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Reisen is terrible you should never hit those smaller than you.

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that little shit deserves it and you know it.

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Who else would you hit? Those bigger than you?

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Tewi is much older than Reisen. Tewi likes it.

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Tewi must be constantly punished.

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But she is her elder and as they say "you should always respect your elders".

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Age doesn't matter. Tewi's body probably age slowly than Reisen.

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I don't understand why, but Tewi makes me want to be both the person who violently spanks the shit out of her till she cries, as well as the person who snuggles with and comforts a sniffling, post-spanking, sore assed Tewi and dries her tears...

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"I-it tickes reisen...please stop it I-i wont prank you anymore"

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After seeing that ZUN featured MAG presentation, I can't unsee the artist's ugly ass teeth whenever I see his art.

Fffffffffffffffuuu- I really did enjoy his work. ;_;

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never spank moe "children"

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Tewi isn't moe. If anything she needs spanking harder and longer.

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Tei is moe just a different kind if anyone sould be spanked its Tenshi she is actually evil.

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At least its only hand spanking and is not a whip or a belt her ass will be fine you guys.

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Hand spankings do hurt trust me.....