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So, which youkai are confirmed to regularly eat humans?

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Define "regularly."

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Remilia doesn't actually kill her food.

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Rumia is the obvious one.

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Rumia apparently eats humans, but she's an idiot, so I don't even know if she can eat humans regularly, or if she can even eat anyone that has the ability to run.

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How about making a search yourself on touhouwiki?

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Is that so~

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If I ate a chicken wing without killing the chicken, I'd still be eating chicken.

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That's true.

She just wanders around and hopes she bumps into a person.

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Not exactly a equitable comparison, since vampires drink blood, which doesn't involve permanent physical mutilation.

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If ate the tail of some kind of lizard that regrows its tail, I'd still be eating lizard.

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Chen does.

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Eating blood and eating the meat off of something is still very different, even if the meat can grow back, since drinking blood really only implies some discomfort and passing out for a bit, whereas eating the meat off something implies heavy pain and physical mutilation.

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sakuya kills them for her and cooks dishes using their blood and flesh.

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Doesn't Remilia's profile explicitly state that she rarely kills people because she's a light eater?

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Under Vampire in Perfect Memento:

Their main diet is human's blood. Those who are sucked to death will neither die nor become a ghost; they will move around as a zombie for a while, then evaporate under sunlight. "
Good thing Remilia is a light eater.

After losing to the Youkai, they're currently under contract where they can't actively hunt humans themselves, but the youkai will do that for them.

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Remi never drains anyone entirely (at least not in one meal), and in either case she probably doesn't even ever drain humans personally since Sakuya takes care of the cooking.

Rumia is a maneater and attacks on instinct without provocation, but it's slightly doubtful that she ever catches anything to eat.

Yukari eats people, although not as everyday food. Presumably Ran handles the cooking, although it is unknown whether she or Chen eat people as well.
Nekomata occasionally eat their victims if they intend to impersonate them, but when doing so tend to hide away the body and consume it over time.

In the same category, Orin belongs to a species confirmed to eat humans, although it is unknown whether she herself does. If yes, her position makes it possible that she is a scavenger.

Meiling is a maneater, although the household restricts which kind of people she is allowed to eat (which exactly is unknown. Miko and witches are however free game).

Although kappa are known to eat children, Nitori probably doesn't (although DS would have us think so).

Anyways, have a happy, grateful Rumia who did absolutely not just loot Santa's body.

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>Meiling is a maneater
where did you get this from?

About Rumia: Well, Marisa herself says that she is weaker than a human (don't remember exactly what she said, but is something along those lines).

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/r/ uniformed reimu

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In EoSD, "shrine maidens are the kind of people it's ok to eat, right?"

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My theory is that the disappearances Rumia causes have more to do with night blindness and cliffs than hunting.

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I never play as Reimu so I don't know, but couldn't Meiling be considering Reimu as food for Remilia? I mean, since she is a shrine maiden and being one obviously is a bother for a vampire and all.

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pic related. China is extremely dangerous to humans.

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look guy
eating does nor imply whether something feels pain or not
nor does it imply whether it retains harm.
it implies nothing else but to take part of an organism and ingest it for sustenance
nothing more(aside for the the biological functions needed to break down the food ect..)

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what happens if I say her real name three times?

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The only kind of creature in Chinese mythology Meiling resembles is a kind of hellspawn, so she's probably referring to herself.

Then again, she came out of a place where people eat youkai, so you can never really be sure.

Seriously, Chinese folklore doesn't beat around the bush, it means business.

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Meiling, Meiling, Meiling.

Nothing happened.

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maybe her full name?

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Hong "China" Meiling
Hong "China" Meiling
Hong "China" Meiling

If that doesn't work, try saying it at midnight into your bathroom mirror with all the lights turned off

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I was under the impression that she left humans alone as long as they didn't try to cause trouble for the mansion.

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Kurenai Misuzu?

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Of course. If she went snacking while on watch she'd probably get the boot.

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Oh so youkai are edible. Maybe instead of stuffing them under a rock or trapping them in hell, humans should learn to play ball and just eat youkai, its not like its cannibalism.

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creaning stop

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If there is anything I can do to get China to appear before me, I will do it.

Even if I'm immediately eaten, or kidnapped to become food for the SDM.

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she is a cartoon, not your waifu

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She is real in the same way as Thor, Odin, god, allah, Vishnu, Shiva and quite a few others. Only /jp/ is so much wiser in silently believing rather than crusading to slay the infidels.

She is not quite as real as Buddha, however.

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None of them would eat you. Gensokyo is a paradise filled with lovely little girls.

