn't mind about fans doing fan works, but he DOES care about what people think of official touhou stuff.

>> No.5111561

well I think the official stuff SUCK NIGGER COCKS

>> No.5111587

yeah, cool opinion.

>> No.5111655

Well, yes, he almost certainly does care what people think of them, but he doesn't want them to feel constrained by them.

ZUN doesn't give a fuck about anyone else when creating the games, so I don't see how this could impact those.

>> No.5111817

Whether you like ZUN's work or the fanwork more, you gotta respect the guy. No ZUN = No Touhou whatsoever

>> No.5111861

ZUN fuckin loves secondary Touhou works, he's said it many times. He probably doesn't like them all individually but I've never heard him begrudge any, except for when commercialization was involved.

>> No.5111881

It's fangames he doesn't like that much, but he's fine with fan mangas and such.

>> No.5111884

At this point, ZUN could die and it wouldn't stop Touhou. Admit it.

>> No.5111906

He does not like fangames?I never heard that.

>> No.5111925

I've only seen him say that he wishes people would make original games instead of Touhou clones of other games, that they should be more creative.

>> No.5111928

touhou would get weaker and weaker. Even with such an amazing fanon without ZUN it would eventually die.

>> No.5111932 [DELETED] 

Yaeh, what 5111925 said. I didn't say that he was against them, he would just prefer for people to make original games.

>> No.5111948

And I totally agree with him on that.
I'm not going to play again something I played already, just because the chars in it are reskinned as little girls.

>> No.5111950

Nooooooooooooo...! We need the hourai elixir!

>> No.5111959
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>> No.5111964

Good Lord, YES.

Unless danmaku mechanics are somehow implemented in an interesting way, I don't care for a reskin of the same game with Touhous in it.

I like other games for being other games, not for being Touhou.

Also, I didn't read the whole thing, but this surely has taken a far more interesting turn than the original topic.

>> No.5111971

But you don't bother with anyone's original game if you don't recognize the characters...

I agree with ZUN, but don't deny you're all hypocrites and only look for cute moemoe characters first too.

>> No.5111997

Touhou versions of other games sometimes have extremely nice art and I have no problem with them existing for that reason alone.

>> No.5112005

ZUN approving of all the fanworks and contradicting himself in one of his works and another is his way of saying "Stop caring so much about what is canon and what isn't. If the story is good, it's good."

>> No.5112009

For me, the best thing in touhou is the plot and dialogues (inb4 touhou has no plot lol). Of course the characters are important, but they are not the essential stuff.

>> No.5112013
File: 331 KB, 800x600, 1272913543661.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yukari is simply superior.
You get to hang out with Yukari (when she's NOT sleeping), Ran and Chen.
Friend-zone? I'm cool with that, I'm friends with the strongest in Gensokyo and I get to hang out with awesome people.
Romantic relationship? Oh Christ... Yukari is simply the hottest Touhou there is. Too bad she'd be sleeping most (if not all) of my lifespan. That's cool, I would never betray her even if I didn't get to have sex with her even once.

>> No.5112017
File: 268 KB, 800x760, 7866dadf94969dbbfc0c0a684ea21053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5112019

You just broke my bow of celibacy, or the diy equivalent. ;____;

>> No.5112025

You're the same guy in all these threads saying you love Touhou for the plot, aren't you?

>> No.5112028


Well, he made the games because he didn't really like any other games that were out at the time. The fact that he based them off old arcade games either he likes the nostalgia factor or thought he could take the same formula and rework it so that it's better.

He appreciates the games have fans and stuff, but he really made them for himself and ultimately doesn't care if people dislike his work, because HE still likes it. He's the embodiment of "haters gonna hate."


Reisen is NOT creepy! She's the only sane and sensible person in Gensokyo who happens to be a cute bunnygirl!

>> No.5112046

>Reisen is NOT creepy! She's the only sane and sensible person in Gensokyo who happens to be a cute bunnygirl!
>forgot Keine

>> No.5112059



Gotta disagree with you there. As far as her body goes, there are a good amount better than her. The biggest edge that she has is (possibly) her voice. Due to the characters...not having voices...we have no idea what they sound like, but I think most people believe that she would have the most pleasing one of any other character.

>> No.5112066


Keine's the protector of the human village. She's also Mokou's...thing. Friend? Lover? Slave? I'm not really sure, but she is REALLY overprotective of that girl.

>> No.5112074
File: 455 KB, 537x759, 8900004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd prefer living with pre-gapbitch Yukari.

