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If Kou turns out to be some sort of sword-wielding Kenshin-trained fuckawesome princess with something like this as her theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_rE56Ik5Tc
I'll cum twenty buckets.

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Unless you expect her to become Xena within a couple months, no.

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Shingen got fed up with running his country and ran away after a battle by leaving his armor behind.as a decoy.

Somewhere in the mainland a huge feudal warlord of vast skill is running in nothing but his underwear.

I'm also hoping British gets freed, it's about fucking time.

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So you want unpredictible and not boring?
How about this:
Sill gets unfrozen personally by Kaybliss and fucked to death by his 8 monster cocks. Good day sir.

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I doubt that she'll get older than 15 or so, so I don't think she'll be an awesome swordswoman or anything. Or tactician, because she just doesn't have it in her.

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That's not nice

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That's a privilege reserved for Hornet

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Too bad the feminists won.
The next Rance game will have Rance turning into a huge moralfag.

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COme now, no way that will happen.

Might as well make Kentarou the hero then.

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Dude, what.
Source or something.

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I dont think next game will be in JAPAN.

Rance is already done by women (at least the sex scenes) and also he is already moralfag. But tsundere.

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It already started with Sengoku Rance.
Go compare Rance's personality with his personality on the previous games.
Sengoku Rance also didn't really contain hardcore rape compared to their previous games too.

Alicesoft is mellowing out.

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>I dont think next game will be in JAPAN.
I never said that.
But it still doesn't mean we won't get to see Kou?

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The fact that this corresponds to events seen in Rance 6 and still contains quite enough rape is irrelevant I guess.
Alicesoft sure mellowed out, having little kids jizzing over a violated little girl.

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As long as the sex scenes and Rape Scenes are still hilarious, then I'm perfectly fine.

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As long as kenshin is still in, kicking ass and taking names, I'm cool.

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Ya, the one with leila and the futa were really tame.

and kou-chan of course.

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Actually that's really tame compared to what they used to do to subheroines in their games. Hell she even recovers.

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Not really, no.
She is a 10 year old kid.
It's not TAMER then an adult woman violated and losing her mind, or a kid who due to offscreen abuse lost an eye.

You can talk about TAMER when there is no RAPE and violate broken girls AT all at any moment.

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Rance had concesual or barely forced sex a fuckton of times too.
I doubt you actually PLAYED older games.

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Well, OKAY.

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Go play an older Alicesoft game and get back to me. What Kou went through is nothing compared to what Alicesoft used to do to female characters in their games.

The fact is Rance and Alicesoft as a whole is tamer than what they used to be. Just play their old games and see it for yourself.

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Wasnt Alice Soft also making some space-rance game or something?

>> No.5066933

Dai Teikoku

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Ok, thanks.
Any other info on that? Release date or anything

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Went from 3 to 6.
Yes, tragic events have happened.
Sengoku still has quite a few events that are shock and awe, easily.
Being a bit tamer in comparison does not make it tame in overall
And they have been working Rance angle since 5d.
Which is like 8 years.

You guys exaggerate.

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They are making Rance quite tamer that's for sure.

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Plus, they rereleased 2 with updated Graphics from their OH SO OLD AND HARDCORE DAYS.
You people read too much into things.

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I'm ok with this as I've never digged hardcore rape & gore but i can see why older fans of the games can feel let down.

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Hopefully, you literally mean Rance in space.
I'd fucking murder for spinoffs with descendants of his in different eras.

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Yes, instead of 60% rape, we now have 40%.
And females managed to recover from their broken state after being violated. Or stayed unconfirmed(hey Leila)
Does not feel like Rance anymore/
Oh, the pity.

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It's from the DAI series.
Like Daibanchou that is worked on right now.

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Can't wait for Kayblis' dramatic entrance.
Hope he rapes all the female chars to death.

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2 wasn't that harsh. In comparison, 6 was harsh at times. Very harsh. And that's just one game ago.