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why is everyone forgetting that mystia is possibly the most dangerous man eater

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Because she's retired. She runs a seafood stand and keeps things proper and friendly for the sake of the customers nowadays.


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Gods aren't real, either.

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its not so much that I'm not crusading because im wise
I'm not crusading becuase i dont have the power to...

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Aren't people always eating HER? That could make people forget.

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Ran is being a bit unreasonable there
how is she going to eat a whole carcass with chopsticks?

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That's how a proper lady eats her meals.

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She'll do it because Felis Ovum is a hack.

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Anyone we know who is being eaten?

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you I think at this point there really isn't any way to tell

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Why do they eat people? Is there a shortage of regular livestock or something?

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Youkai are monsters. Like elsewhere in the world, some monsters eat people.

That they're mostly moeh little girls should not district you from the fact that a monster is a monster.

Still, I doubt there's too much eating, since the humans seem to live in relative peace and have the ear of some sympathetic youkai and exceptional humans.

It seems like eating humans is more the taste of low-level, feral or stupid youkai.

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Humans have a decent amount of meat on them, practically no natural defenses, extremely poor senses and nearly completely eroded instincts. And as much as we love to playing the intelligence card to distance ourselves from other animals, let's face it - humans can also be very, very dumb in ways other animals are rarely capable of being.

Easy prey.

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>Humans have a decent amount of meat on them

Humans, due to their long lifespan, accrue a remarkable quantity of toxins in our meat.

>practically no natural defenses,

The human brain (and the tool-using that comes with it) are literally unmatched. Humans are fairly strong and agile animals, and are almost unmatched in endurance-based tasks (humans of the past would literally pursue animals until they died of exhaustion).

>extremely poor senses and nearly completely eroded instincts.

Human eyesight is quite sharp, and the other senses (save smell) are more than adequate for an animal centered around sight. As for "eroded instincts," as a human, it's difficult to make that claim. Kinda like a lunatic saying he's perfectly sane.

Not to be pedantic, but I just HATE the "humans are shitty weakling animals" meme.

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have you not read the most dangerous game?

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>Not to be pedantic, but I just HATE the "humans are shitty weakling animals" meme.
Not the guy you were replying to but they kind of are, these days. The humans that HUMANS FUCK YEAR people think of don't exist in first world countries. We are basically docile, bovine and stupid now.

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yeah butt what about humans in Gensokyo?

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> humans can also be very, very dumb in ways other animals are rarely capable of being
Like flying into windows and getting caught in the same kind of trap again and again and again and always falling for the old 'worm on a hook' trick every generation of the same place for hundreds of years and being unable to find their way out through a window after entering through it by mistake and...

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Please start spell checking.

Also, pit the average human against a Youkai. Choose any and run a simulation in your head of the battle. Here's one.

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Some of us aren't just burger-chomping, television-glued, drug-addicted, emasculated, politically-correct "cows." Some of us actually make effective use of the tools available in a first world country and avoid becoming worthless humans.

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What you got to say now?

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Average Gensokyo human > average Gensokyo youkai

For everything else, there's mikobitch.

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>"If you think I have problems with single bullets you are gravely mistaken."

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On second thought, a better explanation is that youkai - as with most mythical creatures - are originally derived from human fears and weaknesses and so would naturally be associated with mortal danger.

So basically they eat humans because "attacking humans is a youkais job". Really.

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That's why we have this.

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The average human does not own a sniper.

And Yuka has no problems with your bullets. They are weak.

This is true. There is surely a reason the youkai keep to themselves instead of raiding the human village.

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That still doesn't give off Reisen-level amounts of bullet discharge, and she was only a stage five boss.

Of course you could use that human ingenuity for something other than a head-to-head encounter with a youkai. There's more to killing someone than having a big gun.

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Who would want to shoot Yuka anyway? What a good girl.

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Youkais? Hahaha, those idiots have been driven to Geno so kia, or whatever. The barrier doesn't protect us from them, it protects them from US.

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That better not be a "Sanae is a good girl" reference.

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>And Yuka has no problems with your bullets. They are weak.


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You're all looking at this in the wrong way. You can kill youkai by NOT BELIEVING IN THEM.

Say it with me: "I don't believe in youkai. I don't believe in youkai."

Of course if you're furiously chanting this while being backed into a corner by one you're not unbelieving hard enough.

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If you believe in them, but believe that they are cute girls who want to be your waifu instead of horrible monsters would that work?

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Youkai are confirmed to interfere with and run off with mundane human livestock

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Her parasol is nearly indestructable. And she manipulates sunflowers. So if you planned on sending the entire US Air Force after her, enjoy enormous green pillars annihilating your forces.