>> No.5112076


Reisen's power comes from her control over waves of varying types. Because of this, her voice fades in and out like a radio signal that's not quite in tune, unless she's making an effort to make certain the person she wants to hear it is hearing it.

I like Reisen, but I'd find that damned creepy.


>> No.5112093

I suppose I am.

>> No.5112122

No no, she CAN do what you said, but normally, she talks like a normal moon rabbit or human.

>> No.5112123
File: 29 KB, 600x480, 178135-750px_halflife2_gman_prologue_super.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


All that sounds like is that she can't control the volume of her voice. Not at all creepy. If she actually talked like this fucker, then it'd be creepy.

You are now hearing Reisen give Kaguya a modified version of G-man's 'Wake up and smell the ashes' speech.

>> No.5112127

>In addition, her voice is said to have unusual effects as well; for example, you may be unable to understand what she's saying even if you hear her perfectly, or you may hear her as if she were whispering into your ears, even though she's far away.

You mean that?

>> No.5112131

I'm fond of it too. It does have story, it's just not a regular narrative, it's in little illustrative pieces spread out all over.

>> No.5112144

Honestly? I think I'd just choose Reimu.
Then I could take it easy.
She doesn't hold grudges and even if she does beat the shit out of you, she generally seems to get over it almost immediately after she's done.
It doesn't seem like she'd have any peculiarities that would make her an inherently bad room mate either.
Plus, most touhou are youkai. Youkai eat people. whereas Reimu destroys youkai.
Which would you pick?

>> No.5112154

She can fly.Very,very fast.

>> No.5112155
File: 175 KB, 572x800, ca9c9a37781cbb9c069eb423a6e02018e7fdc25c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's good to get special threatment when the time comes.

>> No.5112171


That is all.

>> No.5112181


>> No.5112183

I think of Reimu as a quite annoying older sister, always complaining about something.

>> No.5112192
File: 610 KB, 1180x836, 10171356.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Definitely bro-kou

>> No.5112198

So? She's her friend.

>> No.5112200

According to PMiSS, normally she tries her hardest to creep out everyone because she's weird like that.

>> No.5112219

[quote needed]

>> No.5112222

Well, I'm used to people complaining.
My family does it every day.

>> No.5112401

Also, how come I'm always the last one to post in threads?
Fucking always...

>> No.5112458


I hope this post cheers you up

>> No.5112460
File: 121 KB, 800x600, 8003886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll save you/pic related.

I don't care if she's rude and oppresses people and is bad at being a miko.

>> No.5112481

Damn straight.

>> No.5112491
File: 21 KB, 300x421, God.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And her god is angry at her.

>> No.5112513
File: 836 KB, 978x1200, One of my favorites.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd Satorin spam this, but too busy with Prismriver thread.

Pic related to OP's question.
Only she would now how much I loved her.

>> No.5112514


Then I'd get along with her just fine.

>> No.5112521

So what exactly is Touhou?

>> No.5112522

Yep. That's right.
I completely agree with you.

>> No.5112528
File: 300 KB, 540x800, 8032137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alternate choice:

>> No.5112532


>> No.5112541


Thanks. WHY is it so famous, though?

>> No.5112547

Because perverts.

>> No.5112552


>> No.5112555

Who is Reimu's god?

>> No.5112565

This and that happened, and, well, here we are.

>> No.5112572

Nobody knows.

>> No.5112577



>> No.5112585

Because it's ridiculously difficult and therefore one of the few games that NEET basement dwellers can actually play without getting bored and complaining.
Also, porn.

>> No.5112590


She would also know every single one of your perverted fantasies and how you would use her to make them happen.

>> No.5112605

Flandre and Fucking Mcroll'd

>> No.5112614

I wouldn't think that Satorin would be a very good choice for /jp/ seeing as how all /jp/ ultimately thinks about is sex and Japan.

>> No.5112622 [DELETED] 

THis Is coPypastA I FOuND It HErE: hTTP://8❽.8O.➁1.➀❷/

>> No.5112628
File: 548 KB, 578x1000, 4947d9476b7d5307ded0c7a9ffaea5a0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It takes a special person to love her~

>> No.5112642


Well, you'd have to deal with her finishing every one of your sentences...and then the whole thought-reading things.

5 minutes with her and she would immediately know that you're a huge pervert and the depths of your depravity.

>> No.5112647

And yet, all she has to choose from is either this
or 2channers who actually think about even less.

