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More like these?

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Get the fuck out, you requesting piece of dog shit.

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>Shifty is still trying to be me and doesn't realize he'll never get close.

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touhou with pokemons thread?

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Yes, precisely!

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Is that Windows-7-tan?

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How the hell does that image make sense here?


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Both of you, The door's right there, get out.

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>he thinks I don't know he's Shifty

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Oh look it's deleted, that faggot even the other tripfaggots hate.

Fail some more, recently?

Don't even link to one of my posts again or i'll kill your entire family. What makes you think a little bitch like you has that right? Learn your place.

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Oh, I had no idea beating up Kogasa was popular around here...

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This is one of my favorites.

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This is illegal you know!

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Silence, KoGasa.

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Sanae will always have dominance over Kogasa and you know it.

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CAN'T UNSEE!!! Thank Yumi.


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Stupid parasol.

Sanae does good by stealing it.

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Stupid parasol.

Sanae does good by fucking it.

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Yuri is disgusting shit.


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You can stop their pure love for each other.

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You can't stop their pure, flawless love for eachother

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Don't ask what the hell is with Yuka's parasol.

Also, Kogasa's gonna get raped.

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Quick question: The real Kogasa is supposed to be the parasol, right?

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Get away from her. Now.

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Yeah. She's the embodiment of a 100 year old Umbrella.

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Mmm... I would like to re-create this image...

Can I /jp/?...

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Go ahead make my day.

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You waste your time. Lies and slander are no match for love and happiness.

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KoGasa asked Yuka for help on how to be scary once.

Yuka was getting her payment in the form of abuse.

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That's pretty cool.

This thread switched its course really fast :'(

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Eh, it's up in the air. Another Touhou question that will never be answered, because Kogasa is never going to appear in another game.

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Blame me if you want.


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I'll fund it.

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It's all right, I don't mind the Kogasa dump.

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Kogasa's teacher is Yuka, because Kogasa is absolute shit at scaring people.

Yuka tries to teach everyone.

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Oh, don't be like that.

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Yuka deals with Kogasa's stupidity and helps her become an actually useful youkai.

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Hm... she's the most annoying Stage 2 boss, though.

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Herein lies the problem

We adore the old characters, but aside from the fightan gaems, PoFV, and StB clones, we'll never see the old characters, especially those without strong connection to the heroines.

You will never see a new flagship touhou game with a useless bunny good only for her sex appeal, anyone from the Earth Palace, Cirno's yuki-onna mother, Amelia Earnhardt's loli-ghost, Murasa, that tiger bitch, that tiny-tiny clever commander, Kogasa, Hina, the Harvest goddess sisters, the Prismriver sisters, Tewi, or even Yuka. Hell, Sakuya's looking less and less likely, we can kiss the SDM cast goodbye if she doesn't become a heroine again.

Wiggle on the other hand is guaranteed to show up in the next game.

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No earth spider, either?

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Kogasa is not Chen, idiot.

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not even half as bad as louise

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Forget about Yamame.

You'll get her back when Yuka becomes the main character.

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ZUN can't make those characters appear a second time in a main game! He wants to have originality not the same old characters.

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Here is Kogasa about to get her face pounded in.

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nope, not that green-eyed bitch or the bucket loli either. I guess I forgot to mention them since they're technically not part of the Earth Palace.

That oni has a small chance of appearing thanks to Suika, thoughs he is supposedly stuck underground.

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Here is-

Oh my god.

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Kogasa's not dumb, she's just...new.

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So anyway, I know which EX stage to tackle now that I've cleared UFO.

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>thoughs he

Also, here is Sanae about to rape Kogasa.

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But we'll definitely see more of Reimu, Marisa and Sanae, right?

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Why is /jp/ so anal retentive about spelling?

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Yeah. Of course. Aya will probably be in there, as well.

Here is Kogasa enjoying the domination like a good dog.

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just out of curiosity, why would Wriggle show up in the next game?

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Because that motherfucking transgender.