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It might work on various deities, but it isn't guaranteed to work on youkai as that category includes some creatures - like oni and kappa - that are entirely physical.

It is hard to stop believing in something when it believes in you.

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I'd believe in Youkai even if one manifested in front of me and I knew they intended to kill me.

Good end.

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By then it would be too late. Agent orange would already have killed all her sunflowers.

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But the reason Gensokyo was created in the first place was to act as a sanctuary for youkai, a place where they could exist even if nobody believed in them.

If oni and kappa existed without people believing in them they'd exist today.

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Which is fine until she starts master sparking entire fighter squadrons.

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Dual Master Spark.

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So they don't need to believe themselves, they just have to believe in you that believes in them?

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If only Twilight spark wasn't fannon... sigh

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Theres a reason youkai are in gensokyo, if they could beat human armies so easily then there would be no point to hiding from the outside world.

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I meant the nigger.

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That's a good point. Destroying her entire field might send her into some sort of genocidal rage as well.

Can she be poisoned herself? I'm wondering if ANY chemical warfare would be effective, assuming a no-holds-barred campaign.

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Even if she was poisoned, killing all her plants will probably make her berserk enough that most of your population will be broken down into their component compounds long before she finally keels over and dies.

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Medicine could have made an alliance with her. Yuka gets further power via immunities while Medicine studies her flowers.

Of course, we're delving into deep fanon now.

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Yuka would not allow the death of her flowers to go unpunished.

Her organs would keep functioning until she avenges them.

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Oh nice. Now it's a Yuka VS our world power level thread?

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To defeat a Youkai, just confess your love to them.

Works every time.

>> No.5027777

It would have become [Youkai's Name] vs Our world, no matter what.

It just ended up being Yuka.

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Silly humans... You defeat youkai with magical / mystic stuff. That's canon.

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omg wtf??

▲ ▲


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Helps that oni are stupid and easily-tricked, having apparently gone underground over butthurt at human trickery. Similarly, kappa are too polite for their own good.

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Satorin eats humans

>> No.5027872

Archer could totally beat Yuka

>> No.5027893

And where did you get all this info from Helen?

>> No.5027894

Does that fellow have the butt above his shoulder?

>> No.5027924

Here we go with the youkai haXX again.

Youkai are always insanely strong with humans having no chance in hell of beating them. Why bother?

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>To defeat a Youkai, just confess your love to them.

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humans CAN beat them, if they use proper ways to do so.

>> No.5027942

In-game dialogue is a weird source, because it's hard to tell if anyone is serious or not.

>> No.5027973

A shotgun blast would probably work for a weakling like Rumia, to say nothing of magic or rituals.

Just wait until a full moon so you can actually see shit, captain.

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More importantly, which humans are confirmed to regularly eat youkai?
I mean, come on! If the fuckers do it to us, why shouldn't we do it to them? All those plants and farm animals will get boring after a while...

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Youkai wouldn't know what to think.

"Humans eating youkai?"

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How does a shitty arcade game like Touhou have so much fucking plot?

>> No.5028097

Humans would probably be offput by eating something that looks human.

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Unless you mean all the doujins, which can't really be called plot, since they are fan-made.

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maybe youkai taste bad

>> No.5028102

So let's see

Youkai are nigh indestructible, thousands of times stronger (physically and endurance wise) than humans, have HAXX powers and love to munch on humans even though it has been stated that youkai do not need to eat in order to survive. (Selfish gluttons they are.)

I guess the only thing a human has to do is take it easy and if you're out one day and, say, Yuka walks up to you the only thing to do is shrug and wait to be killed. Go out with a laugh and a smile.

>> No.5028109

In-game dialogue, and other material released separately - like the official picture books and manga.

>> No.5028112

Touhou DOES have plot. Go read touhouwiki.

>> No.5028113

I guess it just wasn't your day.

>> No.5028123

Yuka wouldn't attack a weakling like you, unless you actively antagonize her.

Even fanon recognizes that, what with all the minor youkai who run away in terror from her when she means no harm to them.

>> No.5028125

Exactly! Take the fuckers by surprise I say!
Well if you want to be a pussy eating your rice for ever, I'm not going to stop you. You'll miss out on all the fun though.
We won't know unless we try. And besides, everything tastes like chicken if cooked long enough. Everything.

>> No.5028130

Youkais are fought with rituals, magic and other stuff like that. It's canon that humans CAN fight youkais back, however there are youkais with huge power such as yuka, but you also have humans with huge power such as Reimu.

>> No.5028138

>even fanon recognizes that
But we are trying to decide what's canon here.

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As for other youkai, the human natives of Gensokyo probably have ways to defend themselves - amulets, wards, etc. And if all things fail, tell them that if they kill you a certain Shrine Maiden is going to be VERY unhappy...