>> No.5112657

I mean, they're pretty much the same as /jp/fags, but without the Japan complex that could potential make them slightly more interesting...
So then what's left?

>> No.5112659

Sorry, Lunatic is only for powerful youkais.

>> No.5112670

>ZUN not liking Touhou clones of other games

Awwwwww, but I *liked* MegaMari! I thought it was gooed and very challenging, the way they somehow put projectile spam in a Megaman style game. Music weren't bad, either.

>> No.5112672
File: 418 KB, 719x719, Satorin_whats that face doing there.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Implying my love for Satori isn't more than an image fetish on /jp/

Oh you~

>> No.5112675
File: 191 KB, 500x380, cirnostrongest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cirno because she's an A/C and I hate the summer, also she is very cheerful I won't never get bored of her.
Other option would be Youmu, I love swords maybe she can tech me something cool, who knows.

>> No.5112698

The thing with Satori is I'd be afraid I would think things that would make her dislike me.
Let's face it, most of us ARE sick fucks in lots of (/non-sexual) ways even more so than normal people.

>> No.5112721

Of course, she'd realize that you were afraid to think that...
She'd understand a wide range of psychological patterns, she'd know that all people are 'sick'.
Her choice of mate could perhaps be greatly faster than other people...
If she hasn't already killed you after 5 minutes or so, I think you're safe.

>> No.5112726

cirno is fucking annoying always saying senseless crap. it would be a hell having her around you

>> No.5112745

I'd choose Eiren, in hopes that I can get dat immortality nigga

>> No.5112746


I'm pretty sure that she'd be more bothered about all the sex stuff than any other sick behavior. She's a youkai, and Okuu went insane for a while. I'm pretty sure she's used to hearing thoughts like that. Either she'd be terrified or repulsed by all the myriad thoughts we would have that involve fucking her senseless.

>> No.5112752

My Oni, let's get drunk together. Suika, pass those fluids, my love.

>> No.5112763

Cirno's conversations would probably be a lot like a child except she's actually less annoying (trust me, I know. I have 3 nieces that I have to take care of sometimes because my sister's a deadbeat and has cerebral palsy).
If you could deal with children perhaps, you could deal with Cirno.

>> No.5112767
File: 305 KB, 723x762, 1272378675203.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Implying I wouldn't prefer cuddling and normal thing to do with Satori.

Sanae on the other hand....

>> No.5112771
File: 222 KB, 800x541, LittleJacobLarge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually, I've got that covered. I trained myself to make sure that all of my thoughts are said in his voice and accent.
There is no fucking way she'll ever be able to read my thoughts.

>> No.5112783


Then she'd just be plain too embarrassed to talk to you with all the "goddammit she's so cute I wanna give her a big hug right now and never let go" thoughts.

>> No.5112791


Then Lily White comes over to play and your house turns into a warzone.

>> No.5112797
File: 859 KB, 1117x1000, e27029e05b634bc0edb095f855c8350475d20ecd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Better embarrassed than disgusted, right?

>> No.5112803

I just want to live with Yuyuko for the rest of my life. Heck, we wouldn't even have to do it, I'd just like to be with her forever, just to have one person that cares about me.

But it'll never happen, because that's just how cruel reality is, it can't be helped.

>> No.5112805

But again, I seriously doubt that.
I think most people are sick when it comes to sex.
It's not unusual, either way, for someone to occasionally daydream about hurting someone for no reason..
Odd impulses, suspicious people, closet gays, sexual fetishes,...
she's seen it all. Even with just a few people, she'd likely be used to it and not care because she knows how to work her way around it any way.
She's probably been alive for a long time as well, so she's pretty much seen everything.
Really, I think it's just a matter of her being bored with you.

>> No.5112811

The problem is what you want isn't necessarily what you think about. Even if you just want to cuddle her or love her tenderly in missionary position doesn't mean you'll not end up thinking about horribly mutilating her and raping the corpse.

>> No.5112813 [DELETED] 

not a hell if you found funny his "senseless crap", I'm a sickfuck I recognise it. Also I like the snow, my favourite colour is blue and I like her careless personality.

>> No.5112829

you can't possibly compete with youmu, anon.

>> No.5112835

But she can read the context of the thought.
She can tell if you're serious or not.

I think we're starting to get into the difficult areas of mind reading now..
How much can she read.. What exactly does she read...
It wouldn't just be word and images..
I think she'd be able to tell that you don't want to actually do that.
Especially if she's used to reading minds and especially if she's read your mind before.