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Sure it was.
Just because Sengoku has less harsh moments, it does not mean it LACKS them.
Hence, 'reading into it too much.
Not every Rance game will have Aberuto whose hobby is breaking females.
Xavier is more of a 'direct approach' guy.

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>Stupid fucking troll that needs to die
>Faggot that needs to die slowly knowing he's a faggot getting fucked in the ass by that Medusa ripoff bitch

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Considering the number, that would be a game of it's own.

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Albert wasn't even the one who caused the two harshest scenes in the game.

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Ferris, sure.
What is your second?

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Huh, I knew about Daibanchou, but I didn't know it was part of another series by Alicesoft. I'll go check their site to get acquainted then.

They don't usually do pussy protagonists though, do they?

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In Daiakuji, you are an ex convict who rises up to fight against a feminist empire.

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Cutie Band. Oh and then Elizabeth would be a third.

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...Nah, not the worst.
Rizna got covered in 5D too, so less impact.

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Not to forget all those poorfags going on a rape assault at the girl's academy. Fuck dat shit, I killed em all with fucking prejudice.

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Dunno, Uruza's personal shit ranks higher than these for me.

>> No.5067084

Are you serious? REALLY?

Those girls got mindfucked and Cutie got so f'ed hard her vaginal muscles became so loose that when Rance was forced to have sex with her to not get killed by Kamilla, Rance, who owns the Hyper Weapon, said that Cutie's vagina was loose. To the Hyper Weapon FFS. And she was probably dead by the time the game ended.

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cruel story bro

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Shit ain't logical.
She gets raped by Rance to the point she wants to commit suicide but can't bring herself to it and ends up watching fireworks and having a generally happy time with him in JAPAN.

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Emotional torment over the years with a character you have plenty interactions with hits me a bit harder then a woman who is literally SEXUALLY SAVAGED.
When Ryouma was gangbanged by ogres and due to supernatural strength did not break easily and they could kept going?
Not even on my Sengoku Top 5.

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My least favorite Sengoku scene was when Xavier raped his daughter. So sad.

If only Rance was full of pure virgins like Kenshin and Magic instead of all these sluts.

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De Nile much?

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> pure virgins like Kenshin and Magic instead of all these sluts
>implying Kou is a slut

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Rance showed her a brave new world through his sexcapades. Also physical therapy via doggy style and assisted walking.

Who gives a shit what you feel? The sexual torment are still very harsh scenes. That was even worse than what Ryoma ever got because Rance was able to save her in time. Which would be equal to what the rich girls getting gangbanged felt.

Elizabeth was saved, but got mindbroken. Feris got mindbroken after being saved. Cutie just disappeared after her entirety was used up like a rag. Last one's pretty bad.

Urza started liking the sex in the middle of it, and the rape only happened once before she thought she wanted to kill herself. But Rance told her she'd do bad things to her if she ever killed herself, to which she thought it was ironic. Most of the pain Urza felt wasn't the rape, but her utter helplessness during the chaos of the Pentagon plan to destroy the towers.

Even Rance told her off, telling her that if she really wanted to change things, she should've stopped everyone during the final meeting before the operation began.

In the end, what Urza had was a good end because she revived. Like Kou did. Also, she had a hot sex scene in the end with Rance.

The other girls I mentioned, not so much.

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Magic is the purest girl in the entire game next to Kenshin it's too bad Rance keeps trying to corrupt her innocent angelic mind.

>> No.5067165

Get Magic drunk in Rance 6. She acts like a dirty slut.

>> No.5067169


>Pure virgins like Kenshin.
>Implying Kenshin isn't a slut.

>> No.5067172

>Magic is the purest girl in the entire game next to Kenshin it's too bad Rance keeps trying to corrupt her innocent angelic forehead.


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Not this shit again.

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Magic pure. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. You're fucking hilarious.

Aside from that though, couldn't it be a possibility that Rance is 'becoming tame' due to the fact that he's growing up? I mean, I myself never played any of the previous games, but wasn't Rance about 18 or so during the first few games? Of course he's gonna be wild and crazy then, he's got power, he's young, and he's capable. Well, he still is, of course, but I personally just like to think that Rance is simply starting to grow up a bit more is all. But maybe Alicesoft could make more antagonists rape his womens, hm?