Of course, if you're an Outsider, you're absolutely fucked.

>> No.5028150

>Of course, if you're an Outsider, you're absolutely fucked.

Impress them with shit.

>> No.5028152

Yuka doesn't attack weaklings or those who don't bother her.

>> No.5028153

>But we are trying to decide what's canon here

But it IS canon that Yuka don't care for boring shit. Like all the strongest youkai.

>> No.5028158

I thought everyone would have read this by now:
>This class of youkai is not interested in the average human, and only pays attention to equally strong youkai or humans with special abilities.
>Luckily, she isn't interested in boring battles, so as long as you don't attack, set up a trap, or set her flower field on fire, you should be fine.

I was just elaborating on how even fanon follows it.

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>the human natives of Gensokyo probably have ways to defend themselves
They have Sniper Hoes.

>> No.5028167

AQNwwww etc

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File: 606 KB, 789x514, CERN_LHC_t2030shigh..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We outsiders have the LHC

>> No.5028176

It is canon that "Genocide is just another game".

>> No.5028191

What if you tell her you love her~♥!

>> No.5028196

That picture always looks so fake. It feels, well, TOO symmetrical. Its kinda unreal.

>> No.5028204

>>Youkai are nigh indestructible, thousands of times stronger (physically and endurance wise) than humans, have HAXX powers

Whoa nigga, I think you're mistaking Touhou for Dragonball Z here. They have some special powers but not thousands of times stronger. Indestructible? They're good at dodging slow-moving harmless bullets, that's all. One real metal bullet will blow them away. It has been stated that Touhous just fire slow-moving bullets for fun and games- they don't actually intend to kill.

>> No.5028208

>Perfect memento - a canon reference book
>Yuka doesn't kill people for fun
>Mystic square - a canon video game
>Yuka kills people for fun

>> No.5028209

Whoa hold on a second. Mystic Square never happened. Stop using it to prove anything.

>> No.5028210

You are now realizing that Akyu's PMISS is the only place implying humans are eaten and youkai rage outside the human village.

Tip: This is not the case (unless you're an outsider who has not integrated in the village).

>> No.5028214

Or you tell Yuka that you're a big fan of her battles and that she has the prettiest danmaku and that she is also the cutest youkai in Gensokyo!

>> No.5028223

Then she'll think you're creepy and weird.
And probably kill you.

>> No.5028231

>mystic square never happened
Baseless accusations. What makes you think that?

>> No.5028259

Don't youkai actually mention eating humans in the games from time to time?

>> No.5028289

And we have girls threatening to kill each other in the games where they partake in a non-lethal duels of pretty colors, where Sakuya and Mystia are supposedly killed by the main characters in dialogue. Your point?

>> No.5028300

Well yeah, but then nothing happened and everyone is alive.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: TOUHOU PLOT.

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Or she might be flattered!

>> No.5028315

>Then she'll think you're creepy and weird.

Yuka? Thinking a human is creepy and weird?

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File: 631 KB, 1323x1840, Mystic Square poster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How can the best touhou game not have happened?

You are silly anon.

>> No.5028324

Testin' trip.

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What if you sought out Yuka at her sunflower field and when you met her she annoyingly asked what you, a human, wanted. You then give her a box with a card on top and say, "I heard it was your birthday! Happy birthday Yuka!" You then walk off.

She opens the box to find a sunflower shaped cake and a card reading "Hope you have a happy, fun filled birthday Yuka! ♥"

>> No.5028361

Was it actually her birthday?

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>What if you tell her you love her~♥!

>> No.5028374

And how would anyone feel if a complete stranger came to him/her and gave him/her a birthday present?

>> No.5028399


Have someone I don't like open the box.

>> No.5028403

Do youkai even have birthdays?

>> No.5028406

Expecting a bomb, smurf-style?

>> No.5028416

Maybe they do, maybe they don't. Just being nice.

She'd probably throw it on the ground

>> No.5028426

Birthday is the anniversary of birth. If a youkai was once human/animal, they most probably do. And even if they were something else, like an umbrella, they probably celebrate the anniversary of being made, or being turned into a youkai.

>> No.5028447

Nah, she'd have hatesex with you for months and then eventually lose her composure and ask you to "pollinate her".

Or maybe I'm thinking of something else.

>> No.5028463
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>> No.5028530

Then I'd make birthday cakes for all the youkai in Gensokyo and they would love me!

>> No.5028545

I'd become a baker in gensokyo and become rich from selling cakes to horny gullible idiots!

>> No.5028560

Capitalists? On my /jp/?