>> No.5112841
File: 609 KB, 479x1000, 10605426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Step 1: Become a ghost.
Step 2: Be so awesome you get sent by the Yama to be Yuyuko's assistant.
Step 3: Profit.

>> No.5112846


As I said, just wait until Lily shows up with her cheerful "SPRING IS HERE!" attitude. Cirno would probably flip shit and start yelling that Spring isn't here and try to make her go away.

With Cirno comes Letty, I presume.

>> No.5112849

A cat...

>> No.5112852

I mean you can think "I want to do that", but she'd probably just giggle at the fact that you're 'only thinking' that.

>> No.5112853
File: 500 KB, 690x887, efb5d36384d08d9857dcddf0e9b41034.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ITT: How to love a satori

>> No.5112855


She could probably read it so far and reveal things that you didn't even know were your desires.

>> No.5112862

not a hell if you found funny his "senseless crap", I'm a sickfuck I recognise it. Also I like the snow, my favourite colour is blue and I like her careless personality.

>> No.5112865

Tell us more.

>> No.5112867

I fucking hated him. I couldn't understand FUCK without subtitles.
And Nico who was an immigrant had no fucking problems at all with deciphering his personal language.
"Hay, Neeco, кабинанаасансьореморандумза разбирателстволайнодинозавърнаркотик" "Sure Jacob, let's go bowling"

>> No.5112887

If you had to choose between two choices, which would it be?

A. Live with Satori the rest of your life.
B. Be Nico Bellic

>> No.5112893

I really don't know what's so fun about being Nico Bellic.
Then again, life with satori isn't so great either.

>> No.5112895
File: 414 KB, 644x841, the eye is open because she loves you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you guys think Satori is bad, don't even think about trying Koishi. Even ignoring the whole "she has no/weakened emotions" thing.

>> No.5112900

Mmm... use my corpse who knows what...

>> No.5112901
File: 352 KB, 551x589, 9407089.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5112903
File: 335 KB, 666x925, Satorin is so moe moe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>life with satori isn't so great either

Why not?

>> No.5112917
File: 18 KB, 330x363, 128752208246776405.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5112920

How exactly would Koishi be worse than Satori?

>> No.5112921

If you were Nico Bellic, you would never die to usually fatal things.
And important people would ask you to do ridiculous favors akin to action movies all the time.
Also money, and bitches come naturally with the position.

If you lived with satori, you'd live a unfulfilling life.

Think about this

>> No.5112923

Provided she took interest, how "not so great" could it possibly be when she knows exactly which ways would make your life better and exactly which people could make it better?
Still, the odds of getting Satori interested are low and highly doubt she wouldn't tire of you.

>> No.5112943


She lives with animals because she's hated so much and most other sentient beings can't stand her company. She'd probably take interest if you actually liked having her around as opposed to...everyone else?

The reason why she has so many pets is because they don't get mad at her 3rd eye ability...well, Okuu can't get mad since she doesn't have any real coherent thoughts to begin with.

>> No.5112944

Satori could make you successful by reading minds and finding the people that would want to make you successful and who you'd be successful with.

She could make bitches want you.
She could make you an action hero.
Hell, she could probably make you into a GTA game developer and then you'd be fucking above Niko Bellic.

>> No.5112948


Tender loving? I'd rather see destructive Oni sex.

Slam their pussies together and cause fissures.

>> No.5112954
File: 878 KB, 700x1088, 1271401100950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like this way of thinking~

>> No.5112955

Satori can only read surface thoughts. Koishi, on the other hand, will dredge up shit you didn't even want to know you were thinking. Not to mention outright manipulation.

>> No.5112961

You are in Gensokyo with Satori, and she can only read peoples minds and hearts, not much chance of her making you anything.

Again, why should she do anything for you?

Nico Bellic just takes and does what he wants and people love him for it.

>> No.5112973

If a mind-reading person wants another person to succeed, they're going to succeed unless the mind-reader is hilariously incompetent.

Then again, considering Satori is so open with the fact she can read minds, I bet she isn't very competent.

>> No.5112975
File: 895 KB, 1170x1412, 1269066376438.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Poor anon doesn't understand what's its like to love Satori~

>> No.5112995

Yeah. But still, surface thoughts would likely be enough for just general psychological manipulation, really.
It still kinda begs the question of what is a surface thought..
Still, Satori knows what you and others know.

>> No.5113004

Damn. I didn't realize I used the word "still" so much..

>> No.5113008

Sanae, if only because she's from the outside world.