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As well as anyone strongly connected to them, at least in cutscenes.

This includes Yukarin and Suika, Less likely but still probable are Alice, Patchy, Nitori, and Aya. Suwako and Kanako may appear in conjunction with Sanae.

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It's an easy way to filter out low-quality posters.

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Has Aya become ZUN's favorite character or is it me?

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No it's just your stupid self since Sakuya is in more games

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She was ever since StB.

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Her character is just easy to put into any game.
After all, it's her job to report on new incidents.

Plus he created her for StB-style games, so she has another edge there.

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Not really, no.

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>Sakuya: 6, 7, 8, 9, 9.5, 10.5, 12.3 (7 games)
>Aya: 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 12.3, 12.5 (7 games)

Come again?

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Maybe. I don't want to sound like the people who complain about Aya in this way, "AYA SUCKED ZUN'S DICK TO GET INTO FUTURE GAMES, WHAT A SLUT."

Maybe Aya is ZUN's waifu.

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Well, he's gotta have a favorite character. For me, it's Suika.

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Anyone who's been here for less than a month knows who my favorite is.

But let's not digress...Well, it is your thread.

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For the record:
Yuuka and Mima appeared in every game since their implementations until EoSD.
Sakuya and Youmu appeared in every game since their implementations until MoF.
Aya appeared in every game since her implementation until UFO.

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But whatever. Obligatory.

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I wasn't complaining about Yuka...Was anyone complaining about Yuka or Mima?

Or were you just pointing out facts?

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I didn't see Mima in LLS, though.

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Just facts.

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>For the record:
Seems like it.

I think the whole "Aya is ZUN's favorite" thing came about because she has the most recent streak of games she's been in.

And that's because, like I said, she's a reporter. A perfect character for ZUN to use in every game, once he thought her up.

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Oh, hey, you're right. Whoops.

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that's a real bitchy Sanae right there.

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You jerk. Get that outta there.

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Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Sorry for changing the topic once again, but do you guys think Suika was sort of a filler in Double Spoiler, just to give Yuugi a partner in her scene?

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This thread is yours, you know.

We're taking it easy tonight. I doubt anyone minds if you change the topic to speculate about the games.

>> No.5080802

Right...And to actually answer the question...

Suika didn't really seem to have a place except for being Yuugi's partner. So I think yes.

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Suika is never filler.

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Kisume didn't seem to have a place except for being Yamame and Kogasa's partner.

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Hatate: "Maybe I should write an article about what I imagine it's like to live in a bucket."

The Double Spoiler print work is going to be awesome.

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Oh, don't mind me changing the topic, talk about anything you want. Keep posting Kogasa if you feel like it, too, or keep speculating about games.

Well, to keep my earlier discussion, do you think Touhou 13 will continue the saga that started with MoF? Cause' I think UNL left some untied knots at the end of the story modes.

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Actually, Kogasa was seriously out of place thee.

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The only one out-of-place in DS was Suika. Everyone else was there for the sake of completion; it has every character from MoF to UFO...except the giant catfish ;_;

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Bumpin' I guess

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I mean Kogasa was out of place in the freaking underground, she's supposed to be in the sky.

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Surprising, isn't it?

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Yes, yes she was.

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D I d y O u k n o w T h A t m o O t i S a T h i E F W h o H A S N O T w o R K E d A d A y I N H I s L I f e ? h t t P : / / 8 8 . 8 0 . 2 1 . 1 2 /

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"Did you know that moot is a thief who has not worked a day in his life?"

I dunno, you tell me.

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Speaking of Double Spoiler, any sign of an English patch coming soon?

>> No.5081040

I'm not sure whether I should find Kogasa cute or sexy.

>> No.5081041

I'm not sure if an english patch will come until the bug in 12-6 has been fixed.

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Don't respond to those.

>> No.5081061

Okay, makes sense.

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Oh, sorry.

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Its a bot, bro. Don't bother with it.

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Sexy Kogasa is best Kogasa.

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I was surprised...