>> No.5067193


You STILL haven't accepted that fact?

>> No.5067194

why hasn't anyone mentioned panda guy rape scene

that was bad too

i hate rape in my vns

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I already said I cannot accept lies.

>>5067131 thinking like I do only reinforces my opinion.

>> No.5067229


What the fuck, I just typed out like three paragraphs of stuff and I could word filtered or some shit. What a pain in the ass.

Anyways, Sil was holding him back and preventing him from being awesome. With her gone he may go back to his old awesome ways.

>> No.5067234


How can it be a lie when there is evidence to support what I said?

>> No.5067237

That scene wasn't rape. She agreed to do it in exchange for his panda army.

>> No.5067241

Not canon, fag.

>> No.5067246

I only like rape when Rance does it.

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Just adding 'saved in the end' does not make things better.
We have scenes 'coming late to kenshin's rescue' or 'Xavier doing home visits and impaling/fucking his immortal daughter' in Sengoku.

Also, the offscreen events with Alfra disturb me more than Cutie still.
Just how it is.

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Who are the five purest girls in Rance? Good luck trying to find five.

>> No.5067259

>implying Rance never had Sill along with him for all the games

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I'll let you live in your delusional world.

But when you come back to reality, you are going to have to accept that fact.

Kenshin is a slut.

>> No.5067267

Oh right.

But she didn't have as much say.

>> No.5067269

They are all Demons and Gods

>> No.5067273

Kanami is pretty cute. I liked the scene where she peed.

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Every woman from the ranceverse can be seen as a slut if you compare them to real life, but by ranceverse standards, kenshin is very pure.

>> No.5067288


Just from the games I've played.

>> No.5067300

Mikan watches Rance masturbate. Every time.

>> No.5067304

Rance not being able to rape Miki was huge turnoff. If it doesn't happen next game I'll throw something through my screen.

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He has to!

>> No.5067329

Hold off, Miki is the Superior Protagonist Material's girl

Though seriously, I expect some Kentarou vs the actual Hero from the future. I want to see him and Miki kill the moralfag of the history, though I know the Hero cannot be killed before he loses the title

>> No.5067333

Just because she wants love from Rance doesn't make her an impure slut. If you took away all the lust she has for him you'd see her as a pure girl, but really, she only looks at Rance so I still believe she is pure. If anything, Ai, her closest friend who fucked Rance behind Kenshins back is the impure one. Even when Kenshin found that out later, she accepted that rather maturely, what the fuck.

>> No.5067338

Fuck no.
If that happens I hope they kill off Kentarou first cause I find netori pretty shitty.

>> No.5067352

>Superior Protagonist
So Rance WILL fuck Miki is what you're saying?

>> No.5067362

Hey, she's still pure.

>> No.5067365

Won't happen. Kentarou is the true hero in the Rance universe, not Rance.

Rance is the antagonist.

>> No.5067366

Just look at Kentarou's 'Automatically Generated Demon-Armor' after his transformation. JUST LOOK AT IT! ISN'T IT BADASS?!

>> No.5067383

>not the true hero of Ranceverse who's done the most heroic things among the 3 protagonists of Ranceverse
>true hero even when he sucks on rocks and thinks wallets run away

Even Miki agreed that Rance is cooler than Kentarou but didn't agree to fuck Rance because she already has a boyfriend.

>> No.5067387

Damn .. I love Miki and Kentarou. First time I saw them I was like .. whut? Those two look weird. Then I found out she is Demon King. AND then I found out she and Kentarou are from our world.
btw. I read some things about her on Rance wiki, and I heard there are som bonus materials .. are they about her? Or something completly differnt?

>> No.5067389

Needs moar lesbian rape.

>> No.5067391

All RPG heroes are idiots right at the start.

>> No.5067401

>at the start
>Kentarou's still a retard even now

>> No.5067406

No. Get out.

