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Which one is /jp/ ?

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#4, duh

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bottom right one

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Only a few people are grimdark on /jp/. The rest would be bottom right.

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the one with the penis

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Four. Obviously.

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well i'm straight so i'll go with the upper right
enjoy being a fag

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#1 is fine too.

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upper right one

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None of the above.

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grim and dark loli taking it easy

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All of the above, and more.

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Bottom right, obviously. Nobody in their right minds would pick anything else.

GRIMDARK is nothing like ZUN intended and solely exists to please powerlevels-loving Nasu fans.

ZUN himself doesn't want fans to stick to OMG CANON ONLY, and encourages people to come up with their own ideas.

Equally, there's more to Gensokyo than tea-drinking and there are clearly some bits of seriousness as the plot demands.

Thus, the only correct answer is 4).

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The one where she mocks your futile attempts to stop her LET'S GET A PARTY GOING, NOW IT'S TIME TO PARTY AND WE'LL PARTY HARD.

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I'm a powerlevel loving Type-Moon fan and I don't like grimdark Gensokyo. I prefer a more casual Gensokyo with occasional power banter.

"Sure X might beat Y with the best of parameters in X's favor but Y's power is too vague and why would they fight anyway?", etc.

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I like the canon purely as it is, but I read doujins and laugh at stupid memes too AND I fap to lolis so I guess everything but grimdark powerlevels.

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#1 and #4. Yeah, sure, #1 breaks the established setting all over the god damn place and often defies logic, but it's for that very reason that I find it enjoyable.

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Type Mercury (ORT) = Ado Edem > Type Jupiter > Type Saturn > Type Pluto > Type Venus > Type Moon (Crimson Moon) > Primate Murder > Original Roa > Angra Mainyu > Zelretch (young) > Counter Guardian Archer > Gilgamesh (Tohsaka) > Gilgamesh (Kotomine) = Arcueid (standard 30%) > Dark Sakura > Dark Saber > Lancelot = Saber > 5th Berserker = 17th Roa (Elesia) > Dark Berserker > 4th Rider > 5th Lancer (optimal) > 4th Lancer = 5th Rider (Sakura/optimal) = 4th Caster (optimal) > 5th Lancer (Kotomine) = 5th Caster = 4th Caster (Ryuunosuke) > 5th Rider (Shinji) > Nrvnqsr = Clairvoyant Fujino = Kurogiri > Archer > Kouma > 5th Assassin = 4th Assassin > Aoko = Barthomeloi = Kojirou = Ciel = "Ryougi Shiki" = Souren Araya (within the Ogawa Building) > Gun God (Black Barrel) > Touko = El-Melloi = Night of Wallachia > Sion Tatari = Melty Blood Satsuki = R.Shiki = Akiha = Asagami Fujino = 18th Roa > Tohno SHIKI = Alba = Heavenç—´ Feel Shirou = Kiri > Nanaya Shiki = Reinforced Kuzuki = Sion = UBW Shirou = Waver = Bazett > Avenger = Rin = Kotomine = Zouken = Luvia > Kiritsugu = Irisviel > Maiya = Leysritt = Tsukihime Satsuki = Lio = Avalon Shirou = Sakura = Ilya = Kariya = Len > Kirie = Caren = Meruka > The Dead = Possessed Corpse = Azaka = Misayo = Dragon Tooth Warrior = Fuji-nee > Fake Shiki > Gun God (unequipped) = Ryuunosuke = Tomoe = Shinji = Hisui = Kohaku

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Grimdark powerlevels.

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"Varying mixtures." ZUN and Taking It Easy during friendly everyday activities, grimdark when any hostilities take place. Also, variations in ratios from character to character: minimal grimdark Momiji and Aya, minimal cute for Eientei crowd, minimal ZUN for Yakumo family, et'cetra.

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Forgot the best of all, bro

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Where does guro fit?

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Whenever I read something new, I try to figure out if the most powerful character in it could beat Yukari. They can't very often.

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Grimdark, duh.

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i like canon and fanon mixed

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typically I like the right side, but good god is grimdark nice some times.

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Lower right, ZUN likes new ideas from fans, Gensokyo isn't really grimdark unless you're a outsider, and there is still serious elements mixed in with all the cute.

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Yeah I enjoy that chart actually, it's mostly a guideline than an absolute and clearly bad matchups mean someone faaar below can beat someone higher up.


I like you. You're silly.

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But grimdark is terrible and for teenagers. I don't let this shape my view of what Touhou is or ought to be in any way. I claim a 5th category.

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lay off the meds

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Grimdark Touhou = Best Touhou

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I like GRIMDARKNESS, but only for the mindfucks and rape

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had part 2 been released and translated yet?

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