>> No.5113010

You know what you want from sanae.

>> No.5113016

Reisen bragged about breaking an astronaut's mind like it was an awesome thing to do.

Bitch is CRAZY

>> No.5113017

Outright manipulation is cheap.

>> No.5113020

They were at war. War is different.

>> No.5113068

Yeah... maybe I'll be blessed by the goddesses and gain the power of flight. If it works that way.

>> No.5113069


>Reisen bragged about breaking an astronaut's mind like it was an awesome thing to do.

Umineko's Bernkastel bragged about destroying a little girl's childhood so that she could watch her die and use her remains as meat like it was an awesome thing to do.

Reisen sounds like my kind of girl.

>> No.5113111

How are you guys getting so much characterization from the Touhou?

do the games have that much dialouge?

>> No.5113125


No. There are fan characterizations that are widely accepted, as well as supplementary materials written by ZUN himself.

>> No.5113129
File: 27 KB, 128x109, 7067e1b8227183c95b82efb9cfebf4bf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Supplementary materials

Scroll down and you'll see "Print Works"
Grimoire of Marisa won't make sense if you didn't play the games, though.

>> No.5113131

>supplementary materials written by ZUN himself
Why are their so many people who don't understand this?
Goddamn I'm glad at least someone gets it.

>> No.5113143
File: 260 KB, 688x889, 10393352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remilia. I would be her concubine. Because I won't be her husband, I won't be obligated to be faithful only to her. I could ask her permission if I could do it with Sakuya, Flandre, Patchouli or Mei Ling.

Plus, so many other characters visit the Scarlet Mansion, so I get chances with them too.

>> No.5113144

What are you talking about? /jp/ discusses canon far, far more often than any specific fanon.

>> No.5113150

and she would say: No.

your dream is crushed, anon.

>> No.5113154
File: 11 KB, 192x224, Hell's Tokamak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The games may not have much dialogue, but they do have spellcards. It may sound strange, but the attacks have personality.

>> No.5113168

oh thats an easy one
yukari of course

>> No.5113178

>>broke an astronaut's mind

Citation please.

>> No.5113218

>Reisen: I broke the mind of the human who came to Luna. That one was weak.
IN, Reimu path.

>> No.5113246

Man, Utsuho is my favorite boss to battle against. She's just so epic.

>> No.5113263 [DELETED] 

Fine. But for me at least, it seems like I've seen so many comments about how "Oh when a female character only has a short a description their fanbase will make up all the rest.." or "How do they come up with all of this?" or (to the effect of) "You don't know. That's just what the fans say", or some shit like that...

Fucking newfags.
Maybe it's just that it annoys me so much that it's all that really sticks in my memory.

>> No.5113291

Fucking stop that you wikifaggot.

>> No.5113331

Fanon is really an assumed opinion of characters' personalities.
People would LIKE to believe that stuff they see in doujins is canon, and some probably do. But it's not. That's because the way ZUN has made the characters very open-ended so it's possible to put almost any personality in them. If you dig hard, you might find their true nature, but most people go that far.
Here's a few deciphered.
Kaguya is not a NEET.(Eirin doesn't let her out). Reisen is not heartbroken moe bunnygirl, she's pretty normal. Eirin is actually a really scary person. Sakuya isn't lovey-dove for Remilia, it's more discipline toward her. Alice is not yandere nor tsundere, she's actually a pretty cold person. Reimu is Reimu. Mokou is not tsundere at all, and she's irritated with the bout with Kaguya, not pro it.
Some are true though. Like Yuyuko having a BIG appetite.
This is just part of the IN cast, but there's many more. Lots of fanon personalities stray from the canon ones, but are supposedly 'based off' of it. Well, that's what fanon is for, isn't it?

>> No.5113369

Please. There is no "this is what touhou is REALLY like." ZUN fucking hates that shit.

>> No.5113409

We don't give a shit about what Zun thinks.

>> No.5113415

>>Reisen is not heartbroken moe bunnygirl

Mixing up Reisen with Irisu now, are we?

>> No.5113422

>>Want to know the truth about us shut-ins? The reason why we find it hard to function in society is because we're self-centered brats that rejected society. To reiterate, it wasn't society that rejected us; it was us that rejected society.

Shut-ins get along with each other by starting off about what grinds their gears.

>> No.5113433

>cares about canon
>doesn't care what ZUN thinks

>> No.5113575

>implying Zun cares about canon

>> No.5114732

No we fucking don't.

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