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>> No.5067447


>> No.5067448

I hate Kentarou. I hope rance beats the shit out of him and rapes Miki in front of his eyes on top of the block of frozen Sill.

>> No.5067458

Are any other Rance games being translated right now? As far as I know, Sengoku Rance is the only game that has been translated into english.

>> No.5067474

what makes you think they're going to make a new rance game

it's been like four years and there's still no word on one

>> No.5067478

Sadly, no. ;_;

>> No.5067491

It's been announced. It would last until Rance X, notwithstanding the possibility of games in the middle of each number. Dai-Teitoku pushed it back a bit because TADA's subordinates suck.

>> No.5067658

I'd rather Rance have consensual sex with Miki from some devious plot with Kentarou not knowing about it happening.

>> No.5067788

>That's it! All you need to do to control the Demon King powers is get fucked by Rance!

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He will rape Hornet, Kou, Kenshin, Miki, Omachi, Ferris, magic and female Rance at the same time.

>> No.5067863

We actually had a project for Rance 3 going that reached 16% before dying.

>> No.5067875

So hyper weapon an imperial juice was already translated?

>> No.5067881

>He will rape Hornet, Kou, Kenshin, Miki, Omachi, Ferris, magic and
No, no, no, no, no, no, no-
>female Rance
...now that's something my morbid curiosity would like to feast on.

>> No.5067885

No, no, just because Rance is a tsundere does not mean he's a moralfag.

Motherfucker still RAPES THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYONE, but he just happens to have someone who he cares about the most.

>> No.5067900

Why on top of Iceblock-chan, exactly?

>> No.5067913

Kayblis will fuck her for sure.

Rabnce world is very realistic. The bad guys will win in the end.

>> No.5067926


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Next game will be about Hannys having fun.

>> No.5067948

See, I always thought that if we get a DEMON KING END in the next Rance game, that he'd have her be in some beautiful garden or some shit, and flip out if the garden was even slightly disturbed and what not.

I think fucking another woman on top of his waifu is not exactly a fitting tribute.

>> No.5067955

Rance still has to fuck Hanny Queen.

>> No.5067960
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Think we'll have to deal with her in the next Rance game? Or did the rape NEVER HAPPEN?

>> No.5067965

I sold her to Xavier so I not have to fight him. Too bad leila.

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Nice armor sis.

>> No.5067978

No. Fuck you. And in Ranceverse, RANCE always win. Bad guys die by his hands.

>> No.5067979

Yandere mode Rance is an asshole.

>> No.5067985 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.5067997

Fucking whale.

>> No.5067999

both of those weren't used before VI (it uses Hyper Weapon a few times but normally it's Weapon of Destruction)

And that's enough to play through around 1/9th of the game, it's a whole city, one dungeon, all battle and camp screen message, all the overworld you can access up to a certain point and a bunch of side content like H videos you can find. I am kind of bitter about letting the work go to waste.

>> No.5068008

actually Rance already traded his body with a woman and got raped by his own body before.

>> No.5068029

...brb, learning moon.

>> No.5068041

Rance-ko needs a good pounding. In her vagina. By Kentarou.

>> No.5068072

Kentarou sucks dick.

The most ironic fate that could happen to Rance would be this. Shit doesn't go well in 8, Sill dies, but Rance being Rance beats the BBEG and gets a wish from the whale god.

He wishes to bring Sill back. The whale god agrees, but throws in a little trick.

The next game you play as a male amensiac Sill.

>> No.5068132

>The next game you play as a male amensiac Sill.
I'll take twenty.
Would Rance stay male too though?

>> No.5068144

Why not continue then?

Yes. Rance will probably kill him, but only after he fucked to death all the female chars. This is Alicesoft we're talking about after all.

>> No.5068157


>> No.5068162

>This is Alicesoft
Seriously, stop trolling.

>> No.5068163

No, no, as the wandering magician Lis, you'd occasionally get into scraps with a crazy mercernary girl and her corps.

You'd wonder why the heck the girl is so obsessed with you.

