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You may remember my case, you may not.
Some months ago, after a lot of practice, I beat Phantasm stage. Yay! Well, three days after that I got sick with common cold. I didn't pay attention to it. A month after that heroic moment, I tried beating her again. And, what do you know, I got sick again! By that point, I deduced that Yukari can actually manipulate the border of fantasy and reality and health and sickness at the same time, every time I whoop her ass, just to take revenge on me. So, now that I finally decided to face her again, I want you guys to pray for my well-being.
/fascinating story

tl;dr Fuck it, Yukari thread.

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check out hdporntube.de.gg

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you got sick AGAIN?
jesus christ

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I'd really like to know if she could manipulate the border of her-being-a-mortal-but-quite-uncommon-youkai and her-being-a-goddess.
A lot of secondary powers are required though.

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Yukari fuels my creepy fetish.
I love it.

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maybe your immune system just sucks, anon.

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I didn't. I plan to attempt another Phantasm run and I'm afraid it will happen again. Please, pray for me, Suigin ;_;

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Actually no. Usually I only get sick once a year, but twice, within the same month and just after I happen to beat that particular stage is too suspicious.

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And the alternative art of her is fantastic.

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Start masturbating to her.

If she really is causing your sickness, I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

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Hell yeah it does.

I'm off to face the demon, /jp/. I hope you won't hear from me in a couple of days complaining about this.

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What say you, /jp/?
Purple outfit, or the frilly one?

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I love them both.

This so much. /Yakumo Yukari/ is my favorite Touhou folder, even if she isn't my favorite Touhou. She's among the top tough.

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Cool kids use tags nowadays.

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Negated everything you just said, and ever will say.

Although tags do sound nice, I'd still have to have them in their own folder.

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The first time I tried SA, I was sick too.

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I heard someone say Yukari thread

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And do what with the images? dumping them all into one big folder produces a single lump that is tiresome to move if necessary. Dropping them into arbitrary folders capped at a specific size of capacity may as well just be using a folder system to begin with.

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I like to think both have their pros and cons. I choose folders. Easy to navigate, and it's nice to keep it all in one place etc

Whatever my reasoning though, I don't need your whining over how other people organize their desktops. That's just elitist bullshit.

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Actually it's Windows.

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It's the earsplitting music and epilepsy.

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