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bkub was never good.

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However, I do have to agree that this one comic isn't very funny. However, 95% of bkub's work is brilliant.

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Where do you get your Chenergy?

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chen is a hen

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I fucking hate you.

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Truly weekend /jp/, we even get bkub haters now.

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hey chen do a barrel roll

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walfas > little shrimp > bkub

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I love posting this.

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True fax.

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Protip: OP's 4koma wasn't even wade by bkub.

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Typical lifespan of anything on the internet, pretty soon more and more people will sage it until it is only posted to troll. If I had that /v/ "cake is a lie" comic I'd post it.

Can't have anything too popular on the internet without someone realizing it would make them cooler to hate on it, and from that point on the switch is flipped. It becomes more popular to sage things once they have crossed a certain line of popularity. Walfas and IOSYS crossed that line literally years ago, but bkub is not immune to the system.

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Ah, I thought the style did seem somewhat different.

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