>> No.5068167

Anon, that sounds really cliche.

We need more endings completely screwing up Rance's sexuality, self-confidence and manhood. I say, DEBASE HIM COMPLETELY.

>> No.5068176

Stop being in denial.

>> No.5068179

You kidding me? Rance being a girl but ending up with the one he loves is the most delicious ending ever.

Sure you can get a RANCE BECOMES YUKIHIME 2.0 end, but that's rather lame.

>> No.5068180

That's not the point of the Rance games. You fuck women to enjoy the hilarity of it. Not to see Rance get fucked.

If you want games like that, find a yaoi VN, faggot.

>> No.5068192

Stop trolling. I've not encountered a Rance game that horrible, you troll. And the series has only been getting tamer and tamer from 4.

>> No.5068202

Actually, I have also not encountered an Alice game that horrible at all.

>> No.5068241

I have been trying to find other people to work on a game for a long time and finally got one other translator who went inactive after like less than 200 lines though. I can't get it all done just by myself, besides I was hoping that while doing 3 I could gather a team large enough to be able to tackle Kichikuoh next.

VI has a lot more fucked up stuff than IV. Rance got a bit nicer but not really by much - cutting an innocent man to test Sill's improved healing spell in Sengoku is among the worst he's done in the whole series.

>> No.5068274

Did you pay no attention to Rance's Female ending? It was hilarious! The moment every penis in the area points at femme Rance, you could hear the God Whale giggling.

I think it is nice for Rance to be on the receiving end once in a while, to clear up some bad Karma.

>> No.5068288

Well, Sill healed him, so it's OK!

Although god help people in Rance 8, without Sill to make Rance chill things won't go well.

>> No.5068302

How about NO?

>> No.5068318

A lot of bad shit recently happened to him via proxy already. So I don't think so.

>> No.5068328

Yeah, poor Rance, not dying to the demon King because his slave took the bullet for him.

Sucks to be him.

>> No.5068338

You're probably the kind of guy who wouldn't even be sad when your entire family croaks in one night.

>> No.5068345

But Rance is nearly heartless, so it is okay.

>> No.5068350

>nearly heartless
At least play the game with the intent of reading the text and not skipping the messages.

>> No.5068358
File: 37 KB, 640x480, ALCG0000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Stop it, me! That hurts, I'm not ready yet"
(What unbelievable strength... Am I... always like this?)

>> No.5068373

And Rance doesn't learn the lesson too well. Why is he so hilarious?

>> No.5068376

He is most of the time when he doesn't have a rare dere-dere moment for Sill or cares about Kou.

>> No.5068383


>> No.5068395

Sanakia. I loved the part where Rance makes gentle love to her, and when he was trying to teach her Rance Attack, and the DALK sword Excalibur test. Rance is so.... what kind of dere is it when he doesn't want anyone to know his true feelings? Hiddendere?

>> No.5068424

Yes, And it will become alicesoft's first Y-Game.

>> No.5068426

Just Tsundere.
Tsunderrance is best Rance.

>> No.5068434

Whoah...so...wait...is this technically...masturbation?

>> No.5068459

No. Self rape.

>> No.5068461

Well, his soul is in the girl's body and his own body is controlled by a monster's soul so he doesn't actually feel the pleasure in his own body... I don't really know what that makes that scene other than disturbing and hilarious.

>> No.5068486
File: 20 KB, 257x236, 1265223352076.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tsunderrance is best Rance.

>> No.5068507
File: 583 KB, 800x600, 1271274959621.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is!

>> No.5068548

Sill is 16 or 17 in that pic, enjoy your jailtime brits

That scene was great. Needs moar passionate lovemaking. Also I find it amusing Sill's wearing a choker with an 'R' on it.

>> No.5068595 [SPOILER] 
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16 is legal EVEN in Britain.
>That scene was great. Needs moar passionate lovemaking.

>> No.5068616


Hanny is watching you fuck

>> No.5068617

>16 is legal EVEN in Britain.
no, no it isn't - to have sex yes, to be seen naked, no.

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