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The best pic of kogasa ever she is so soft oh god

worksafe rigth?

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Contributin' to the original topic of this thread...

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The original topic was "more like this" and it had Kogasa. So more of Kogasa is legitimate as well.

Plus, nobody cares about thunderfish girl.

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Nah, it was supposed to be Touhou with Pokemans, but just make it into anything you want, I'm just trying to keep it alive, it's beena while since I made a thread with more than 50 replies.

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Iku is too busy frillin' to care about you not caring about her.

Also Suika was placed in Double Spoiler because most people didn't even see her spellcards in Shoot the Bullet.

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Oh. If you want Pokemon and touhous, just go to pixiv and type in 東方 and ポケモン.

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is akyu going to use the master ball on maribel or on renko?

>> No.5081236

Saved and saved. Thanks.

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A pokemon style battle!

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Is that a drill I see? I think I see a drill.

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why yes it is!

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Iku is way too laid back and chill to generate enough power for a drill that large.

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Mine is bigger.

>> No.5081348

She would if the Dragon-God commanded so.

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For shame simon! You of all people should know that size isn't that matter! It's the Driller behind the Drill!!!!

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>size doesn't matter

Whatever you say, bro. Nobody in Gensokyo can stop me.

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well your plot armor haxx is very think.

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I choose you!

Go, RAN!

>> No.5081469

fucking saved!!

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Say that after reading this.

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Fuck, misclick.

>> No.5081488


Then Simon drills a hole through the dimension that Yukari sealed him away in and beats the shit out of her.

>> No.5081497
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>> No.5081502

that shit was simply genius

>> No.5081514

Too bad she keeps on popping holes everywhere.

>> No.5081528

Both make reality their bitch. Yukari would probably win, though.
>Hey, Simon, guess where your heart is?

>> No.5081529

>Touhou vs Gurren Lagann discussion.
C'mon guys. Really?

>> No.5081536
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I... I don't know what to say. That was... sort of brilliant.

>> No.5081537
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>> No.5081539


It's Iku's fault for whipping out her damn drill.

>> No.5081550

...oh, snap.

>> No.5081551


Then he pumps his blood with pure Spiral energy in place of his heart.

>> No.5081560
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It's a handful of posts. Straight Touhou powerlevel debates are worse.

>> No.5081568

Simon VS Yukari ?
i feel sorry for Simon.
well if he's lucky, Yukari'll simply send him back home.

>> No.5081578

Can someone explain this. I really have no clue.

>> No.5081586
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A Sanae thread took a wrong turn, people started talking about how Gensokyo was all in Sanae's head, and in reality, she's a pathatic cripple...or something.

>> No.5081592


Why is this so cute.

>> No.5081611

gensyoko is all in sanae's head, from PC-98 through DS. in life her parents suck, other kids make fun of her for being crippled, and she has nothing. eventually she incorporates herself into her delusions and further slips loose from reality. eventually slipping into a coma from repeated drug abuse. but now she is happy. she lives her delusions and is free from reality.

>> No.5081614

Thank you for posting this.

Used to air on adultswim but I never finished. *downloading*

>> No.5081623


I thought all of Gensokyo was Reimu and Marisa's shared dream while they were comatose in the same room of a hospital.

>> No.5081628

Living the dream.

>> No.5081640
File: 138 KB, 600x600, bcccb4a20cb175a849484e000da0bbcb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's what the artist does.

>> No.5081648
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This is was life, minus the delusion. I wish I could slip loose from reality and become comatose, living the rest of my days in Gensokyo ;_;

>> No.5081665
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Would you rather she hit you with Shifting damage?

>> No.5081686

That's only in the fan-made game, Concealed the Conclusion (fantastic game, actually ;_;)

>> No.5081695

MOAR! Or links to MOAR!

>> No.5083366 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.5083539


Oh god. I came.

>> No.5085850 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.5088355
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not sure if this one was posted yet but lol

>> No.5089829

This thread is still alive? Bump!

>> No.5090017

Use this.