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i come to you with a question
How do you pronounce the names of some of the touhou characters? it boggles me and gets me embarassed in conversation

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I think what you mean is actually called a monologue, bro

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dont bother. native english speakers cant pronounce japanese. it sounds even worse than the other way around.

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you should be embarrassed for talking about touhou at all

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These kind of things are best enjoyed in isolation, you know?

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No. Get the fuck out.

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None of the characters have particularly difficult names to pronounce.
Or are you talking about characters like cirno and tewi whose japanese pronunciations are generally different from ours?

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Break them down into their syllables and learn the proper hiragana pronunciations...
Mo-Mi-Ji, Yo-u-mu, Ko-ga-sa, etc.

The best way to learn is to look at a hiragana pronunciation chart. 99% of the time, the hiragana WILL NOT change pronunciation no matter what sort of order you put them in. There are some exceptions with the "n" sound, etc. but you don't really need to bother with that.

YU= "you"
YU= "you"
KO= "co" as in "cola"

and so forth. Any you're particularly stuck on?

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>hiragana WILL NOT change pronunciation no matter what sort of order you put them in

Don't forget は

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You pronounce Touhou character names as they are spelled using Japanese characters. The only name you necessarily should have trouble with it Tewi; "wi" is an archaic character but the "w" sound is virtually silent anyway so "Tei" is acceptable.

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Oh, you Americans..

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I said there were some exceptions, and that has more to do with when it gets used as a particle as opposed to being in somone's name.

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Just watch them Touhou M-1's or something OP.

Or just anything else that is voiced and has Touhous.

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is gensokyo pronounced like "JENSK-yo"?

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Isn't there an audio pronunciation guide on the wiki?

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Learn any language other than english, then use that pronunciation and it'll sound just right.

English pronunciation is fucking retarded.

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Pronounces are available on the characters' pages.

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Go back to /a/

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Nice mutherfucking get

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Post the Touhous you can't pronounce, bro.

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You're thinking in English there, bro.

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